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    Video of my walk from Leon to Santiago: June 2012

    Wauw, that brought back a lot of memories! I walked April 2011. I will go back in 2014. Great video, with beautiful scenery! Thank you so much for sharing. I enjoyed it!
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    Leaving today! Here's my blog!

    Dear Justine, Just go for it! All will be fine and don't worry! Just enjoy the exprience! It will all work out. Since you have been reading on this forum you should know, that the Camino provides! Enjoy, enjoy and be happy! I will befollowing your blog. Buen Camino!
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    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    Hallo! Bedankt voor de reactie. Inderdaad veel gelopen. Gaat ook echt best goed. De man met de hamer zal best nog wel komen. Op dit moment lig ik met griep in bed.... For all others members: I am in bed with the flu.... Greetings to all!
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    List your pilgrim blog URL Here - we want to read your story

    Hello everybody, Leaving from Holland on the 16th of April to start walking from Leon on the 18th. Here is my blog, but it is in Dutch. Thanks everybody for the advice, encouragement, help, patience and probably a lot more!
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    A few photos btw. Roncesvalles and Astorga - Now to Santiago

    Re: A few photos between Roncesvalles and Astorga Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing! Many greetings from Holland in the snow.
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    Hello Karla, When I read your story, I thought, Ow dear can this really happen to someone who is wanting to walk the Camino. And i am sure, that you really wanted to do this, otherwise you would not be here at this moment. Maybe you can start walking the Camino with someone else. So you can...
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    Jo's camino blog - winter 2009

    Hello Jo, Just read your blog. Amazing what you already have achieved. And so many people giving you advise. Wonderful this forum. Unfortenately I can not give any advice, because I myself are walking 2011. But reading about it is great. Jo, be safe and eat proper! I have a daughter nearly your...

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