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  1. Raggy

    Rionegro (home of Me Gusta Comer) awaits its jubilee

    Article in the local paper - La Opinion de Zamora - with comments from Teo and other townspeople. The pandemic has been challenging for the small communities along the Camino where pilgrims stay in normal times. I can't think of a community that takes better care of pilgrims...
  2. Kanga

    Railway stations enroute

    In another thread @SabineP posted a photo of Antwerp railway station. It reminded me of all the stations I’ve passed through on the way to or from walking a camino. Some very beautiful. I always find them interesting, even the pedestrian ones. At the end of my very first camino, in 2001, I...
  3. Marc S.

    Monte de Gozo - statue commemorating visit of pope has been removed

    I was not aware of this, but apparently the statue of Pope John Paul 2 at Monte de Gozo has been removed. The plan was to renovate but it - according to this article - it will not return. This will also mean there will be a clearer view from the hill towards the city of Santiago...
  4. VNwalking

    On the Camino: One Day at a Time, one Photo at a Time 4.0.

    Continuing our wonderful sharing on a new thread. (Haha, please don't feel shy to post here again today even if you already posted in the other thread! And don't worry about repeating yourself — none of us are the same people we were 6 months ago nor do we have the same eyes.) Today's choice is...
  5. ivar

    TV program about the "new" cathedral in Santiago

    It is in Galician and you can see it here (50 minutes)
  6. mark connolly

    An article about the excavation site of Atapuerca, just off the CF

    Early humans likely hibernated to deal with freezing winters ( Also: Sima de los Huesos, a Key to Human Evolution ( Atapuerca Mountains - Wikipedia Enjoy. Mark
  7. peregrina2000

    New mirador (lookout) at the Oseira Monastery

    Like many of the monasteries I have gotten to know on my Caminos, the Oseira monastery is located in a jaw-droppingly-beautiful location. When I stayed there, I took a little walk up, because in my experience, looking down at these sites is usually gorgeous. I’ve attached the pictures I took...
  8. alexwalker

    Surprising background of the Alto del Perdon

    On one of the first days of our Camino Frances walk, we come to the top of Alto del Perdon, with its windmills, and not least, metal sculptures of pilgrims. But what do these sculptures actually mean? Here's an explanation...
  9. C clearly

    Visigothic/Pre-Romanesque architecture for beginners

    Here we go on a follow-up to the wildly popular thread on Romanesque architecture for beginners. Remember - I know nothing about this, except what I write below. There are other members with similar lack of knowledge, who would like to learn something. Please try to help us rather than confuse...
  10. Theatregal

    The Beauty of Ruins

    I expect I'm not the only one who takes photos of ruins. The history, the stories they contain - remembered and forgotten. Houses, churches, hórreos, barns, cottages, stone walls, whole villages... Would love to see your photos and the location. This one, just past Bon Xesús on the way to...
  11. peregrina2000

    Industrial site museums on the caminos de Santiago

    There have been two recent descriptions by forum members who have visited former industrial sites turned into museums. The first was @jungleboy and @Wendy Werneth’s trip to the hat museum in Sao Joao da Madeira on the Camino Portugués. Interesting information from Nick and wendy here. More...
  12. Saint Mike II

    Fromista Canals? What was their purpose??

    Hola, I have walked and cycled the Camino Frances and have marveled at the canal structures as you enter the town of Fromista. Can someone enlighten me? (Please) Why were they built and by whom. First correct answer gets my thanks (and maybe a coffee at some point). The reason I ask is that...
  13. peregrina2000

    Uproar over the renovations of San Marcos (the parador in León)

    The gist of this article is that some pictures have been released showing the renovations to the San Marcos parador. The article describes the public's reaction as scandalized. Look for yourself -- it is the post-industrial chic look. At least there are no exposed pipes, at least that I can...
  14. islandwalker

    Málaga's new pedestrian bridge

    This week a new pedestrian bridge opened that offers some interesting possibilities for pilgrims starting the Mozárabe in Málaga. If you have an extra half-day at the beginning of your camino, you could use the bridge to explore the Parque Natural Desembocadura del Guadalhorce. There has long...
  15. peregrina2000

    New entrance into Santiago from Monte de Gozo

    First, they tried to keep pilgrims safe by taking away the sign showing entrance into Santiago (how many of us dangerously darted across the highway to get our picture taken :rolleyes:). This next step is a much bigger deal. The article shows pictures of the new walkway from Monte de Gozo...
  16. Kathar1na

    A bigger cairn on the Camino Francés

    A waymarker near the pass on the Route Napoleon has been improved by the local camino association of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port who also run the pilgrims office in the town. The following pictures show the final result of their recent improvement works, the improvement works while ongoing and a...
  17. VNwalking

    One Day at a time, One Photo at a Time (Part 3)

    A few of us can now think of walking or are even out there on the camino, while the rest of us can only wait, and cultivate patience Rounds one and two of this thread have allowed us all a chance to turn towards the happy memories day by day, and to share the gift of walking even when we cannot...
  18. peregrina2000

    Alcalá del Júcar, a jewel on the Lana

    Escapada Rural keeps sending me links to all the many beautiful places to visit in rural Spain. Today, I got one about Alcalá del Júcar, which was a planned stop on my ”2020 Lana.” It looks just gorgeous, and helps motivate me to think about “2021 Lana.” Any other members hoping to walk the...
  19. VNwalking

    A weird post for a weird time

    I just saw this interesting article about the Alhambra. It's not the usual. If you go there and can peel your eyes away from the buildings, there are other things to notice. It's...

    Where is this bridge? Just a little fun.

    There is a small twist to this one so I ask members who know to give the others a small clue rather than an outright answer.