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  1. Graham Skinner

    If you had to choose to skip a part of the route. What would be your choice?

    Leaving Leon. I was told by another Pikgrim that it is one of the most boring of walks. I took his advice and left Leon by bus but only for about 12km. Then got off and walked for about 8km to the albergue I had booked. So glad I did as it let me have a couple of more hours in bed, have a...
  2. Graham Skinner

    Ride share Biarritz airport-SJPP 23 May, taxi at 19:15

    I got told off for asking this same question last year by one of the admin. If I were you, I would email Express and ask them if anyone else has requested the same one as you.
  3. Graham Skinner

    SJPDP-SDC in 32 days-is this realistic?

    I did it i did it in 33 days but only because I slowed down for some friends to catch up so we could walk into SdC together. I could have easily done it in 30 days and I also didn’t take any rest days.
  4. Graham Skinner

    insulin inquiry

    James, I am an insulin dependent diabetic and completed the whole of the Frances last year in July/Aug. I carried my insulin with me in a FRIO holdall. Simple to use as all you have to do is submerse it in water and the chemicals react and keeps your insulin cool. Someone else mentioned medical...
  5. Graham Skinner

    Flooding in Santiago

    I walked in tee shirt and shorts too, when everyone else was dressed to the hilt in waterproof gear and carrying umbrellas. I, like the two ladies am of the opinion that my skin is the best waterproofing you can have. Why get all your kit wet when you only have to dry the tee shirt and shorts...
  6. Graham Skinner

    Graffiti - CYMRU AM BYTH

    I saw them all the way from Roncevalles to Santiago, on the distance markerś sign posts and even on the side of farm buildings. Wish i had saw them as s few choice wirds would have been said
  7. Graham Skinner

    Hiking/Walking Shoes or Sandals

    I just completed the whole of the Frances and wore Merrill Nova 3. After 500 miles they still had a decent sole on them and still wearing them on my weekly hikes. Carried a second pair in my pack in case they didn’t last but never wore them apart from my flight home.
  8. Graham Skinner

    Additional passport or pages

    Pilgrims can do as they wish, all I stated was that I only had got 1 stamp per day from Sarria but had 2 credentials full from SJPDP. I even asked the person whom I got the Compestella from about the 2?stamps per day and he told me that as I had hiked from SJPDP the requirement for 2 per day was...
  9. Graham Skinner

    Additional passport or pages

    I just completed the Frances from SJPDD to Santiago. I did not have 2 stamps per day after Sarria and still got my Compestella.
  10. Graham Skinner

    Rain jacket recommendations

    When it rained on my Camino I never wore a rain jacket. I always said to myself my body is waterproof and just got wet. My tee shirt and shorts are easily dried at the end of the day and as long as my pack and other things are dry, then I was a happy teddy bear.
  11. Graham Skinner

    Ryanair Carry-On Dilemma: Need Your Advice!

    I assume you are flying into Biarritz and if so, the wait for baggage is very small. You queue at passport control a fair bit unless you are first off the plane and if you are in a queue, your pack will be on the carousel waiting for you. To protect against damage, I purchased the £5 IKEA...
  12. Graham Skinner

    Boxer shorts - any recommendations

    I just completed the Frances and wore Runderwear clothing. They also do socks which were excellent. No blisters and No chaffing at all.
  13. Graham Skinner

    St Jean to Burgos in 2 weeks?

    I did it 10 days in July but did not stop in Orrison and went straight to Roncesvalles. I’m 62 so at 32 you will easily do it in 2 weeks. Enjoy and Buen Camino
  14. Graham Skinner

    Pack weight question

    And there was me carrying 15kg in July!!! But then I’m ex British Army and used to carrying much heavier. Never bothered me at all.
  15. Graham Skinner

    Questions related to getting your Compostela

    I pre registered a couple of days before i arrived in Santiago. They email you a confirmation and QR. Arrived at 1130 in the morning, and went straights to the pilgrims office. The guy at the entrance scanned it, picked up a ticket and was In and out in about 5 mins.
  16. Graham Skinner

    Footwear for Porto to Valenca/Tui?

    All planned already for next year in July with people I met on this one.
  17. Graham Skinner

    Footwear for Porto to Valenca/Tui?

    I just completed the Camino Frances from SJPDP to Santiago. Wore MERRILL trail shoes the whole way. Apart from one minor blister, they were a god send. Then again, due to the temperatures in July, boots would have been a nightmare.
  18. Graham Skinner

    Alltrails app

    No. I trust modern technology and also carry a military GPS (as I’m still serving) and trust that equipment implicitly. When I look at the apps such as Wise Pilgrim and Buen Camino both have different distances. Plus the Camino distance markers on the route can say that I am 355km from Santiago...
  19. Graham Skinner

    Alltrails app

    I am on day 24 on the Frances and have used AllTrails throughout with Strava as a backup. It’s been perfect and recorded more accurate distances than what the guide books and apps have said.
  20. Graham Skinner

    Dragon on Halfway Compestella

    Hi, just picked up my halfway Compestella in Sahagun. Can anyone enlighten me the reason for the dragon on the certificate?

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