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Accommodation Notes, Vila do Conde to Pontevedra


Some notes on what I've used for accommodations -- all are listed in Brierley, some are less expensive than he indicates. Starting mid-April and now into early May I've had no problem finding rooms, usualyly arriving mid to late afternoon and always without reservations, as I have not so far been certain how long I would stay in each area. I'm travelling alone, so the prices are for one..

Vila do Conde -- O Manco D'Areia -- 25 Euros/night w/private bathroom. Central, on the main praca, No breakfast, wifi at Cacao (on the praca, a smokey bar, but with some nice chocolate treats on the menu.

Sao Pedro de Rates -- I first tried the Casa de Mattos, but it was closed and the neighbor was not sure if it would open again. So I went to the albergue -- only nine staying there, so plenty of room.

Barcelos -- Residencial Arantes -- 20 Euros/night -- private shower, toilet down the hall -- great location on the main praca with a pastry shop downstairs for breakfast. There is wifi at The Garden (yes, the name is in English)..

Lugar do Corgo -- Casa da Fernanda. Plan your trek so that you can stop here for the night. Fernanda and Jacinto are a treat. They put together a dinner with all but the fish from their own garden, even included their own wine. There was a French couple and myself that evening (they have had as many as 18 staying there). Had a great evening of conversation. And breakfast. Thinking it was as good as any mildly expensive Casa Rural, I wanted to pay a commensurable amount and tried to give them 40 Euros, but Fernanda would have none of it, wouldn't even buy my argument that I was happy to overpay to accommodate someone who could only pay a little, and she would only take 20 Euros.

Ponte de Lima -- Hotel Imperio do Minho -- 32 Euros/night w/ discount, breakfast included, can get municipal free wifi, nice deck for drying clothes. If I were planning this trip again but with less time and could only pick one town for a stay of a day or two it would be Ponte de Lima. Lots of charm and a lovely riverfront.

O Repouso De Peregriino -- 15 Euros/night. Just 1 k before the Rubiaes Albergue, but after the steep steep climbs up to the Alto da Portela Grande you will be dead beat. Free car transport to a nearby restaurant and back. nice room and shower. She wakes everyone up at 7 for breakfast. Coffee lovers will want to soon stop at the first cafe as the coffee is the downside of O Repouso -- some instant stuff that was only 20% coffee. Tea drinkers will be OK.

Valenca -- Hotel Lara -- 35 Euros/night-- breakfast included, wifi in the lobby, nice deck for drying clothes, great room and good-size bathtub -- felt great to soak my legs for a while. Very close to the Portas da Coroada entrance to the walled city.

Porrino, Hotel Parque, hardly in the luxury bracket as Brierley claims, 37 Euros/night w/discount, wifi. Good value. Central.

Redondela -- Hotel Alvedosa listed in Brierley is closed, has been for two years. Met two people who stayed at a private albergue -- there are direction signs in town. I stayed at the Redondela Albergue. About 3/4 filled. Some really loud snorers.

Arcade -- Hotel Avenida, 20 Euros/night , wifi in lobby, great value. Lots of construction nearby for an AVE extension.. Arcade has a pleasant bit of bayfront. Nice stop if you want two light walking days from Redondela to Pontevedra.

Pontevedra -- Hotel Ruas, 30 Euros/night, wifi, very nice, dead center of the old city. Cafe downstairs for breakfast, etc.

--- that's it for now, more after I get to Santiago.

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Kit, Your information is bang up to date. It may reassure some not to be involved in the race for beds.
May your adventures continue.

Buen Camino.


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To do soon, hopefully!!:
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Many thanks for all that info. Hopefully, walking the Portugues next year!
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1.4 oz (40g) pocket guides with gems of wisdom to ponder during and after your Camino

drukman jacob

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thanks for the prompt answer !we are a couple too and we will like to sleep in the same room
we intend to walk the Portuguese in april - may this year
thank you !


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thanks for the prompt answer !we are a couple too and we will like to sleep in the same room
we intend to walk the Portuguese in april - may this year
thank you !

I advise you to give Fernanda or Jacintho a phonecall on beforehand to be sure they can lodge you in their house. They speak english. Ask for a "cama matrimonia" as being mentioned a double bed in Portugal ans Spain.

Their phonenumber you can find in the Brierley guide or at this forum.

Bom caminho
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sept 2014
Thanks for the will be helpful as I am starting from Matosinhos on Tuesday sept 29th 2015...hope to post as I travel...when finished wife and I plan to do the Rota Vicentina Oct 17-27

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