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  1. Northernlights

    Mosquitos, ticks or other wild life on the CF

    I didn’t see tics, flys or mosquitoes. I did see a big old wild boar, thankfully he was dead laying in the path and someone was coming to haul him away. I did unfortunately deal with bed bugs, once I did all of laundry in high heat after a few days with cream from the pharmacy all was good...
  2. Northernlights

    Is it okay to want to walk the Frances alone?

    Not selfish at all, I walked the Frances alone, but you really are never alone. Then did the Portugues with my son, once we both agreed to just walk our own pace and meet up at the end of the day, we both enjoyed the walk much more. And I’m the same as you I like yo socialize at stops and the...
  3. Northernlights

    How common are double bed bunks on the CF?

    I had a similar experience in roncesvelles. The guy next to me was yelling at late comers all night, and then got on his phone and was talking loudly in the very early morning. That’s what you get when you arrive too late for a single bed 😞
  4. Northernlights

    The Miracle of Kinesiology Tape

    I have KT in my first aid kit, won’t leave home without it. I’ve not had to use it so far, but two other people I’ve come across on my walks have used it and say it works great
  5. Northernlights

    Announcement Refuge Orisson

    Because stopping there if you can provided an incredible experience to start your journey. At least it did for me. People I met there I met again in Santiago, even though our journeys were not synchronized
  6. Northernlights

    The metal pedestrian bridge

    I must have followed someone as well, as I can’t remember it either
  7. Northernlights

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Got my first Covid-19 shot!

    I get mine on Thursday!
  8. Northernlights

    Weight Loss

    If you have weight to lose I would think you will continue to lose it. I had a croissant and cafe con leche I wry morning g a good lunch and a very healthy portion of a pilgrims meal every night and I lost 30 pounds. I wouldn’t worry too much about the pounds ficus on how strong you get each week
  9. Northernlights

    If You Only Had Time To Spend In One City: Porto vs. Lisbon

    We spent 3 days in Lisbon, and loved it. We only spent one day in Porto and it was ok, but we really enjoyed Lisbon more. My vote is for Lisbon
  10. Northernlights

    "Buff" question for native English speakers

    Th e original buff is quite popular in Canada and the USA. I have several of their buffs. I would not think it would be an issue for you to call them a buff, you aren’t calling the original buff. I would think they have trademarked the entire name “original buff” but I’m not an expert in legal...
  11. Northernlights

    Tarta de Santiago template

    Thank you! I found the store and am taking home two sets!!
  12. Northernlights

    Thank you to everyone!

    I absolutely agree, when my son returned with my phone, I thanked him and said I wasn’t worried. He seemed perplexed and I explained, the Camino provides and if it hadn’t been returned to me that’s ok too. It’s just a phone, bigger things in life to exert energy on. However I was still happy to...
  13. Northernlights

    Thank you to everyone!

    Who helped locate my phone on the Portugués way. I left it when I stopped to take a picture and was distracted. Someone picked it up and took it to the police, my son was then able to retrieve it from them. There Is quite a network out there looking out for each other. Thank you to all the...
  14. Northernlights

    To rainwear or not?

    I contacted the owner and he asked me what pack I used and he makes them to fit. You would think they would be noisy but they surprisingly are not. The material is very soft, no crunchy noise 😊
  15. Northernlights

    To rainwear or not?

    I bought a packa years ago and it is perfect. Pack cover and rain jacket in one http://www.thepacka.com/
  16. Northernlights

    Camino Portuges June 19!

    Starting June 5th from Lisbon, I walk slow so we may not cross paths. Buen Camino
  17. Northernlights

    Class of 2019

    9 more work days and I start to make my way out of the arctic and head to warmer climes! Would be in Lisbon on the 5th of June and start making my way to Santiago. Had planned to go last year but couldn’t get away from work. Can’t wait!
  18. Northernlights

    Long Haul Flights - How Far Ahead Do You Book?

    I booked my flight for my Camino Portugués about two months ago. Coming from the arctic circle through to BARCELONA, using my air dollars it is just under 2000 CADfor two people. If I had done cash only, for one person would have been about 3400.00 CAD
  19. Northernlights

    Washington Post - "An Attack On One Hiker Is An Attack On Us All"

    There definitely something about the AT, and the people who walk it. I’ve been on it many times, hiking alone, and everyone always looked out for me. Asking other hikers where I was on the trail, giving me rides to and from trail heads, water when I ran out in the smokies. We just look out for...

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