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Camino Batzanes -- From Bayonne to Trinidad del Arre


Staff member
On another forum, I've learned from a very experienced Spain traveler that a "new" variant is being promoted by an Amigos group in Navarra. This one goes from Urdax (in the Navarran Pyrenees) to Trinidad del Arre, where it would connect with the Frances. I haven't been able to find too much information about it, here's one website in Spanish, http://www.turismo.navarra.es/esp/propu ... ztanes.htm

I was told that this route originally went from Bayonne, I guess giving pilgrims a chance to "cross over" from the Norte to the Frances. This is a beautiful and very untouristy part of Spain, though it might be a bit complicated to make your way to a starting point in Urdax. Maybe it'll eventually be marked to Bayonne, that looks like it would be about 100 km Bayonne to Trinidad del Arre. I'll post more if I find out anything about waymarking, albergues, or anything else. Do any of our resident experts have additional information?



Staff member
Thanks so much, Peter. I should have known the CSJ would have already known about this.

From a link on your website, I found some things in English, http://vppyr.free.fr/pages_transversale ... baztan.htm

Did you walk this route or know anything about how the markings are now? Some of the English text referred to some poor markings, but some of the pictures showed yellow arrows. I think this would be a very pretty way to start the Camino Frances, now all I need is the time to do it!



Staff member
Ive received a couple more bits of information:

A Diario Vasco article entitled "Vuelve la ruta Baztanesa" describing the route and the effort to get official recognition. http://canales.diariovasco.com/ocio/esc ... avarra.php

And the albergues:

They put the first albergue in the back cloister of the Monastery of San Salvador de Urdax.
The second is in the former Herriko Etxea of Amaiur,
the 3rd, a youth albergue is found in the Colegio de Lekaroz
the 4th is in Berroeta, in a former school.
They're working on a 5th albergue to be located either in Lanz (the town famed for its carnaval) or Olague.

This must be a truly beautiful walk. Laurie
peregrina2000 said:
From a link on your website, I found some things in English
that's interesting - I'd not noticed that before! Seems to be a local initiative from Baztan itself.
peregrina2000 said:
Did you walk this route
only the first few km where it's coincident with the coast path. It was very well marked, but then the Amis had just updated the marking ;-) (But then, for the first stretch to Ustaritz, you don't really need markings, as it simply follows the Nive towpath, which even the most navigationally-challenged can surely manage.)
peregrina2000 said:
or know anything about how the markings are now?
I believe it's well marked these days. If you can read French, take a look at Pierre-Louis' temoignage on his website; his main text is just a xlation of the Rutas Navarras pages, but the temoignage is an account of his own walk.

I've just noticed there's a link missing on my page - namely to the Pyr-Atl Amis - now included.

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
Hi, Laurie,

I have a couple of friends who use to walk all this area. I'm going to ask them, may be I can tell you soon about.

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin

Veteran Member
I sent to Laurie some information by a PM but a wanted to share with all of you the two links I could obtain:

aucoeurduchemin.org (in french)

I hope you find it interesting

Buen Camino,

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.

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