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  1. KiwiNomad06

    Anyone returned to the Camino for a holiday?

    Second time around I only walked part of the Camino Frances. When I reached Santiago I stayed there four nights and did a lot of tourist things I had missed the first time, when I was busy looking always for people I had met along the way. I was pleased to discover there were all sorts of...
  2. KiwiNomad06

    The Castigation of the Clergy

    Wonderful post again Gerard. I knew I would be entertained yet again, but this time with the Rangiora/Christchurch connection it had even more special meaning. Glad that priest was able to take a sabbatical to have a break from all the heartache and stress down there. By the way Gerard's an...
  3. KiwiNomad06


    When I spent a night in Navarette I chanced on a most amazing choir concert. It is one of the most special memories of my time in Spain, and the acoustics in that church were made for it. Margaret
  4. KiwiNomad06

    The famous German yellow book about the Camino Frances is now available in English

    Thanks Anke. I love the look of this book, and the maps and altitude charts look great. Glad to hear that English speaking pilgrims now have this option open to them. Margaret
  5. KiwiNomad06

    Prebook a room in Sarria

    Chances are you are trying to book too early. Easter is late March in 2016, so that shouldn't be a factor. Bookings will be heavy again close to May 1st as many people take advantage of that holiday date to get started. Margaret
  6. KiwiNomad06

    Argumentative in Ayegui

    From one Kiwi to another- I am impressed by this act-and by golly, it travelled a long way! Margaret
  7. KiwiNomad06

    Starting in Pamplona

    I started the Spanish part of my walk in Pamplona in 2012 and loved it as a beginning point. I had some relaxed time- with un-tired feet!- to have a look around part of Pamplona the afternoon before. Then next morning it was out into the beautiful landscape heading up to Alto del Perdon. I took...
  8. KiwiNomad06

    Questions about using a travel agency

    Hi Suzanne, I actually booked on the internet via an English company, World Walks, (and I think I might well use this company again.) The tour itself was delivered by a locally based company, Ecologico Tours. I was impressed by the service from both companies, and I felt confident there would...
  9. KiwiNomad06

    Questions about using a travel agency

    Leah, It will cost you more, but you will be getting good support by the sound of things. You will have peace of mind about your accommodation, and it sounds like your luggage will be well taken care of. I would be careful about getting rid of the planned meals, as you may be staying in rural...
  10. KiwiNomad06

    Apprehensive now with a tinge of "uh oh"

    HPalola, like Anamya says, feeling nervous is normal! Even after walking all the way from Le Puy, I was very nervous in SJPP about climbing the Pyrenees. And I was very nervous about how I would cope with the likely June heat on the Meseta. I said this to the person in the Pilgrim Office at...
  11. KiwiNomad06

    Carrying Grudges and Blessings

    You nailed it Scruffy. I was glad I started in Le Puy, as I had more time 'alone' at the start- partly because the route was less peopled, and partly because my French needed time to get up to speed. And in my first three weeks this 'floating' of ideas was what happened for me in my mind. All...
  12. KiwiNomad06

    300 km instead of 100?

    I've walked through Sarria twice now. The first time was in late June 2008 when I had walked from Le Puy, and my body was feeling quite shattered. The day from Sarria to Portomarin came as a huge shock, with all the crowds of people, and the noise of mobile phones and ghetto blasters, plus it...
  13. KiwiNomad06

    Day Pack Sizes/Styles/Brands

    I recently walked in Italy for ten days with my main luggage transported, so I only carried a day pack. My daypack was bought on special, and was reasonably light, though perhaps not as light as you will need.. The thing that attracted me to it was that it had places where I could attach my...
  14. KiwiNomad06

    the hardest part

    Actually, the one time I came closest to giving up and taking the bus was after the day from Sarria to Portomarin. I knew it would be crowded, but the scale of it took me by surprise, plus the noise- of people talking loudly on mobile phones as they walked, of those who held 'ghetto blasters' on...
  15. KiwiNomad06

    From Leon to Santiago - 1st day - Interesting or not ?

    Good choice to start from Astorga I agree- especially with 12 days- but have a quick look around some of the treasures of Leon before you leave if you can. In 2008 I walked out of Leon on a very hot day, and found it very trying so close by the road. In 2012 I wasn't walking the whole Camino...
  16. KiwiNomad06

    Accommodation in Torres del Rio

    I stayed in Albergue Casa Marilla in 2012 and it was a pleasant place. There seemed to be several different albergues in Torres del Rio. Maybe they are not all open yet as it is still early in the season? Loved the opportunity to see the church pictured above by Kevin_A - a very special...
  17. KiwiNomad06

    LIVE from the Camino Day 2 Zubiri

    Gosh what amazing photos! You are certainly having an interesting start to your Camino!! Margaret
  18. KiwiNomad06

    Alternate way to get the compestela

    Yes you are supposed to. But it is not too difficult- in the last 100km many bars etc have stamps, though you might not really want bar stamps. However, I think if you have actually walked all the way from SJPP in a reasonable timeframe, if you miss a second stamp or two it is probably not so...
  19. KiwiNomad06

    descent from Col de Lepoeder

    The road is to the right. At the pilgrim office in SJPP they give out a map that gives the options for getting to Roncesvalles, and they show the road going to the right. It is only about 1km longer I think than taking the forest path. Margaret
  20. KiwiNomad06

    New Camino documentary

    Rom (Ultreia gîte, Moissac, on the Le Puy route) highly recommended this DVD to me. Saw the trailer linked to via Ivar's shop, and was hooked. Have ordered it and look forward to it reaching New Zealand. And I know a few others who will enjoy seeing it as well. Margaret

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