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  1. Annette london

    We met Tomas in Manjarin today

    Today we met Tomas “the last of the Knights Templars“ for the first time since our first CF in 2005 Then, he was dressed in the Knights Templar “uniform” for want of a better word Today, as back then, the bell rang out as we approached Since building his refuge in 1993 Tomas has devoted his...
  2. Peacemaker

    Is La Iglesia de La Peregrina in Sahagun open?

    Hello all, We’ll be in Sahagun tomorrow (in Calzadilla de La Cueva tonight) and we’re hoping to go by La Iglesia de La Peregrina (Pilgrim’s Sanctuary) to explore the museum and pick up a halfway certificate. Google says it’s permanently closed, but Sahagun’s tourism website makes no mention...
  3. JustJack

    Curious about the bagpiper in Santiago

    In countless videos about the arrival in Santiago we see the bagpiper playing near the entrance to the cathedral square. Just wondering if these pipers are essentially random buskers, or is this an official job that a piper has? I'm assuming they have their pipes case open for donations. Are...
  4. A

    A week in Porto

    Hello, I’m headed to Porto for a week with friends. Looking for suggestions of what to see and do. Have been there for a day before and seen the train station, church and boat tour, - other ideas? I will walk from Matosinhos to Vila de Conde one day, it’s a favourite stretch. Many thanks.
  5. henrythedog

    Leon - a rest day

    @kirkie, this is for you It’s alright, this is a one-off; I’m not starting again. I’ve posted this separately, rather than append my ‘Burgos to Leon’ thread, which has come to a natural close. I’ve passed through Leon several times, but never taken the opportunity to spend an entire day...
  6. P

    Avoiding Cruz de Ferro

    We had to curtail our camino in Leon in 2018 and owing to a ruptured achilles and then Covid, this summer will be our first chance to complete it. However, I still have to manage my achilles and steep uneven descents are a risk, so we thought we'd just skip Cruz de Ferro. Is there lower...
  7. K

    Monastery in Cornellana

    Just "re-worked" my Primitivo trek and I'm intrigued by the monastary in Corellana. Has anyone stayed there recently? Is it actually AT the monastary, or in a separate building? And do you know if there's food in a bar or restaurant?
  8. Bradypus

    Thermal pools in Ourense open?

    Hoping someone can give me current information. I'll be in Ourense sometime in the next few days and I'd love to have a bath in the hot springs. What could be better than a Galician onsen? :cool: Online I am seeing conflicting reports of closures because of Covid. Does anyone know for sure which...
  9. Old Hillwalker

    Diving deep into an abandoned village - Ruesta

    While slowly making my way along the Camino Aragon, Jutting above the trees, I saw ahead of me a towering structure that appeared to be part of a castle. Excited, and intrigued I breathlessly strode ahead and soon entered the abandoned village of Ruesta. What a sad, beautiful and lonely place...
  10. SeñorJacques

    Favorite places to spend an extra day/night to visit historical/cultural sites?

    I know this question has been asked here before (though not recently), and I also know that pre-planning my itinerary before actually setting out on my walk may be antithetical to the "spirit of the Camino" for some of you 😉 That said: I have the luxury of spending a few extra days along the...
  11. S

    Cruz de Ferro - Be Inspired

    I start my third Camino two months from today and was doing some research this morning. I came across a short story (the link is found below). As I opened this webpage, the picture at the top of the story took me aback. I saw a young man that I met in advance of Rabanal del Camino back in...
  12. SYates

    Cruz de Ferro Question

    Does anybody here know or could you find out (perhaps in a book you have?) what the measurements of the Cruz de Ferro are? I mean the actual cross, which is now in the museum in Astorga. I have already contacted them but they were so not helpful! Many Muchas Gracias in advance, SY

    San Anton Hospital de Peregrinos - a magic Albergue to serve as a Hospitalero.

    I am going to break my experiences up into chapters. Smack in the middle of the 2016 summer solstice I was most privileged to be assigned a hospitalero post at what must be one of THE MAGIC Albergues in the world! A no frills 12 bed albergue within the ruins of ancient monastery/ convent. Very...
  14. jungleboy

    Piece of San Antón arch falls on school bus

    Last week a piece of the San Antón arch 'somewhat bigger than a mobile phone' fell 20 metres and landed on the roof of a school bus as it was driving under the arch. There were no injuries; another bus was called and the students were taken to school, but the mayor of Castrojeriz said it could...
  15. S

    Recent tours at Atapuerca...

    Hi. I am planning on staying in Atapuerca so I can take a tour of the dig site & the Visitor's Centre . However, I read some reviews of the tours that were less that flattering. One of the main complaints is that it is only in Spanish and, therefore, many felt it was a waste of time & money to...
  16. El Cascayal


    Casimiro was at the entrance of his home just before Montefurado. He is a world treasure, truly un patrimonio mundial. He told us he is 95 soon to be 96 in April, healthy and performing all his chores. His eyes and his house sparkles. He showed us around including his bodega/cellar. We had toast...
  17. Vacajoe

    LIVE from the Camino Canfranc Estacion IS Happening!!!

    After all the rumors and false starts, I can report firsthand that the station at Canfranc IS being renovated! Fresh paint on the outside and a partial gut/rebuild inside. It looks like a lot of the wall details are being saved as well as the woodwork ceiling, but the tiled floor is a bit...
  18. trecile

    Alternate approaches to the lighthouse in Fisterra

    Most people walk the road up to the lighthouse, but there are a couple of alternate approaches. Firstly, there is a trail that you can take that brings you up over the top. You can find it on the Windy Maps app. It's the green line. You can download Windy Maps for Android here, or for iPhone...
  19. B

    The Story of Portomarín

    I was sent this link by Galicia Máxica about the building of the dam that created the Belesar Reservoir. .The video (in black and white) lasts only just over 5 minutes. Unfortunately, for me at least, the commentary is in Spanish, but you can get the gist of it. Seeing the old village...
  20. ktchnofdngr

    Detour to see the Eunate Church

    Hey, All! I'm planning for a Camino next summer (2022), and I've been wanting to do the detour to see the Eunate Church. Does anyone know if it is currently open and/or if it will be open next summer? Also, how well-marked is the detour to go and see the church there? This last actually...