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About the construction of a industrial complex ON the Camino

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
The Asociacion Galega de Amigos del Camino de Santiago (AGACS) needs your help in preventing one more step to happen towards the destruction of the Camino Frances.

Dear pilgrims,

We want to inform you of the latest threat to the survival of the Camino Frances.

A private, industrial, complex, is in the preliminary works in the area of Arca, located only fifteen kilometers from the Cathedral.

Though the Camino Frances has been declared a “United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage Site,” as well as the “First Cultural European Itinerary,” and there are laws that protect it, they are more than often often ignored. This is not the first time. In areas like Navarra, Rioja, and Castilla and Leon, newly-designed urban projects and highways have drastically modified and worsened the Camino. Energetic steps need to be taken to prevent this from continuing to happen. AGACS requests your support in spreading the word regarding this latest assault to the Camino through any means available. You can express your opinion by sending e-mails to AGACS´s web page,

Thank-you for your support,

Buen Camino,

The Asociacion Galega de Amigos del Camino de Santiago (AGACS)
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Active Member
A private, industrial, complex, is in the preliminary works in the area of Arca, located only fifteen kilometers from the Cathedral

Could you give us a bit more details before we go on and send emails all over the world.

I will gladly help if you could tell us the extent of the work and what part of the Camino would be destroyed and/or moved.

Thank you for letting us know.

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
Yes of course.

We are talking about the nice forest you can enjoy just before the Lavacolla Airport, in O Pino. It's about 1 million m2 just ON the French Camino. Possibly you remember it, it's the last forest before Santiago.

Now, today, trees are been cut and the land is been cleaned to begin the construction of industrial buildings next month. All spanish associations has been noticed today and we are trying to talk with politicians, newspapers and the UNESCO to stop the workers just now.

If you are interested, please let me know your email address and I can send you the newspapers articles (in spanish, from galician newspapers) and a map to understand what is happening. And if it's possible, to publish here for everybody.

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain


Active Member
Thank you Javier.

I do remember the forest of eucalyptus before you reach the Lavacolla airport. Nice area despite the fact there was some trees and areas that showed burns from the previous fires I suppose.

Seems to me that in Sept 2006 when I went trough it there were some signs of heavy equipment, and we met 2 police cars in the trail .....

Please send me as a pm, or put it on the forum, the newspaper articles.

I will support the movement by sending an email to the adress you provided. Thanks again Javier (keep sending your nice pictures of the Camino, excluding bulls..... :wink: )
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Nunca se camina solo
It may be wise to check what stage this development has reached. For example if it has recieved planning permission following the usual local consultations and the contract has been signed and worked has started then any campaign to stop it may now be redundant.


And Environmental Impact Assessment - assuming:

That it is required in Spain
And that one has been done.

Its amazing how many times this gets overlooked by developers. It is worth pursuing as under EU rules it’s a real show stopper if it has not been done.
Usually helps if you can find a rare plant bird butterfly or whatever aswell.
Good luck.


Javier Martin

Veteran Member
The problem is there's not enough time to do that.

The trees have been cut in a 80% at this moment.

Money is the reason, always money, over the environment laws and the UNESCO.

Javier Martin

Madrid, Spain.



You miss the point. The assessment has to be carried out by the developer and lodged as part of the planning application.
If it has not been carried out then under EU law/rules/regulations whatever then the developer gets to pay a fine, work has to stop and if the assessment finds that the development would be detrimental to plants, animals, water courses, or snail breeding season then the work has to stop for some time, maybe it may be stopped permanently and works carried out reinstated.
The best way to fight a system is to use the system and if you really want to fight this then start checking the paper work. Someone somewhere will have taken a short cut.
Remember if bricks start coming through your window then you are probably asking questions in the right area.
Film the work use the internet find the address of the CEO of any international companies and banks further up the food chain and embarrass them for funding this.
Give us the email address of the head of planning responsible and his boss and lets see how they deal with an email campaign. Don’t forget your MEP as this could be an OOPs moment if this is EU funded. MEP’s like to keep a low profile and there is nothing like the prospect of having to get a proper job to get some action out of them.
I personally fire off email snotograms every time I hear Iceland and Japan justifying whaling. They have open access at government level and they reply if you are not abusive.
If you want to make any impact you are going to have to stick your head above the parapet. First thing I would do is start a website to publicise this development and your campaign.

Good luck

Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours.

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
We are beginning the actions that we've been planning during last two weeks. On saturday, the president of our association, Jose Antonio de la Riera, is going to defend the Camino on TVG, the galician television (at 21:00). We are sending emails to all spanish newspapers, associations, etc. If you are interested, I'm going to give you the emails address where to send, politely but firmly, your opinion. In english or spanish, doesn´t matter.

