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100 (or so) iconic images for Camino Francés video .. Any missing?

Camino(s) past & future
VDLP (Sept 2015)

(Sept/Oct 2018)
< This post is just background.. Skip to next post in thread to see my preliminary list of iconic images. >

I begin my first Camino Francés leaving SJPDP on September 11 (I did the VDLP in 2015). I am walking with my neighbor, our average age is 68. We have about 49 days available in Spain so we are not in a big rush.

Since we decided to go (got permission from our wives) and booked our flights in January, we have had plenty of time to accumulate our equipment and for me to obsessively plan. The Camino Forum has been indispensable help in our preparation. Thanks!

Some changes to equipment since my VDLP Camino (subject to change):
Thankfully, I live 10 minutes from an REI Store because I have bought and returned (not worn outside) Salomon GTX Hiking Shoes, Oboz Traverse Hiking Shoes, a different size of Altra Timps.

I have created a 24 page PDF of all the Albergues / Hostels from Gronze, Eroski, Wise Pilgrim, etc. along the Camino Francés and on to Finisterre and Muxía. The file has links to Google Maps, Gronze, Eroski, and business websites (if any) for the most appealing places and will be on my phone.

We have reservations for the first three nights (Belari, Orisson, and Roncevalles). I will probably make a few more reservations in August – I am waiting until then because I enjoy being spontaneous.

Of course I have watched most of the important videos, like The Way, 6 Ways to Santiago, and many YouTube videos on the Camino Francés.

I want to create a simple video of our Camino, and plan to have a list of images and video segments to record. I will include my list of a hundred or so in the next post.

Actually, I am thinking about creating the video (from public domain and fair use sources) before the trip so that I can be "in the moment" during the Camino and not have to worry about catching the correct shots.

¡Buen Camino!
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Camino(s) past & future
VDLP (Sept 2015)

