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  1. A

    Reliable weather forecast

    Hi All, my query is has anyone an idea of a reliable weather forecast website for CF . I am heading off to do the section between Logrono and Burgos starting Monday 7th October and have looked at 2 different websites accuweather and BBC weather. accuweather depicts most of this week 20/22 deg...
  2. S

    May 2020 Pyrenees Weather?

    Hello! I am planning to walk part of the Camino Francés in May 2020. I know it is hard to predict the weather on the top of the mountains, but here in Indiana, they are predicting a harsher winter with cooler temps and more snow. Any predictions for the winter for the Pyrenees? I have heard the...
  3. Max ***

    Weather forecast

    One question, please: if I leave Irun october the 13th and will arrive in Finisterre approximately the third week of november, where can I check (if it's possible) the weather that I'll find, in advance, please? :)
  4. JLWV


    All pilgrims in east of Spain, Valencia, Alicante, Murcia, Almeria must be very careful as we experiment in this moment the strongest rains showers of the last 100 years. We are in ALERTA ROJA METEOROLOGICA, and several areas are flooded with rivers getting furiously out of their bed.
  5. W

    Weather in April/May

    Hi, I am looking to do my first Camino in either April or May in 2020. Has anyone walked Camino Francés at this time of year and if so what was the weather like? I have heard it can be a nice time to walk but that there can be lots of rain. I appreciate your help.
  6. islandwalker

    Climate seasonal outlook info source

    The other day @Kathar1na posted some very useful information in another thread (see her post #4) about the meteoblue weather site. While spending some time last night happily exploring it, I stumbled upon a page that might interest others looking for information on seasonal forecasts. The...
  7. K

    Advice re weather

    18 of us are arriving in SJPDP on Saturday and starting our walk on Sunday. We are going as far as Pamplona this year with the intention of coming back yearly until we have completed the journey. Can anyone advise on the predicted weather for next week. I appreciate that we are crossing the...
  8. peregrina2000

    Violent hail and rain storms in Spain

    I saw some footage of a torrential downpour in Madrid. Lots of Spain has been affected. Looks like the weather system is moving eastward towards Valencia. Just crazy, Levante pilgrims pay attention...
  9. B

    Weather on either side of summer

    Okay... Finally getting to the final stages of planning for my first Camino 😎🌞 However, I wonder a little about the weather, so hoping someone has some experience to share. I would prefer some 15-20C at night and 20-25C at Day. Preferebly mostly dry. Would you guys lean more towards may/June or...
  10. B

    Weather in Pyrenees

    Is it feasible and pleasant to cross the Pyrenes fron St Jaques Pied de Port to Pamplona in October? Has someone experience?
  11. J

    OUF!!! The heat must be terrible. In Spain

    I just took a picture of current Spain weather and it must .be difficult in thé south...
  12. Peggy and David

    October weather?

    Those who have walked the Portuguese coastal route what is October weather apt to be like?
  13. roamingpaddy

    Will it be hot in August on Camino?

    Hi,I resume my Camino at Burgos August 11th and hope to finish about 3 stages past Leon. Will it be very hot mid August and also how early can I begin at this time of year? Will it be very busy at this time ? I can only do the Camino in stages as I mind my grandkids a lot.
  14. Michael Mattalo

    Ideal Time of Year for Camino de Norte

    I plan to walk the Camino de Norte in 2020 and would appreciate any insights regarding the best time of year for this route. My wife and walked the St. James route beginning late April 2017 and enjoyed the spring like walk. I initially thought the same timing for the Camino Norte, but wonder if...
  15. onwayhome

    How hot is too hot to walk?

    Just noticed it's looking super hot in central Europe and NE Spain this week, with 40degC forecast for Pamplona. This is unusual for June and pilgrims might not be expecting conditions that make walking potentially dangerous.
  16. biarritzdon

    Weather warning week of 23 June

    There’s very dangerous heat wave moving north from Africa this week. Temperatures will be at least 35c (high 90’s F) and reaching well above 40c (102 F) on Thursday and Friday across a large part of Spain and France
  17. M

    Weather in SJPP Late Sept/Early Oct?

    Good evening everyone. Well our camino trip got cut short last month due to my good lady wife taking poorly (shes fine now) but this now means I will be doing the Camino Frances in stages. With that in mind I have decided to start from SJPP (we started in Burgos before and made it to Leon) on...
  18. Kitsambler

    Summer heat forecast

    Plan ahead, carry water ...
  19. D

    Weather alert (the heat is on)

    Badajoz Jacobea has posted a weather warning for this weekend. The forecast is 38ºC in Cordoba this Sunday. Check the forecast near you: In some ways, this has been an exceptional year for weather - Rainy and cold in April and hot already in early May. But extreme heat is the norm. during the...
  20. J

    Temperatures in late September and early October

    I am planning on walking the San Salvador and the Primitivo in late September and early October. I have previously walked the Frances and the Portuguese and was fine with just a silk liner into early October. Will that be the case with these Caminos or should I plan on a light sleeping bag?