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Camino after Knee Surgery


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In 2011 I'm planning to walk the Camino Frances again, this time with my daughter. However, I've just been told that I urgently need knee replacement surgery, which really floored me and is quite daunting. Apparently arthroscopy will not do the trick.

As I don't know anyone who's had this surgery, I'm just wondering if anyone here has walked the Camino successfully after such surgery. And, if so, how long after surgery did it take for the knee to be strong enough for longish walks, also what problems - if any - were encountered.

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Hi Trudy,
Three years ago my husband and I walked the Kokoda Track (as an Aussie you will know how difficult that is!) In our group was a 72 year old that had had a knee replacement - he wasn't fast but he completed the trek. Go for it!
First of all, discuss this with your doctor & tell him in no uncertain terms that you are doing the caminio, so would he/she please be helpful instead of just saying "no way." ;)

Second, I met a woman on the Camino who had just had knee surgery (well, obviously not the day after, but still very close to), and she & her doctor worked out a compromise. Until she got to Sarria, she walked one day no more than about 20 kms & then took a bus the next day to the next stop. Her plan once she got to Sarria was to walk 10k every day.

If you get this done now, perhaps you'll have recovered enough in time to do the Camino in 20k stretches? :) Hope all goes well! :)

St James' Way - Self-guided 4-7 day Walking Packages, Reading to Southampton, 110 kms

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