(Sept/Oct 2018)
Please let me know if I missed anything important to include. Note: no plans at this time to bring a drone.
  • Photo of map of Spain with Camino indicated
  • Pilgrim office in SJPDP
  • Credential being stamped
  • Credential in hand
  • Looking up river in SJPDP towards another bridge
  • Looking down into valley (preferably misty) from the Napoleon Route
  • Selfie in front of sheep
  • Selfie in front of cow(s)
  • Walking uphill
  • Snail crossing the road
  • A huge room with many bunks
  • Pilgrims walking with stick or poles with incorrect technique
  • Santiago 790 km sign
  • Pilgrim with shoes off
  • Pilgrim with feet in river, stream, or fountain
  • Big blister on side of a foot
  • Scallop Shell on backpack
  • Don’t STOP walking (octagonal sign)
  • Bulls Statue in Pamplona
  • Some artistic graffiti
  • A cup of cafe con leche
  • Silhouettes Alto del Perdón
  • Clothes on a line (and drying racks)
  • Pilgrim standing on old bridge (Puente La Reina)
  • Foot with bandaids or tape
  • Horse looking over a fence
  • Drinking directly from the Irache wine fountain
  • Feet walking
  • A tile street sign on a wall (maybe Calle del Laurel or Camino de Santiago)
  • Pilgrim walking with bulky sleeping pad hanging precariously from backpack
  • Backpacks lined up in front of an albergue
  • Pork and chips
  • Pilgrim sitting in red plastic chair looking at smartphone
  • Grapevines
  • Yellow arrow on ground
  • Pilgrim with feet in plastic tub of water (with clothes drying in background)
  • Yellow arrow on wall
  • Shadows walking
  • A baguette, some chorizo, and cheese for a picnic
  • Some type of religious procession
  • Outside Burgos cathedral
  • Inside Burgos cathedral (Ceiling)
  • Pilgrim sitting in red plastic chair reading Brierley
  • Path stretching out into distance (with a single pilgrim in the foreground)
  • A rocky path (up or down a hill)
  • Rock spiral
  • Peregrino(a) with sunburn
  • Chalkboard on sidewalk for Pilgrim’s Menu
  • Rocks piled on path in shape of arrow
  • Bicyclist passing at high speed
  • Backpack with patches sewn on (bonus points for Americans with Canadian flags or Camino Forum yellow arrows)
  • Boots in a rack
  • Poles in a barrel (or large milkcan)
  • Somebody cooking a large pan of paella
  • Big stack of hay bales
  • Walking through a town before sunrise (talking in hushed tones and using rubber tips on poles)
  • A sunrise
  • Pilgrim walking past a mural
  • A nun playing a guitar
  • Large bronze Léon sign
  • Bronze scallop shell on cobblestone street
  • Statue of a pilgrim bronze
  • Statue of a pilgrim stone
  • A group of pilgrims sitting in red plastic chairs with beer in front of them (optional: somebody making thumbs up sign)
  • Cattle walking along path (bonus points if being herded by a dog or old woman with a stick)
  • A communal dinner (with clay pitchers)
  • Osborne Bull
  • A donativo snack stand
  • Padron Peppers
  • Cats sleeping on street or rock wall
  • Sunflowers
  • Stork nests
  • A glass with Estrella Galicia logo
  • The Cowboy Bar
  • Pilgrim putting a rock on pile at Cruz de Fiero
  • Somebody walking up (or down) a steep hill with their walking sticks attached to pack (not in use)
  • Coming down a hill into a town
  • Photo of signs indicating distances (preferably to places on other continents) Manjarin
  • Buen Camino (Peregrino) Graffiti
  • Pilgrims in rain-gear (preferably red Altus poncho)
  • A large group of kids (after Sarria) mostly walking 4 abreast
  • A crowded albergue with a lot of packs, clothing, etc. strewn around
  • Some sharpie graffiti on a distance marker
  • Discarded boots on waymarker
  • A fountain
  • Way maker with graffiti
  • Somebody dressed in historic pilgrim attire
  • Seeing a town up the hill
  • A Camino related tattoo
  • Senior citizens sitting on a bench (live or bronze)
  • Pulpo and papas
  • Another An old stone bridge (in Galicia)
  • Credential with many stamps
  • Crossing a stream (walking on rocks or concrete blocks)
  • Churros and hot chocolate
  • An hórreo
  • Smashed Chestnuts on the ground
  • Bagpiper at Arco de Palacio, Santiago de Compostela
  • Standing in line (or counter) at Pilgrim’s office in
  • Pilgrim holding poles up in V in Plaza del Obradoiro
  • Pilgrim sitting on ground in Plaza del Obradoiro
  • A Compostela
  • Compostela en Tubo
  • Butafumerio swinging
  • Torta De Santiago
  • Standing with the two Marias statue
  • Camino de Fisterra sign
  • Ocean in distance
  • Atlantic Ocean
  • 0.00 km marker at lighthouse
  • View from train (or bus) window
  • Various Yellow Arrows interspersed throughout video
Added based on input:
¡Buen Camino!
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"When I Have Your Wounded" - Dustoff Motto
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances...
Sept. 2017: SJPdP to Burgos
Sept./Oct. 2018: SJPdP to Santiago de Compostela
A selfie -- of an obviously long-walking pilgrim, slightly road weary and dusty, in front of an iconic fast food joint. A reflection of the sudden and jarring slippage back to the urban modern world, as a contrast to the simple daily pilgrimage world of village-to-village walking along the Way.


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Camino(s) past & future
London to Santiago (2014)
Narbonne to Oloron (2015)
Camino Portugues (2016)
Sentier Cathar (2017)
Wow, long list! I don't think these are so iconic but I am sure a lot of us have photos of:

A Cloister
A signpost to an albergue
Halfway pic in Sahagun
Picture of the Virgin somewhere beautiful
Pilgrims hugging in Plaza del Obradoiro
San Miguel distance marker sign
Buildings at O'Cebreiro
Candles lit in a church/shrine
Communal meal
Chickens in Santo Domingo Calzada


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Camino(s) past & future
A few times, but soon again I hope....
God, I'm tired of seeing that red motor vehicle traffic stop sign with "don't" and "walking" graffiti painted on it. Yeah, yeah we get it. Reminds me of silly catch phrases from the 80's such as "go for it" or "just do it". Ha ha.
You beat me to a photo of a glass of beer, though I do prefer mine in bottles, ha ha.


