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  1. Kiwi-family

    Granada or Cordoba

    If I only had one day "spare" to stay in a city, which one should it be? At this stage my thinking is it's a short day in to Granada (16,8km) and an even shorter one out (10,4), but longer for Cordoba (25,7 and 17,9), so the day should go to Cordoba. Of course I'll make up my mind when I'm on...
  2. JustJack

    The Elvis Bar in Reliegos

    One pleasant surprise for me along the CF this spring was the Elvis Bar in Reliegos. I've since discovered that this is a fairly well-known bar, and I think it's even included in the film The Way. But I didn't know any of that when I stopped for the night in Reliegos. I just saw there was a bar...
  3. dick bird

    Cruz de Ferro - What is its history, and what happens to all those stones?

    This may upset some people. The Cruz de Ferro is an iconic site and it has become a tradition to leave a stone or other memento, often in memory of someone who has passed away, on the mound surrounding the cross. This has been going on for many years now. However, the mound does not seem to be...
  4. Kiwi-family

    Monasteries in Spain

    I just found this very useful website about monasteries that take guests - not just in Spain but here's the link for those in Spain. Also, I have a friend currently doing a 30 day silent retreat at the Ignacian Monastery in Loyola. I have no more details, but this might be enough to spark some...
  5. DoughnutANZ

    A glimpse behind the walls of the monastery Santo Domingo de Silos

    Before I put my technology away and enjoy six days of silence with the monks I thought that I might share a small glimpse behind the walls. This is just the entrance really but I have not yet decided if I will go absolutely without technology and so no more photos. In the meantime.....
  6. B

    Cruz de Ferro Decorum

    After about a month on the Camino, I reached the Cruz de Ferro on May 31. I spent some time reflecting on forgiveness (granting and asking for it) and remembering friends and loved ones who have passed. I then placed my stone. Perhaps my expectations were unrealistic; however, I’d envisioned a...
  7. Roger0704

    Mozarabe, let's be friends..

    I decided to start my next Camino around 18 september 2023 from Almeria. At least to Merida ( if I can create more time , all the way !! ) few questions: Who is thinking about walking the Mozarabe around the same time? What do you recomend I really don't miss seeing! ( except the Alhambra) What...
  8. jrewins

    Lisbon Cathedral

    I’m starting the CP - Central and am looking for details about the Cathedral starting point, like can I get my credential there with a starting validation, are there specific opening hours, if the credential is not available at the cathedral, then where? Any veterans of the CP available to...
  9. J Willhaus

    Ourense thermal baths closed again

    El Concello de Ourense cierra la única terma que funcionaba en Outariz tras reabrirla en Semana Santa - Looks like they have closed the thermal bathing...
  10. Hey Jude

    Walking barefoot across Puente la Reina

    Today as I left Puente la Reina I noticed Pilgrims on the other side of the bridge were putting their shoes and socks back on. I asked about this and some Italian pilgrims told me about the tradition of walking across the bridge barefoot, not on the smooth part but on the rough part. They...
  11. MegJD

    Roncesvalles cross

    The cross on the top of the collegiate at Roncesvalles has a hook on the top. What kind of cross is that? Cross plus crozier??
  12. Dani7

    Accommodation Santo Domingo de Silos

    Hello everyone 😊 Planning to go visit the monastery there and hopefully hear the Gregorian chanters at a mass and visit this piece of history. Any suggestions on an albergue to stay overnight. It’s approx 54 km from Burgos so most likely I will take the bus from Burgos and back to get back on...
  13. sebastian606

    Church at Eunate

    I received the new 2023 Wise Pilgrim Book for the Camino Frances -purchased from the Forum Store. We are planning a late Fall Camino starting October 17 from Pamplona to Burgos. I saw in the WP Book that the Church at Eunate Summer Hours were from March 24-October 14. Is the church open...
  14. M

    Catholic and Cultural Must sees on Camino Portuguese from Porto to Santiago

    Hey guys! I'm doing the Central Portuguese Camino in May from Porto to Santiago and am looking for your recommendations on what are the must sees along the way. I am a practicing Catholic so any religious recommendations are especially helpful! Thanks in advance :)
  15. Cathy G

    Singing Nuns of Carrion de los Condes

    Hello everyone. Does one have to stay at Santa Maria in Carrion to experience the singing nuns and the pilgrim blessing or is it open to pilgrims staying at other albergues?
  16. TaraWalks

    Is there an equivalent to Cruz de Ferro on Norte / Primitivo?

    Hi everyone, I will be walking the Norte & Primativo from mid May with my husband. It's not our first Camino and last time, my mother gave me 5 prettily painted stones for the Cruz de Ferro which I carried and laid for her. They weren't small, but it made her happy I carried them in her...
  17. AJGuillaume


    My darling and I will be starting again on the Camino Mozárabe from Almería in April this year. We had to cut short our pilgrimage last year because of a death in the family. We have planned two nights in Granada, mainly because my darling deserves rest days from carrying a backpack, also...
  18. peregrina2000

    Clunia on the way to Quintanarraya

    I discovered on our virtual planning thread that there are some roman ruins about 3.5 km from Quintanarraya. A little googling showed me that it's the Roman city of Clunia. But a search on the Lana forum didn't bring up any mention of Clunia (a few in the Francés talking about a possible...
  19. B

    Statues at Monte do Gozo

    I have read that the statues of the two pilgrims on Monte do Gozo were erected in 1993, a Holy Year. The sculptor was José María Acuña López. But Acuña died in 1991, at least 12 months or up to 3 years earlier. I don't suppose that Acuña was working up to the day of his death. Do you know why...
  20. B

    Ruins of San Antón

    The information board at the Ruins of San Antón states that the convent was founded in 1146 under the patronage of King Alfonso VII. The same sign says that the ruins are 14th century, while a large sign nearby used to say that they are 15th century...

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