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  1. W

    Camino in April with two 8 yr olds

    We have two weeks Easter holidays in 2020 and my two kids are now capable of walking 4-6 hours daily Ideally want to do the first half of the camino and come back another time to do the second half. Any advice? Am I mad doing it alone with two kids?
  2. cassieryle

    Baby on the Camino - my takeaways

    Hello Pilgrims, We just returned from completing the Ingles with our six-month old baby boy. We actually started in Ireland, then flew to Spain to connect with the Ingles. This is called the 'Celtic Camino,' and we did about 170km total. He was no stranger to the Camino - last year while walking...
  3. Crossed child by a cross

    Crossed child by a cross

    Doing the camino with a pre-teenager is most certainly not short of moments like this too...
  4. Adam.Osthed

    Doing Camino with Family

    Ok, I've been lurking on these forums for some time and couldn't find any posts on this... so hopefully, this isn't too redundant of a question. I'm looking to do the Camino in May/June 2020 (likely start 5/24 and target finish by end of June) with my wife and two sons -- one will be almost 16...
  5. K

    Camino from Valenca/Tui with kids

    Hello pilgrims. We are starting camino with our 3 small kids (4y, 2y & 1y), two quick questions: - Is this path sutable for stroller/baby push chair? - Is it possible to find private accomodation along this way? We do not want to bother other pilgrims in shared rooms Thank you! Kamil
  6. F

    Is this a problem?

    Hello guys, I would love to try the camino frances, I will do it on the next summer break, so I don’t have to quit with school... but, in that time I will be 17 years old. Is that a problem? My parents know about my intentions, they support it and they could sign some papers so I could travel...
  7. roaming

    7 Month Old - stroller or carrier?

    I am considering walking a 10 day section of the Camino in the fall of 2019. My baby will be 7 months old, and my parents will be joining me (both experienced pilgrims). Is this selfish? How can I prepare to be a good pilgrim? Should I go somewhere else for a 10 day pilgrimage? Which pilgrim is...
  8. cassieryle

    Inglés with baby buggy

    Hi, We are walking the ingles with our baby this September. Wondering if anyone could shed some light on how suitable the surfaces are for a buggy. We have an all-terrain model with pump up bicycle style tires. We did the Norte last year and that definitely would’ve been tough with the buggy...
  9. chezpatrice

    Walking Camino from Tui - Santiago with a pram?

    Hi guys We're walking in a group of 5 + our 11 month baby for 6 days from Tui - Santiago de Compostela in early April. We have bought a new Osprey baby carrier, but are now thinking of doing this with a buggy so our baby can sleep more easily in the evenings, and it'll be easier for getting...
  10. E

    Porto to Santiago with a buggy

    Looking to walk Porto to Santiago in May with a buggy. Has anyone done this and any advice on stretches to avoid, places to stay or anything else toddler related. Thanks
  11. B

    Flying with Kids Under 5 from USA

    What is the best (and cheapest) way to fly from Chicago to the Camino? We have not determined where we are starting but depends when we go. Maybe April/May. My son cannot tolerate heat so need to go when it's not hot and not rainy (with kids?!) We have thought about walking (with stroller) and...
  12. A

    My 7 year old and I...

    Hello I am strongly considering walking the last 100 km of the Camino to Santiago de Compostela with my 7 year old at the end of July (unfortunate timing perhaps, but can't be helped). He is a good walker, hiker, and backpacker, and we both feel excited about the adventure. I've bee reading...
  13. tomishy

    albergues with children

    Hi my sister and i will be walking with a 5yr old and a 15yr old and just wondering if we would be welcome in albergues (dormitory ones etc) . also we are looking at sleeping bags but wondering aboit a silk liner inside a thermal liner to save the bulkiness of sleeping bags. we will be end...
  14. J

    Bread Cheese and Meat, Oh my!

    Hello Pilgrims! We are a month out from our month long journey and I am finally feeling those butterflies. Our family of four (two kids ages 4 and 2, and ourselves) have decided to take a 27 day journey and start in San Sebastian and end in Llandes. It is clear the Pilgirms are well taken care...
  15. shefollowsshells

    Sharing our Roto Vicentina - blog

    I gained so much help from this forum as we prepared for our Roto Vicentina. It is a breathtaking feast of a hike! We walked South to North and while I have never been one to write well I hope my pictures can give someone a glimpse of all it has to offer. Shefollowsshells.blogspot.com is my...
  16. P

    Looking for a Children's map of Camino Frances

    We'll be walking CF in May, and I thought I would get a nice map for our grandchildren to follow along with us from home on the adventure. I need something with large print and enough detail for it to make sense (not a Spain map, or a Europe map, for instance). Anyone run across anything like...
  17. Rad

    The Lady that hiked with four of her children.

    I would love to hear your story. You mentioned this in a post on trail names.
  18. M

    My experience walking with my 10 year old son

    Hi everyone, We just came back from our Camino last week and are still getting used to our new /old routine.. We walked from Astorga to Santiago and then on to Finisterre from where we took the bus back to Santiago. Altogether it took us 15 days. Apart from the initial hick-up at Madrid airport...
  19. T

    Walking with a Nine-Year-Old

    In July I completed the Camino Frances with my nine-year-old daughter, Sohee. We walked from SJDPP to Santiago in 41 days, including about five rest days. I relied on this forum for help with planning our trip, and I’d like to help add something meaningful for other would-be parents in return...
  20. W

    Young Family Choosing a Camino for mid-November

    My wife and I want to take our baby (he'll be 4 months old by then) along a Camino for ~2 weeks starting in mid-November. Initially, we were going to walk the Camino Portugues, but I have concerns about the amount of road walking between Lisbon-Porto, and potentially cold wet weather between...