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Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances
The Roland fountain
Tortilla , tapas
Red wine
The bridge into Hospital D'Orbigo
The view from the top at O'Cebreiro looking down into the mist covered valleys
A dog pilgrim with his stuff in his own pack
One of those walls with conflicting arrows pointing all over the place
Some of the tumbledown buildings
Castrojerez castela silhouette

Jeff Crawley

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Camino(s) past & future
Contemplating yet another "final" camino
Porto to SdC May 2019
The crucifix in Igrexa de San Xoan de Furelos just before Melide.
A tray of Orujo de Hierbas shots.
(I have both of these if you need them)
But a nun playing a guitar? Good luck with that one!

BTW have you considered the 1 Second Every Day app?
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (SJPdP-Burgos, 2015)
Camino Frances (Burgos-Sarria, 2018)
Sarria-Santiago (Oct. 2018)
That spontaneous, random shot, of zero artistic value, that brings back a flood of happy memories of that place, that day, that moment, that feeling, that can't be predicted, or ever duplicated. :)
Camino(s) past & future
VDLP (Sept 2015)

(Sept/Oct 2018)
A tray of Orujo de Hierbas shots.
But a nun playing a guitar? Good luck with that one!

BTW have you considered the 1 Second Every Day app?
Missing Orujo shots was a shocking oversight on my part! But actually, I like it better when they just put a large unlabeled bottle on the table.

Thanks for 1 Second Every Day App pointer. Looking into it.

Nuns playing guitars... ¡Buen Camino!
Ultreïa Volume 2.jpg
Camino(s) past & future
SJPdP-Leon (15)
SJPdP-SdC-Finisterre-Muxia (16)
Lisbon-SdC (17)

Le Puy-Pamplona (19)
The statue of the weary pilgrim outside the Parador in Leon:


Jeff Crawley

Veteran Member
Camino(s) past & future
Contemplating yet another "final" camino
Porto to SdC May 2019
Missing Orujo shots was a shocking oversight on my part! But actually, I like it better when they just put a large unlabeled bottle on the table.

Thanks for 1 Second Every Day App pointer. Looking into it.

Nuns playing guitars... ¡Buen Camino!
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A pray of nuns? What? It's an expression, look it up! :)


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Camino(s) past & future
French Way (2018)
Nice list! It feels like I’m doing the Camino all over again :) I would also include the soups, like the lentil soup, or the big white bean soup (alubias blancas) and the caldo gallego.
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances, 2015
@Latecomer I really enjoyed your list; you had so many of my picturesl listed Here are a few more you can consider:

Starting with the arch of the Port of SJPdP in the background
Rain picture
Roman bridge
Lone tree on the meseta
Smelling the roses
Romanesque capital
Flock of sheep
Stork nest(s)
Chickens amongst a bar's outdoor tables
Picture of a person taking pictures of people
Bikes being pushed
San Anton
Some of windows or doors
Bells in a tower
Astorga chocolate
Elvis and Cowboy bars
Standing in the ocean when done
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Frances (SJPdP-Burgos, 2015)
Camino Frances (Burgos-Sarria, 2018)
Sarria-Santiago (Oct. 2018)
An iconic scene, if not an iconic picture -- blister care! A photo of the real thing might not be for the squeamish, but I thought mural at the Samos Monastery albergue rather charming. 20180513_140920.jpg
Camino(s) past & future
Camino Francis SJPP
April 2016, August 2017, May 2018
Camino PortuGUESE
May 2019
* Hemingway's bar- Pamplona
* Festival fun -
* Human stacking competitions
* Cats & dogs
* The corn drying out buildings
* Gossiping villagers sitting on a beach watching pilgrims go by
* Sunsets..... sunrises
* Your clickable friends
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