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  1. Theo

    Walking the Camino from Dublin. Taking Ferry to Cherbourg. Then what?

    Hi Kevin, The Breton St James association can help you to reach the Via Turonensis / Tours Way. First look at our website : http://www.compostelle-bretagne.fr/index.php/guide-et-chemin http://www.compostelle-bretagne.fr/index.php/qui-sommes-nous/english-welcome Coming from Ireland you have...
  2. Theo

    Dolmen de la Pastora

    Hi, Another "true" dolmen, the most famous and the biggest in Brittany : http://www.brittanytourism.com/discover-our-destinations/rennes-and-brittany-s-historic-gateways/unmissable-sites/esse-la-roche-aux-fees Théo
  3. Theo

    Dolmen de la Pastora

    Hi, A video to know more about this dolmen (Breton word : table + stone) : Théo
  4. Theo

    San Sebastian

    Hi, Last time I was in San Sebastian I liked this small hotel not expensive and with a very good breakfast : http://hotelrecord.com/ Théo
  5. Theo

    Public transportation to SJPP?

    Hi, The train / bus schedule during works between 7 and 18 march to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port : http://cdn.ter.sncf.com/medias/PDF/aquitaine/Info%20Travaux%20ligne%2062%20Bayonne%20-%20Saint%20Jean%20Pied%20de%20Port%20du%207%20au%2018%20mars%202016%20R1_tcm50-71320_tcm50-71319.pdf Théo
  6. Theo

    Waterproof vs water-resistant

    Hi, I'm using these by mountain biking : http://www.sealskinz.com/UK/socks?activity=trekking ... I like them ! By walking, I don't know ? Théo
  7. Theo

    Be careful of the rough waters

    Hi, In Brittany some days ago : http://bcove.me/9pwnrgml The three people saved ... by a fourth one ! Take care ... Théo
  8. Theo

    England -> Santiago 2016

    Hi Oizo, With members of the Vendée St James association I'm working to update the Vendée stages description from an obsolete guide book ... Because I didn't find GPS files for these stages I drew the stages routes on maps to get the GPS files ; you'll find attached a zip file with 8 html...
  9. Theo

    Does anyone know what's going on with the 'milestones'?

    Hi, Two links to understand why they are doing that : http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/noticia/galicia/2015/09/06/turismo-cambia-anarquicas-senales-camino-unificarlas/0003_201509G6P10991.htm http://www.lavozdegalicia.es/galicia/2015/09/06/00161441493052166624809.htm Théo
  10. Theo

    Peter Robins site closing.

    Hi, When I read this information on his web site, I began to save the GPS files for the routes in France and more ... Théo
  11. Theo

    Top 10 List of restaurants in Santiago

    Hi, I agree for the "Los Caracoles" restaurant ... In 2009, I liked it a lot ... Théo
  12. Theo

    Wine: Your favorite, and where you drank it

    Hi, I like also Rioja wine ; it's my favorite Spanish wine ... ... but I liked very much the Ribera del Guadiana and Extremadura wines when I walked last year during 2 weeks from Sevilla on Via de la Plata. Théo
  13. Theo

    Mont Saint Michel down l'arc de Atlantic

    Hi Neil, I sent an email to you on the 13th of December ... Did you receive it ? Théo
  14. Theo

    Stamping credencial in north France

    Hi, The Breton St James Association deals with the Normand and Breton section of the way called "Voie des Plantagenêts" between Mont-St-Michel and Via Turonensis. Today I was with a friend close to Mont-St-Michel on this section to meet the people of the places (private, B&B, hotel, gîtes ...)...
  15. Theo

    Be careful of the rough waters

    Hi, Denis is a Breton pilgrim from the French Finistère ; he is used to walking on the beach by the worse weather along the Atlantic coast (very similar to the Galician coast ... ) where he is living in Penmarc'h Brittany ... He is member of the Breton St James Association. Very sad news ...
  16. Theo

    Happy Christmas.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Breton St James Association HERE with a Breton Christmas Carol Théo
  17. Theo

    Suggestions for Detailed Camino del Norte Maps?

    Hi, On your computer, the best maps by Peter Robins : http://pilgrim.peterrobins.co.uk/routes/details/costa.html Théo
  18. Theo

    Day 1 for the new Pilgrims Office!

    Hi, An aerial view HERE Théo
  19. Theo

    From Brittany or from Mont-Saint-Michel

    Hi, This guidebook : http://www.editions-sudouest.com/nos-editions/rando-editions/610-les-chemins-de-saint-jacques-en-bretagne.html ... is now obsolete for the St James Ways in Brittany. It's replaced by 3 new guidesbooks ...
  20. Theo

    ... Never arrived St. Jean

    Sorry, before to start a new thread, I did a search on the forum with the name / first name. No results found ! Théo

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