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Coelho translated to Norwegian

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Liv Marit

Takk, Ivar !

Det var på tide !

Whether Coelho was a true pilgrim or not, only himself can tell.

But, a bus to Santiago from O'cebreiro do not disqualify anyone from being a true pilgrim. Who sets the standards ? I think the most important thing is the pilgrimage you do in your heart, and the physical way of walking that makes you able to do that inner journey.

I found the last 100 km to be the worst 100 km of the camino. More people, more rush. It was harder to keep my mind on the way instead of just the goal - reaching Santiago. I did not take the bus the last 100 km, but in some ways I just as well could have. The best part of the last 100 k's were the first climps of Santiago.

Well, It didn't help that it rained in Galicia, either :wink:



Active Member
I do not think Norwegians missed a lot by not being able to read Coelho's book until now. But then this is MY opinion of this writer. 8)

Liv, you are a lucky pilgrim to have had glimpses of Santiago :wink:

When I was there, a couple of days before you, it was raining so much I could not even see the town from Monte de Gozo !!!! :roll:

... but then maybe I am not a true pligrim..... :D

Liv Marit

At least I now can be able to understand that book :) And than improve in my opinion.

I know we have our different view about Coelho, but since I liked many of his other books, I will give this book a chance, too.

How was India, by the way.

Liv :D
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2022 Camino Guides
The 2022 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.


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We are leaving this coming Sunday for New Dehli.

No backpack and no bed bugs (I hope...) this time, just a suitcase and a camera. I already miss the camino sometimes.

Cheers to you Liv and good (?) reading. :wink:


New Member
Hi you guys & girls out there.
Norway calling.

Yes, yes, I am reading Coelhos book now. I love it and it makes me dream even more about El Camino.
I have also reay Shirley Maclane's book about her wonderful trip across Northern Spain.
I am planning (mentally for the moment) to do this journey in 2 or 3 years time.
Thank you this great web-site. I will certainly read and join it as often as I can.

Sissel :D

ivar said:
For our Norwegian readers, Puablos Paulo Coelho's book on the pilgrimage to Santiago is now finally translated. More here:|156||9788280870353

Hilsner fra Santiago de Compostela,

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