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    40km+ a day burgos to leon diet?

    I'm not sure if you're asking about food choices or calorie count. In the end the first almost ends up a function of the second. Ten hours of walking is going to require a fairly large calorie intake. You need that "garbage". Chocolate,ice cream. I'd avoid the crisps because the bags are mostly...
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    GPS Watch suggestions?

    Can we suggest an upper arm holder for your phone :) Take a look at the Polar M400 I suggested. Without the heart rate sensor it's a little over your $100 limit. But maybe you can find it on sale.
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    GPS Watch suggestions?

    Well my older Polar with the external GPS sensor can go for several days. The sensor is bigger then a watch. But all these things cost more then the OP budget. I still think the OP should just try using her phone. Zero added costs .
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    GPS Watch suggestions?

    Suunto tends to be higher end then Polar.
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    GPS Watch suggestions?

    Not with the two I have. The big issue is battery life.
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    GPS Watch suggestions?

    You need to define affordable. The Polar M400 is a heart rate monitor watch that also has a GPS built in. The main issue is the battery won't last for eight hours if you have the GPS running. The M400 does much more then track distance. If all you want is distance it likely makes more sense to...
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    Converting miles to kilometers using fibonacci numbers

    Must have been tough when Canada used the gallon. Then you had to convert from Imperial to US
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    Aussie or Euro vs US sunscreen

    Small tubes like that are going to be "travel" format aimed at the airport carry on limits. You can buy much bigger bottles for less. Obviously different brands will have different prices. No names will be a fraction then the brands aimed at the higher end. But even the more expensive brands...
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    Venice to Finisterre

    Are you Australian? Can you do that route in the 90 days visa free?
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    Day Pack Sizes/Styles/Brands

    What are you putting in it? 12 litres is already in the small part of the shop . The 5 litre etc ones are basically little more then a place to put your car keys and wallet. I'd suggest packing it with what you intend to carry for the day and seeing. But I doubt you'd gain anything going...
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    How much water to carry and cooking along the way

    Weather matters. If it's really hot I can drink 6 litres a day. Plus what I get from my food. I'm still only barely hydrated. If it's cold I might only need 1 litre and be well hydrated. There are so many problems that come from being dehydrated.
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    Checking Backpacks or Taking as Carry-ons

    They might want to explain that to the private companies running those services. Very few private companies are run for charity
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    Checking Backpacks or Taking as Carry-ons

    Well many European trains are actually quicker point to point then flying. Factor in the time needed to get to and from the airport and the trains end up that much quicker. The trains tend to compete with the airlines on price in Europe. With in each country it's often cheaper and quicker to...
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    Checking Backpacks or Taking as Carry-ons

    So which one left the Union? St Louis or Chicago? :p You won't see customs before you leave the US .
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    Recommended Help with Muscle Pain (DMSO?)

    Stretching can do more harm then good. What the OP mentions sounds like DOMs. Delayed onset muscle soreness. Usually related to over using previously under used muscles. If it is DOMs it'll go away when your body adapts. You might want to consider not starting at 22km but easing into things...
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    Checking Backpacks or Taking as Carry-ons

    Remember this is an international forum. Some people are taking transatlantic flights with a set of rules. Others of us are taking EU flights with different rules. Then every airline is different. Then you have the gate attendant letting you by in spite of being oversized. Check what YOUR...
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    GPS vs Smart Phone for route tracking

    Mytracks current version is acting strange on my new Nexus. How much do those solar panels weigh? More or less then an external battery? At €40 you can get a battery big enough to recharge a large phone at least a couple of times. A smaller phone likely for most of the week. Just need to...
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    Vodafone Tourist Sim - Reviews?

    You can pay a basic voice only phone for less then €30 usually. Smart phones start at above €50 but some times include offers of free time/data. So it can be cheaper to get the more expensive phone. But it depends on the offer
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    Vodafone Tourist Sim - Reviews?

    All EU phones work around Europe. You'll pay roaming if you cross a border. Voice roaming isn't very much and can be cheaper then some domestic plans. Data roaming is expensive. If you intend to use a lot of data best to get a local SIM.
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    Portable food choices

    There are proteins in most things. 100 grams of bread will be about 10 grams. 100 grams of hard cheese closer to 30. You're at about 40 grams with a cheese sandwich. Grab a couple of cups of yogurt in the morning and you're more then half way to that 100 gram target. OTOH if you're walking...

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