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  1. Bob Rob

    Traveling with a toddler on Camino Frances.

    We just fished a blog of our adventure on the Camino de Santiago with our 2 year-old toddler. We offer some suggestions about certain sections that were challenging and dangerous so that others who choose to travel with their toddler will be aware of and the type of stroller we used...
  2. FinnOz

    looking for your experiences of Camino Francés dec/jan

    Hi lovely people, What are your experiences during these months (dec/jan) over this route starting from SJPP? I understand the route de Napoléon will be closed? What is the route Valcarlos Route to Roncesvalle like? Is this the roughest part of the walk weather wise? Would the Camino del Norte...
  3. G

    Backpacks for children

    For those who have walked with children - what backpacks did they use? My boys will be very tall 9 and 12 year olds. Have had a bit of a look on-line, the ones for under 10's don't seem to have much support and it looks like the 12 y.o might need to look at adult bags but the smaller sizes are...
  4. J

    Camino with children

    I walked the Camino in 2014 with 2 off my daughters and had wonderful time/experience. My grandson had been begging to go. If i decide to take him he would be 10/11. Has anyone walked with child/ren? Thank you Jen
  5. Jakke

    Coffee machines, playground equipment and excercise equipment

    What is it with coffee machines, playground equipment and excercise equipment on the VdlP? I never once got coffee from a normal coffee automat. Every village has playground equipment (but few if any children!) and many have excercise equipment. I started to see some children only when I was...
  6. robelford

    Walking with 12 year-old son

    Hello, I am thankful for this forum and have learned much. My 12 year-old son and I plan to leave SJPDP on 29 May 2017, with 42 days available for walking. Does anyone have experience walking with a child about that age? Any lessons learned? We have been training regularly and he is very keen to...
  7. shefollowsshells

    Sleeping with the town floozie in the Basque region

    One of our favorite Camino stories... http://shefollowsshells.blogspot.com/2016/10/day-45-bidarray-to-ainhoa.html then the next night she had a few things to say about our bedfellows... http://shefollowsshells.blogspot.com/2016/10/day-46-ainhoa-to-olhette-slept-in-stable.html
  8. Thetravelingfamily

    Family of four preparing for 3rd Camino Trek

    Hello All! As we prepare for our third trek across the Camino, I wanted to get ideas and thoughts on how the Camino Frances Route has changed in the past few years. We covered the first 250 miles with our then 6 and 8 year old (2011). Then we returned with our 8 and 10 year old (2013) to over...
  9. P

    Newbie Questions

    We are planning to hike the Camino Frances as a family (2 adults, 2 girls age 11 and 13) in 4 stages over 4 years, starting in July, 2017. We are aware that this is the high season, but unfortunately that's the time when we are able to go. In our normal lives, we are reasonably active but not...
  10. Anylu

    Camino Frances vs Camino Invierno March (Child 2-year-old)

    Camino Frances vs Camino Invierno (March) Last year my husband left Leon for Santiago starting March 1, and this year we will be joining my 2-year-old daughter and myself. (We leave Leon on March 1). We go in relaxed plan walking as the weather allows us, in case of a very bad we plan to enjoy...
  11. Steve Hackman

    Albergues & Children

    Hi all, will be doing my second camino this April 2017 with my wife and parents but will also be bringing my 6 yr old. When I did the camino in 2015 I didn't see any children so I am curious whether I need to pay for the evening for my young one? He's just going to end up sleeping in mine or...
  12. T

    camino De Santiago with 3 year old

    Im a single mum thinking about doing the Camino de Santiago with my 3 year old daughter (just us two) in June/july 2017. I'm prepared to take it slower then the average pilgrim and take longer to do it in total! Am I totally crazy? any tips/ advice?
  13. B

    Camino with a 1.5 year old May/June 2017

    Hi, My husband and I and our little girl (she will be 1.5 years old at the time of walking the camino) are thinking of walking to camino in mid May/mid June 2017. We love to hike and she loves being in the hiking carrier now but might be a bit different as a toddler! We are planning to take...
  14. Jonathan Blum

    El Camino with my children, ages 9 and 14

    We are planning to walk El Camino Frances June - July 2017. Any suggestions from anyone who has done this with their children? Can't wait!
  15. Fritz

    Every Step is a Gift 2016-08-16

    At age 53, Fritz Nordengren walked 620 miles in 40 days. Beginning at the base of the Pyrenees Mountains in France, he walked in the centuries-old footsteps of pilgrims on the Camino de Santiago. - The Way of Saint James. When he reached the Cathedral in Santiago, he continued to the “end of the...
  16. E

    Camino Portuguess with 11-months old baby - has anyone done it?

    Ola peregrinos! We plan to walk camino portugues from Porto this August with my husband and 11-months old son. We wonder if anybody had done the same with a small child. It would be VERY helpful to get some tips and recommendations according to accomodation, food etc. With a child it is a...
  17. Melanomamum

    Hiking Buggy Recommendations

    Hola! Well we are booked and preparing for our first Camino in September this year. We are doing the Camino Frances from Sarria to Santiago and we are bringing my 3 yr old along. We've decided to bring a hiking buggy to use to push my son but are not sure if our normal pram ( a jogger with 3...
  18. N

    walking with 9yr old Porto to Santiago

    Hi planning to walk Porto to Santiago with my 9yr old son. It this doable? Anyone who has done it with a child? What should we consider for this trip? Thanks
  19. Melanomamum

    Is it possible to travel the last 100kms with a 3.5 yr old

    Hi - I very much want to do a leg of the Camino with my son this year. We are hoping to travel in Sept. He will be 3.5 yrs old then, weighing approx 17kgs. I am wondering if anyone can give me some advice in which route would best suit us? I will be travelling alone with him and plan on carrying...
  20. Catholic Deacon

    Albergues - open?

    Hi all. We are starting from Ferrol on Sunday March 20th. We have two children aged 9 and 14 and was hoping because of this to stay in pre-booked accommodation. However as it is the Easter holidays, many hotels etc seemed to fully booked. Will the Albergues be open at this time of year and is...

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