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  1. falcon269

    Weather at Roncesvalles

    After about 35 cm of snow, there will be winds up to 60 mph and temperatures down to -10 C!! It likely will be worse at higher elevations... It is not a good day to be leaving SJPdP. :)
  2. falcon269

    Snow at O Cebreiro

    Looking cold and windy today!
  3. StepheninDC

    Deciding when to go

    Hi, everyone. This is my first post. I recently decided to do my first Camino in 2017 and am looking for suggestions on when to go. I realize after reading lots of discussions and other posts on here that things like sleeping bags, backpacks and even footwear depend a lot on when one is planning...
  4. Jaco Klynsmith

    Camino Frances in April 2017

    Hi, I am planning to walk in April 2017. From what I gather the journey from SJPDP takes 35 days to Santiago de Compostela. I need to book my flight for when I am done and hope that 35 days will be enough? I'm 32 years old and quite fit so I think I should be able to finish in time. Will...
  5. Rainerbernd

    Climate and weather in Portugal

    Olá All pilgrims want to know what is the weather like in Portugal. As you know, climate changes. But there is some trends for specific months. First of all the 10-days weather forecast for Portugal: https://www.ipma.pt/en/otempo/prev.localidade.hora/ select district and city On the IPMA...
  6. LisaM

    Rain in September along Camino portugues

    Can anyone tell me how much rain there might be in September between Lisbon and Santiago? I have good quality waterproof pants which are much heavier than a cheaper pair that I have which is not very comfortable. If it rains regularly, I am thinking it would be better to have the comfortable...
  7. H

    Weather in October/November

    I'm thinking of doing the whole Camino Frances from SJPP to Santiago, starting mid October (maybe between 12/10 and 17/10) to mid-November, and maybe on to Finisterre if the weather and my feet allow. However, I'm concerned about the weather, particularly in Galicia. I have walked both the...
  8. Lee Howell

    min/max temperatures, rainfall/snow by month over the camino frances

    I am looking at my first Camino Frances and could start mid October this year or early spring (start late mid-April) next year. I was planning to start in St. Jean. I recall seeing a link to a historical weather site for Spain but can't find the link now. Any good sources?
  9. Stellaluna


    So I leave SJPdP on July 4 and have been "training' for a while now. I regularly walk with a 15 lb pack and do 2-day consecutive 18 km walks easily. I have thrown in hills on shorter walk days (but hills in Ottawa are nothing compared to the Pyrannees). Mid week I do shorter walks 5-7 km. This...
  10. M

    Sleeping system for cold weather

    Hello All, I finally got my visa yesterday and booked my ticket to Paris - arriving in St. Jean on June 12 The question is regarding what to pack for sleep system - I'm Egyptian and have no problem at all with heat, but any weather below 20 c is considered cold. So for sleep I have the...
  11. D

    Weather in mid to late June from Porto to Santiago

    Hello pilgrims, Our family is planning to walk the Porto-Santiago Camino from June 20 to July 1. We will be taking the interior route. We have read that the weather in mid to late June is rather dry, with only passing showers on occasion. Also, the temperature range is 12-18 Celsius (54-65...
  12. RumAndChupacabras

    May 17th is almost here! Let's talk Weather...

    If anyone lives along this route or is walking this route I'd love to have a weather thread with updates to have a better idea of what to bring. I want to travel with as little as possible! I'd like to extend this thread to continue updates for those who might want the info, too.
  13. ivar

    Pilgrim in Roncesvalles in shorts

    Just saw on the national news that Roncesvalles will get snow over 500 meters tonight. Also, the video showed a pilgrim arriving in the snowdrift in shorts. o_O Wow..
  14. camster

    Summer nights on CF and sleeping bags

    Yes. I'm starting another thread on this subject. I apologize ;) I do not know yet when I will be able to leave and do the Camino Francés, but I would like to do it in July/August. I have a sleeping bag (7C/45F) and a liner, but using only a liner irks me a little bit, since it is very thin and...
  15. Mark2012

    Meseta weather - mid-to-late March

    Hello all, Myself and a friend will be walking for a week or so from Burgos next month, starting on March 18. I'm wondering what sort of weather we can expect, beyond the usual sound advice to expect anything? I walked this route twice before, but those time were in May and July, so I'm...
  16. Equalisist

    March 9th 2016 start for Camino Frances

    Hi All, My son Nico and I (Noel) are walking the canmino in March for sure now, so a few questions, hope there ok here :) We will be arriving Biarritz airport 0n Wednesday 09/03/16 @17:30 so any advice on getting to st jean or transport share would be great? We've just been told that the...
  17. S

    Starting from Leon in mid-March -- weather?

    Hello! We have two weeks and are planning to start from Leon March 13 and finish at Santiago on the 27th. Has anyone walked this last section during March? It involves some higher elevations so we are wondering if we will encounter snow. Any tips or suggestions about whether this is a good...
  18. S

    Accommodations on the Invierno - latter half of February?

    I have been taken with favorable posts on the Invierno from @peregrina2000 , @KinkyOne, @Rebekah Scott and others. Circumstances may (operative word, "may") provide me both cash and time for a quick jaunt that way in a few weeks. I don't care about weather, food or anything else. Just one...
  19. D

    First Camino (with kids)- wondering best route...?

    Hi All, My family and I, including kids aged 11 and 9 are wanting to walk for a week in April. We are wondering is Sarria to Santiago a good section to do or perhaps the Pyrenees St Jean Pied de Port to Pamplona? We are hoping for about a week's walking and really want to feel the spirit of the...
  20. minaleigh

    Several General Questions

    I put this post under equipment because there are some questions about it, but I have more outside that topic. Anyways, hello! I am a new pilgrim and have been lurking, reading various posts for hours. Many have answered the majority of my questions, but I need some clarification on others...

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