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Re: guess what i just did...

Congratulations! That's a big step in the preparation of something very nice to come!

Me and my 2 friends will book flights also this week, but to Malaga, which is departure point for our camino. From Malaga we will join the "official" via de la plata in Merida.

We probably will go to Malaga monday april 28.

Greetings from Holland!
Re: guess what i just did...

Bravo!!!!! You are brave! I am very frightened about booking my ticket, i.e. I am worried about whether I will be physically ready by April 2008, whether I will have sold my house and stored my stuff by then; and that if I don't book my ticket soon (from Adelaide) I won't get on a flight... I worry too much and have a lot of fear. Cheers to you! I think it must have taken a lot of courage to buy your ticket! I am so :D for you! Clarisa
Re: guess what i just did...

It must be the time of year for it. My travel agent has a special evening tonight, as all the "Earlybird" fares for Europe are out at present. So I am going along and will book my ticket this week, to arrive in Paris early April.
Clarisa, I am sure it will all work out! Physically I am a bit concerned as I have just found out I am anaemic again. So I now have a great incentive to take all my iron tablets etc. And if I am not 100%..... that will be the only excuse I need to walk slowly.... which might be a wonderful thing anyhow!
Re: guess what i just did...

pabloneill said:
Hey all,

I just booked a flight to seville for the 31st of may 2008!!!

buen camino!

It's a fantastic feeling!! :D We booked our tickets for 22 May 2008 so will be just ahead of you.

I find having my flight booked makes it seem like our camino is really going to happen and not just a dream anymore :oops:
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