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luggage transport/storage

  1. A

    Paq mochila challenge

    Hello, I am trying to pay in advance for baggage transport for our route, but keep getting an error message, despite the company sending different links. They only anccept payment online or at a post office. Does anyone know if there is a Correos office at the Madrid airport( T 4) ? And how...
  2. P

    Bag transfer

    Anyone using TOP Santiago for their baggage transfer on the Portuguese Central?
  3. littlegreen60

    Arranging albergues and pack transport

    I fly in 10 days!.Because of an achilles tear, I have to be prepared to transport part of my bag nightly I am trying to retain some flexibility, as I am not sure how far I can walk each day. Questions: To know which accommodations will take a 20 L bag ahead -Do I just call each...
  4. Diane Owens

    Bag transport Camino Jakobi Germany and Switzerland

    Hi does anyone know if there is a baggage transport company servicing the Camino Jakobi in Germany and Switzerland please?
  5. Diane Owens

    Baggage transport on Portuguese Central

    Can anyone recommend a baggage transport company on the Portugese Central Camino pleas? Also is there a baggage transport company in Germany and Switzerland walking the Camino Jakobi?
  6. M

    luggage transfer

    I am planning to send my luggage from Burgos to Santiago. Are there any reliable carries that I can use? I will reach Santiago in 20 days. I am a bit nervous to lose my luggage. I have plans after my walk and need to have my luggage.
  7. J

    Need advice about shipping Luggage for 4-Day Camino Biking Trip

    Hi, I am bicycling the last 200Km of the Camino starting at Ponferrada. We will be riding 4 days and 3 nights. I am wondering about shipping my luggage from the starting point (Ponferrada/Saturday) to the end point (Santiago/Tuesday). The post offices are closed on Sat and Sun, so I was thinking...
  8. C

    Luggage transfer.

    Does anyone know if there is luggage transport support on the Camino Ingles. My husband and I just finished the Frances and could not have done it without the transfer of our bags. We are +/- 80 years old and need all the help we can get.
  9. P

    Luggage lost during transfer. Advice needed

    Hi, Someone in my group didn’t receive their luggage transfer from Albergue Mirador de Pedrouzo to O KM Albergue in Santiago de Compostela. The concierge in O Pedrouzo doesn’t know what happened and which company picked it up, but it was collected. Does anyone have any ideas how to track...
  10. G

    Sending bag to Ivar in Santiago

    The Camino Forum has been so helpful in planning my Camino trip! I am so looking forward to walking the Camino with a group of us that will be landing in Madrid Airport on Sunday, June 4th. We will need to send off our travel bags, that held our backpacks in the luggage compartment on the plane...
  11. M

    Send luggage 23Kg from Madrid to Santiago

    Hi, I would like to send my luggage of 23Kg from Madrid to Santiago when I arrive in Spain. In the Correos website, there are specific dimensions for the luggage up to 25 Kg. My luggage is a bit larger than the dimensions stated by Correos. Does anyone know if Correos really measure the luggage...
  12. Mr_Ross_Duncan

    Casa Ivar, Correos and the shipped luggage Pilgrim Rate.

    Having decided to peel off the Camino Frances at Ponferrada and continue our Camino along the Invierno Santiago this year, I'd like to get a pack sent forward from either Ponferrada or the town before, Astorga, to store at Casa Ivar awaiting our arrival in October. The day difference will depend...
  13. K

    Luggage transport

    Hello. Can anyone recommend a good luggage transport company from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, with 9 stops in between (for example, Rua and Melide, etc.) on the Camino Frances? Buen Camino!
  14. Bradypus

    Camino Francés Federación to ban suitcases in their albergues (11 albergues affected by this rule)

    Several news sites today have reported on a meeting of the Camino Francés Federación in Saint Jean Pied de Port. Amongst other business the member Amigos associations have decided to ban suitcases in the 11 albergues under their direct control. A proposal which @Rebekah Scott posted here some...
  15. J

    Private backpack transport option for Montserrat Camino

    My friend and I have walked Frances and Portuguese Caminos in the past. In October we are planning to walk from Montserrat, but she is having some shoulder issues and carrying her backpack may be a problem. I have read that the Jacotrans equivalent is not available on this Camino. If anyone...
  16. JenniFromCali

    Bag Transport Besancon to Lucca.

    Greetings! Is anyone aware of bag transport on the Via Francigena, from Besancon to Lucca? Thank you 🙏🏼 Jennifer
  17. C

    Shipping backpack - Do albergues charge to hold bags for people not staying there?

    Do albergues charge to receive a backpack if you’re not staying there ? This is in addition to the company charge
  18. T

    Express Bourricot

    Hello, I've read on another Camino forum that the Express Bourricot transport service is finishing up in July. Has any body else heard this and if you have a reservation with them have you heard anything from them.
  19. L

    Backpack transport cost

    How much does it typically cost to send a backpack or duffel ahead with Tuitrans, Pilbeo, or Caminofacil? Thanks for any information.
  20. Anne&Pat

    Does anyone have experience of forwarding a suitcase from Le Puy to St Jean?

    We are planning to walk the Via Podiensis beginning in April, 2024. We are wondering if anyone has sent a suitcase directly from Le Puy to St Jean to await our eventual arrival there? We have previously used the Express Bourricot service from St Jean to Santiago. Is there an equivalent option...

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