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  1. M

    Could I use a buggy/stroller on the Santiago to Finisterre route?

    Hi I completed the French route in 2021 but would love to walk the last few days to Finisterre. This time I will have a 7/8 month old baby with us. What is the terrain like? Could I use a walking buggy/stroller or would I need to carry him in a carrier everyday?
  2. F

    Private rooms for a family of three?

    My partner and I plan to walk the Camino Frances from SJPDP with our teenager (June/July 2024 if all works out). For various reasons, my partner would prefer to stay in private rooms with our child while on the route. Are private "triple" rooms common or should I expect to be sleeping in a...
  3. M

    We did it, walking part of the Frances and the all of the Primitivo as a family of 4.

    I spent a year reading this forum and getting information and it really helped make the trip smooth for us in terms of equipment, packing, reservations, everything really! We did it, we hiked the Camino for 30 days with a family of 4. Kids aged 9 and 16. Left June 10. We flew Boston -...
  4. B

    Walking with my grandson

    Since I completed my Camino in 2019 from Castro Urdiales to Santiago on the Norte, I have many conversations with my Spanish grandson, who lives by the route in Cantabria, about walking together. The general theme has been his concern that I am not to old for a Camino by the time he is old...
  5. S

    Camino Frances with kids

    Hello, anyone who did Camino Frances, is there any suitable road , path with stroller, pushchair ,( wheels of road), my child 7 years old. Thank you.
  6. SnapDecision

    LIVE from the Camino Two Canucks and a baby

    Day 1 Completed Porto to Povoa de Varzim today en route to Santiago de Compostela. We're definitely pretty beat. Lessons from today: 1. For us: Bring the Credencials with you (don't leave them in the luggage transfer bag). Thankfully we got the first one at the Porto Cathedral and a second...
  7. Kildare

    Camino with 11 and 14 year old girls

    I'm planning to do the camino the end of June with my two daughters. I'm thinking of flying into Lisbon from Dublin Ireland for a few days then taking the train to porto were we will start. Has anyone done this? Wud it make more sense to fly to porto maybe have a day or two their and then...
  8. C

    Walking with a child

    Hi everyone, I am walking the Camino from SJPdP in September with my 10 year old son. Looking for any tips and tricks from others that may have had this experience with children of similar ages. Thank you
  9. dd581

    Camino suggestions for 2023 for a two-weeks-pilgrimage with a 2 year old

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I am really longing to walk a Camino again. I met my wife five years ago on the Camino and we promised ourselves that we would make a pilgrimage with our children, too. Our son is turning two soon and I am thinking about a route for our first pilgrimage as a family. After...
  10. D

    Portugese way with 2 kids (3 and 4 yo)

    Hello, everyone! In November we walked the Portugese central route with our 2 kids, which was an absolutely amazing experience and an endurance test for both kids and us (for example, bringing a sleeping baby in carriage up a mountain :D ) We want to share our story which consists of 2 videos...
  11. C

    Walking with a family.

    Hi All, I’m Catherine from Australia, We have walked the camino Frances twice as a family of six. The first time the youngest was 7and the eldest child 15. Then again five years later. Our plan is for a family camino every five years, or how it fits in around people. I may have some advice...
  12. StClairFam

    Camino with 6 year old July 2023

    Gday everyone Wow this forum is amazing!! And overwhelming so I apologise if I'm putting this in the wrong section! We are a little family of 3...mum and dad and our 6 year old from Tasmania, Australia. We are wanting to do a section of the Camino for about ten days. We have no idea which...
  13. gittiharre

    Best child carrier

    Has anyone walked routes carrying a child aged 1 to 3 years? Any tips for a child carrier/backpack??? Thank you.
  14. mark stevens

    Camino with my 9 yr old

    I’ve done lots of Caminos and normally go every year but for 2023 I’m taking my 9 yr old and we’re doing SJPP to Pamplona as an h trip for him. Taking it slow which will be a challenge for me and just looking forward to being with him on the trail. Has anyone else walked with a young child ...
  15. Rambling Priest

    Age to Check In to Albergue?

    Friends, My family of four has made it to Palas de Rei today and coming into town my wife slipped and sprained her ankle. She’s unable to finish. We’re considering sending our 17 and 16 year old on with Camino friends to complete their journey and the two of us going to Santiago by taxi to...
  16. Paul_L

    Family walking a late winter Camino.

    Hi all, Excited to be back planning now after our 2020 Camino ended abruptly after walking for only 1 week. We‘re looking at walking the Francés from mid January next year, going slowly. Our walking party this time round will be my wife and 5 of our 6 children. The youngest will be 4, so we...
  17. M

    Planning a family camino in summer 23

    Hello, I have been reading this wonderful forum for weeks and many of my questions have been answered, but I have a few that I am hoping you can help me with. Who we are: We are an American family of 4, with kids (girls) ages 9 and 16 (at time of Camino). Kids and us are very active, hike...
  18. Kimberley Hall

    Walking Del Norte with young children, possible?

    Pilgrims!!!! I walked the del Norte route back in 2016. I still think about my experience every day. Once a pilgrim, always a pilgrim ey! Well a lot has changed since my last walk including bringing two beautiful souls into the world. I’m thinking I’d love to walk the del Norte route again...
  19. everyday.journeys

    Taking our kids on Camino Frances....

    Taking our kids on the Camino Frances.... We all have our own reasons for walking the Camino, ours is one of a bucket list checklist that following a cancer diagnosis last year made us bring it forward. We were going to wait for the kids to have all grown up, but life is short and this is...
  20. K

    Camino Frances with Thule buggy

    Hi, We are doing the Camino Frances in June with our little one. We plan on doing it with a Thule buggy, link here - I just wanted some advice on whether...

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