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  1. vkimble

    Solo Trip on CF from Leon: Planning Guide - Weather question

    Hello! I am Veronica from California, USA and I am planning my first solo trip along the CF, starting from Leon this September. I am looking for insight about the weather and how much rain (if any) I could expect.
  2. S

    Most accurate weather apps

    Hi, I’m looking at going on the camino from SJPDP this time next year. So I can get an idea of max and min temps, rain and weather conditions, what have people found to be the most accurate weather apps along the way. How far out do they remain accurate? Thanks in advance
  3. M

    Current snow and weather situation between Oloron and Somport

    Hi, I plan to start this Sunday the Camino Aragones, but will start already in Oloron. Has anyone passed the section between Oloron and Somport in the last days and could give an update on the state of the route? Meteoblue has warnings for avalanches in the Oloron area, not sure if this section...
  4. E

    Weather in October C. del Norte and C. francés

    October weather C. del Norte and C. francés I had planned to do the Camino del Norte at the beginning of last June (2022). For various reasons I had to postpone my departure until early September. At that point a family problem forced me to put off my departure until later in the month, when...
  5. Readey

    LIVE from the Camino Weather predicament at SJPP - which route is safest?

    Hello fellow pilgrims, I’ve just arrived in SJPP and my plan was to set off for Roncesvalles tomorrow morning via the Napoleon route, potentially stopping at Orisson for the night. However, the people at the pilgrim office have told me it is too dangerous to do the napoleon route until...
  6. Nery Aurora


    Hola Peregrinos, we arrive in Santander to walk the Camino del Norte starting in Irun, this coming Saturday, Sep 24. Unfortunately, the weather forecast predicts 90% rain probability for days on end. Not sure what to do regarding the weather pattern. Appreciate any guidance/information from...
  7. Pirsing

    Bad weather - Is it walkable?

    Starting in tuesday in Ponferrada and saw the weather forecast for a week :confused: Is this a "walkable" weather or better to stay in albergues for rainy days? What people usualy do, when its 90% of rain and thunderstorm?
  8. diegoromerosm

    Weather forecast on the Camino for the next 5 days updated every 2h

    Hi everyone, I‘ve generated a webpage with the weather forecast by each Camino (and its main cities in each stage) for the next five days updated every 2h. The first test is with full Camino Primitivo (my next one) starting in Oviedo and ending in Fisterra. Here is the original thread. Let me...
  9. diegoromerosm

    Weather forecast on the Camino Primitivo

    Hi everyone, I’ve uploaded a webpage with the 5days weather forecast for all the cities on the Camino Primitivo (including Santiago and Muxia-Fisterra). I hope you find it useful. If you have any comments to improve it, please let me know. Buen Camino!
  10. N

    Walking the Camino Primitivo end of Sept to mid Oct 2022

    Hi All, I am planning my second Camino (I did Ingles + Finisterre in 2017) and was planning to walk the Primitivo. I would leave Oviedo Sept 26th/27th, and due to limited time off work, must arrive at Santiago no later than Oct. 10th. I understand from some online research work that this is...
  11. BrianLCrabtree

    summer weather on the Lemovicensis vs Podiensis

    Generally speaking, would you say the Vezelay route is cooler than the Le Puy route during summer? Having just completed the Primitivo (fantastic!) and to Muxia and Finisterre, I'm thinking of a much longer route next year, starting in Vezelay or Le Puy, going to SJPP, up to Irun, and the Camino...
  12. Sacha

    Alert Heat wave coming to north of Spain next week

    I´ve been tracking the weather and the heat wave that is passing through Spain right now will pass onto the north next week. I´m seeing upto 38 degrees around Pamplona. This can be very dangerous. Please all make sure to stay cool, drink plenty of water and rest in the shade. I´ll probably...
  13. JustJack

    Tracking the weather

    In 11 months I'll be walking the Camino Frances. Like most, I'm curious what the weather will be like when I walk, from mid-May to end of June, at the various stages of the route. The best way I've found to get a good sense of what to expect is to follow the weather along the route the year...
  14. Friend from Barquinha

    Weather warning this weekend...

    I'm not quite sure if this is the best place for this warning, but it sounds as if it will apply for much of Spain and Portugal--other than the extreme north/northwest. The second map here is projecting temperatures this Sunday. I know we have a local warning, in our area of central Portugal...
  15. F

    Weather on Camino Ingles in July? Too hot?

    Hi! Looking to walk the Camino Ingles in the beginning of July this year (2022). Has anyone done this and what is the weather like around this time? I have read mixed reviews - some say too hot in June/July and others say OK because Galicia is cooler and its near the coast. I am from Australia...
  16. Monasp

    Alert Weather alert on Napoleon Road
  17. Scully

    Pyrenees in May

    I have completed two Caminos both starting in Pamplona. This May I will have more time and able to start in SJPP on May 6th. I am wondering how much cold weather clothing to bring. I always bring a fleece and a raincoat. Could I double up on those or am I underestimating the weather in the...
  18. K

    What is the best way to check the weather on the Camino?

    Any suggestions on the best App or Website to check the weather on the Camino Frances please.
  19. yuliaas

    Sarria Weather in End of May 2022

    Hello everyone! My name is Yulia from Indonesia. I plan to go on my first Camino around 21-27 May 2022 from Sarria. Currently I am planning my trip transport, accommodations, but I have this question about the weather for my packing list. I am not a hiker or even a fan of outdoor activity so...
  20. AlwynWellington

    long range weather trends for any locality

    Kia ora - I hope you are all well Background Some time ago I encountered a website that: a) stored weather history for 15 or more years for so many localities (large and very small) around the world b) for those localities, provided comprehensive information down to days, weeks, months and...

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