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luggage transport/storage

  1. J

    Luggage storage

    Hey I’m looking at starting my Camino from Burgos in about 2-3 days. I’m wanting to use casa ivar storage. Has anyone used this service before? It sounds very good the webpage is just a little confusing. Do I need to contact them before to organise storage or do I just send my things to the...
  2. M

    Chamartín railway station send luggage to Santiago

    Hello all, I am new in here and I plan to have my 1st Camino in coming month. I will land at Madrid airport, and I will take train to Sarria and start my walk. I want to send my suitcase to Santiago, and I checked there is a post office at Chamartín railway station which i found on their website...
  3. CWBuff

    Is it possible to store backpack in the 2nd Albergue?

    Greetings Esteemed Fellow Members A friend of mine will be walking Frances SJPdP to Burgos. She has 2 nights booked in SJPdP in 2 different albergues. She is walking on Day 1 to The Virgin and then EB shuttle will pick her up and bring back to SJPdP (obviously Day 2 she'll take the shuttle back...
  4. Bradypus

    Left luggage service at all Correos offices

    Just saw a press release from Correos announcing that they will be offering a left luggage service at all of their 2,000+ offices throughout Spain. For up to 15 days at a time. https://www.correos.com/sala-prensa/correos-ofrece-un-nuevo-servicio-de-consigna-en-todas-sus-oficinas-de-espana/
  5. Q

    Looking for advice for Camino Primitivo

    Hello to All !! My wife and I are looking at doing the Camino Primitivo sometime around the beginning of May 2024. We are both retired, in relatively good shape having recently completed a high altitude hike in Peru (4,000 - 5,000 m above sea level, 110 km; 8 days) and consequently, have no...
  6. Oziboyz

    Do you need to stay at an albergue to access their luggage transfer service?

    We already booked our private accom at S.Sebastián, but wish to have our luggage sent ahead. we understand that needs to be done from a Camino albergue - can we drop it there in the morning if we haven’t stayed at the albergue overnight? Thanks.
  7. C

    Transporting Hard Shell Bike Boxes on the Camino de Santiago

    Hello everyone, My partner and I are planning to bike the Camino de Santiago (Norte) starting from Irun in late August. We're currently in the midst of organizing our trip and addressing logistics. While we've considered renting bikes, we're leaning towards using our own as they are...
  8. E


    Hi All, now I ask this question before and I'm trying to get more certainty , because of failed attempt two year back. When I arrive in Frankfurt I need to sent preferable a suit case with winter stuff to my brother also in Germany. I managed to book the Laugavegur track in Iceland ,which I'm...
  9. jsalt

    Correos Rucksack Transfer

    Hi, I am trying to book rucksack transfer online through the Correos website, but my antivirus software won't let me pay, as it states the link has a phishing virus. I notified Correos, and they suggested changing my browser, which I did, but still no joy. I've notified them again, but in the...
  10. B

    Sending a bag or box from SJPdP to Ivar

    Ivar - I am flying into Pamplona from US on April 24th and then taking an ALSA bus from Pamplona to SJPdP. If I decide to check a bag with the air carrier for my flights (which would include my trekking poles) (i.e., instead of carrying my back pack with all items onto the plane) and then take...
  11. K

    Invierno Mochila Transfers

    For anyone interested in arranging mochila transfers on the Camino Invierno I was give the following information on who does it by a hotelier in Monteforte. Manuel Ángel Martínez: Casa Mar (Sobradelo) 988335106 / 639241939 Antonio Soengas: Taxi from Chantada 619332455 José Ángel: 629035774 El...
  12. P

    Bag forwarding from Seville

    Hi, My wife and I are Camino vets at this stage having completed several routes. However my wife’s knees are now a constraint and we have recently started to forward her bag and use a day sack. We are due to begin from Seville , March 27th and hope to walk for several days or more to Zafra...
  13. N

    Having stuff posted to collection point

    Hello, I'm thinking of walking the Camino Frances in May. I was wondering if it's possible to have items (shoes, etc) posted to one of the places that I will pass through, such as a post office or albergue and if so how long will they hang on to deliveries. I will be sending the item from within...
  14. G

    Bag transport

    We are wanting to have a suitcase transported from Le Puy-en-Velay to Moissac, and for it to be held in Moissac until we arrive there 4 weeks later. La Malle Postale are expensive to do this one off transport, and limit the weight to 13 kg. Are there any alternatives we could try?
  15. cbeckham

    Packing, and what to do with luggage during Camino starting in Leon?

    Hello Pilgrims! First of all I want to thank you all for all the posts. I have learned so much and such great information! This will be our first Camino. My husband and I will be starting in Leon on March 31st. To say that I am excited and nervous is an understatement! I am a planner which has...
  16. Terry&Dianna

    Luggage Storage in Lisbon

    We are starting our Portuguese Camino from Lisbon Apr 2 and need to locate excess luggage Storage in Lisbon (preferably near airport) until we are ready to fly home from Lisbon Airport in May (staying for a month prior to Camino in Abufierra hence the excess luggage). Any recommendations? Thank you.
  17. JohnRRogers

    Forward Suitcase from Porto To Santiago (for after camino travel).

    I know Ivar has s service to ship from SJPDP to Santiago to hold, but do you offer a similar service from Porto?
  18. L

    Luggage storage in Porto

    Will be arriving in Porto in May. Baggage will be large duffel with pre and post camino equipment and clothes. Looking for storage for 3 weeks in Porto
  19. Corelacka

    Refuge Orisson luggage transfer

    For anyone using baggage transfer from SJPP and considering staying in Refuge Orisson, they state on their confirmation email that they are working exclusively with Transports de Bagages Harispe and will not accept luggage from other companies. This company also offers transfers from Biarritz...
  20. T

    Shipping Luggage from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago?

    Is there a DHL or UPS office/store in SJPP? (Before crossing the Pyrenees) We would like to forward a suitcase to Casa Ivar from SJPP? Thank you for your response.

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