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
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Javier Martin

Veteran Member
Where to send your email?


D. Manuel Taboada Vigo Alcalde;

Ana Purificación Otero Ferreiro Interventora/Secretaria;

Pablo Martín Fernández Castro Arquitecto Municipal;

Gloria Iglesias Botana Téc. de Desenvolvemento Social



El Mundo
Edición de internet:

El País Redacción:
Cartas al director:
Suplemento de viajes:

Cartas al director:

La Razó

20 minutos


La Voz de Galicia
El Ideal Gallego
La Opinión (Coruña)
Diario de Ferrol
Grupo El Correo Gallego
Diario de Pontevedra
Faro de Vigo
Diario de Arousa
El Progreso Lugo
La Región Ourense


El Comercio (Asturias)
La Voz de Asturias


Diario Córdoba
El Día de Córdoba
Diario de
Diario de Cá
Europa Sur
Diario de Jerez
Huelva Información
El Correo de Andalucía
Diario Sur
La Opinión de Málaga
El Sol de Antequera
Cádiz Información
Jerez Información
El Puerto Información
San Fernando Información
Bahía de Cádiz
La Voz de Almería
Ideal Digital Granada
Granada Digital
Diario Jaen

ARAGÓN NEWSPAPERS (North-east, Jaca and Somport area, Zaragoza)

El Periódico de Aragón
Aragón Digital
Diario de Alto Aragón
Diario de Teruel


Canarias 7
El Día (Tenerife)
La Voz de Lanzarote


El Diario Montañés
Crónica de Cantabria
Alerta (Cantabria)


La tribuna de Albacete
Lanza Digital (Ciudad Real) Dirección:


Adelanto Salamanca
La Gaceta de Salamanca
La Tribuna Salamanca
El Diario de Burgos
El Correo de Burgos
El Diario Palentino
La Crónica de León
Diario de León

CATALUÑA NEWSPAPERS (Catalonia, north east of Spain)

La Vanguardia
El periódico de Cataluñ
Diari AVUI
El Punt Girona
Diari de
Diari Segre
La Mañana (Lérida)
Regió 7 redacció

CEUTA NEWSPAPERS (Very north of Marocco)

El Pueblo (Ceuta)


Madrid Diario
Libertad Digital
Estrella Digital
Diario Directo
Madrid Press
El Telégrafo (Madrid)
El Distrito


Las Provincias
La Voz (Valencia) redacció
Ciudad de Alcoy
Heraldo de Castellón


El Periódico de Extremadura
Hoy (Badajoz)


Diario Última Hora (Mallorca)
Diario de Mallorca
El Día Mallorca
Diari de Balears
Diario de Menorca


La Rioja

MELILLA NEWSPAPERS (Very north of Marocco)

Melilla Hoy

MURCIA NEWSPAPERS (Mediterranean coast, under VALENCIA Region)

La Verdad (Murcia)
La Opinión de Murcia

NAVARRA NEWSPAPERS (Pamplona, Roncesvalles)

Diario de noticias Navarra
Diario de Navarra


El correo digital (vasco)
El Diario Vasco
El Correo Digital Vizcaya
Deia (Vicaya)

AGACS (Galician Association):

Thanks to everybody for your contribution

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
I forgot to add the Xunta emails addresses:

These, the O Pino concello and the galician newspapers are the most importants.

Sr Presidente Xunta de Galicia, D. Emilio Pérez Touriño

Fax: 981 541219


Secretaría Xeral Obras Públicas, Xunta Galicia.

fax: 981 544948

Dirección Xeral de Turismo, Xunta de Galicia (Es importante, es una de
las que se ocupa del Camino de Santiago)

Dirección Xeral de Turismo, Xunta de Galicia, gabinete de Comunicación:

Sociedade Anónima de Xestión do Plan Xacobeo

Sociedade de Imaxe e Promoción Turística de Galicia (Turgalicia)

Consellería de Cultura e Patrimonio

Y, el más importante de todos, desgraciadamente no tenemos acceso a
mail alguno: Dirección Xeral de Patrimonio Cultural. Fax: 981544830

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
The AGACS is working hard to protect the Camino de Santiago in O Pino, just before the Lavacolla Airport. Sending THOUSANDS of emails to newspapers, UNESCO, la Xunta and everybody who can listen about. To the European Community, too.

At the first, the GREAT NEW is the works are STOPPED. We know its not definitive, but it's important. We continue working about.

If any of you read any new about anywhere, please tell me, I need the link to recover all documents about.

Many spanish papers are publishing articles about the O Pino disaster, and the letters from readers.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.

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