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luggage transport/storage

  1. K

    Bag transfer collection time

    Hi we are looking to book a bag transfer company for the Frances. The first company we contacted wants our bags to be ready by 8am each morning.. is that standard across all companies offering this service?
  2. L

    Baggage transfer on Ingles

    Hi all, has anyone used a baggage transfer service on the Ingles? I’ll be walking with my 70+ yo mom this year and she’d like to send her bag ahead each day. If yes, which service do you recommend? So far I’ve seen Camino Facil - any others?
  3. L

    Poste restante

    Hi everyone Just husband and I are starting in SJPD on 9 April. Eish! so soon, I can hardly wait. We fly into Bilbao as we want to explore the city before we return home. He wants to post his cycling equipment (clothes, helmet and shoes) to himself to Post Restante Burgos. We...
  4. O

    Storing luggage in Leon for 10-14 days

    Does anyone know if there is a hotel or a place in Leon that I can store a roller bag while I am walking to Santiago? I might be a little too optimistic about how far I am walking per day, but I don‘t want to have to be hindered by a destination in the morning to send my bag. I will be walking...
  5. Mr_Ross_Duncan

    How do you secure your backpack from theft as checked luggage.

    We've given up the on idea that we will be able to take our Osprey 36 packs onboard as hand luggage on a long haul flight from Australia. That leaves us with having to check them in and hoping they arrive in Lyon at the same time as us, some 30 odd hours and three changes later. (Via Podiensis)...
  6. C clearly

    Am I allowed to carry hiking poles / walking sticks into the airplane cabin with me?

    Here we go - answer to a truly Frequently-Asked Question... Aviation security policies are set by national authorities and they generally state that hiking poles are not allowed in the cabin (carry-on bags), but they are allowed in checked baggage. Airlines follow and communicate these...
  7. ConnieJ

    Bag transport to Fernanda's

    Does anyone know if the couriers are running bags in Porto right now? Specifically from Pedra Ferada to Fernanda's? I have a long day that day and wanting to know if my bag can be sent ahead. My knees gave out last year and Jacotrans saved me so I was able to finish although walking backwards...
  8. MayorTed

    Backpack Transfer Vezelay

    I am walking the Vezelay from La Reole to St. Jean in September, and I’m not quite as Spey as when I walked the Camino de Frances six years ago. Can anyone tell me if there is a company that transports baggage along this part of the Vezelay? Thank you.
  9. E

    Bag Transfer the Last Day

    Is there anywhere to send bags the last day if you aren't sure where you'll be staying? I'm considering having my pack transferred the last day because anytime I think about repeating that long walk on the pavement, I start to dread my arrival in Santiago. It also seems like a fun, celebratory...
  10. SusanH

    Mailing a package

    Hello! Have you ever mailed a package to Burgos? If so, where did you mail it to? I’d like to send something forward to pick up for myself. So, I’m a little curious if anyone has done this
  11. T

    Is there a good spot to check some luggage in Porto?

    I am starting from Porto in early April and will return to Porto for the next leg of my trip. Anyone know of a good secure spot to check luggage in Porto while I am on the trek? thanks!
  12. A

    Forwarding Luggage from SJPP to Santiago

    Hi What would you think is the best way to send some ‘non-hiking’ clothes ahead from SJPP to Santiago? Thanks Austin
  13. Luv2Lindy

    Madrid Hotel Storage

    I need to leave a very small bag (about half the size of a carry on suitcase) in Madrid for up to 17 days. I am having no luck with hotels I’ve asked. Has anyone else done this in Madrid and if so, could you please share the name of the hotel? (I’m only walking a section and I’m not going to...
  14. V

    Baggage transfer Geneva to le Puy

    Can anyone tell me if there is baggage transfer between Geneva and le Puy? Or on any of the routes in France other than le Chemin du Puy? Thanks!
  15. andeeb3

    Shipping Luggage From Home?

    Hello! My husband and I will be walking the Camino in June and will be traveling to Madrid and Barcelona afterward. We’d rather not carry the stuff we are taking on to Madrid on our Camino and was wondering if we could ship it from home to Santiago de Compostela or if anyone else had done...
  16. M

    Is there a Luggage Transport Service on the Camino Frances starting in St Jean Pied de Port?

    Hello, I am planning to walk the Camino Frances for 10-14 days in early May 2022 from St Jean Pied de Port with a coaching client. My question is: Is there a luggage transport service that would take our luggage each day to the next stage of our trip? (I hope so as I really struggle to carry...
  17. bootscobler

    Bag delivery service in the Portuguese Camino/ accommodations

    Does anyone know what company to use for a bag delivery on the Camino Portuguese (from Porto)? Also is everyone winging the accommodations at this time? Or should I make reservations for an accommodations? I’m going in May! Thanks!
  18. Damico Walking

    Sending a package to Ivar from Correos in Oviedo

    I will be walking my Camino this spring starting in Porto. But I will be in the EU, from the USA, for a little over 3 months starting in Oviedo for the Good Friday viewing of the Sudarium prior to traveling to Portugal after Easter for our start. Since my trip is so long we, my wife and I...
  19. zbethz

    Baggage transfer efficiency/expectations?

    I'm planning on using a baggage transfer service on the Frances route daily, as I have bad knees. For those who have used one previously, could you give me an estimate of the average time of day one can expect their bag to arrive? I'm wondering how long I might be waiting if I arrive at my...
  20. Zordmot

    Advice on storing a bicycle

    I’m looking for ideas and suggestions. My plan is to arrive in Paris, take trains to SJPDP, and walk the CF. So far, so good. At the conclusion of my Camino, my plan is to spend several months cycling in Europe. I’m a seasoned bike tourer, so again, it’s all good. My challenge is storing my bike...