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Cycling from Burgos to Leon

Kathy Schumann

New Member
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Mesta (2017) St Jean to Pamplona (2018) Pamplona to Burgos (2019)
I am planning on cycling the Mesta with 3 friends. Not sure which would be the best bike to hire, Mountain Bike or Hybrid. I have a hybrid that I currently ride.


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Lycra tribe.
CF (2017/8), VF (2018/9), Old Way (2020), VFnS (2020), CP (rebooked) (2021), VdT (ToDo)
If you intend to cycle on the tracks that are shared with pilgrims on foot, then the MTB plus a bell.

If you want the easier and quicker road route, then the hybrid.

Others will be along to suggest you don't use the tracks - though it is possible to use them sensibly.

Deleted member 67185

Hi, Kathy, and a Warm Welcome to the Forum.

The good news is, you are in a Forum with a wonderful group of people. Most are here to help people like you to achieve their pilgrimage goals. We can offer you encouragement, knowledge, and point you in the direction that will help you help yourself.

My suggestion to start is this:
  1. Take a deep breath. Write down in large letters the reasons why you want to go on Camino. Place that piece of paper where you can see it every day. That way, if anxieties and fears threaten to overwhelm you as you plan, you can just breath, read what you have written, and focus on those reasons until the negative stuff fades.
  2. Make a list of questions and concerns that you have.
  3. Go to the Search Engine at the top of the Forum pages.
  4. Enter the words or phrase that you want more information about. You will get a huge amount of information to explore.
  5. If you find that you need help with anything, post a new thread so that your question or concern can be readily seen. If you post a question within someone else's thread, you won't receive as big of a response.
  6. Remember that perfect timing as it relates to how you feel, scheduling, and day to day life issues, seldom align themselves perfectly. If one waits for such to occur, doing something like a pilgrimage will always be in danger of taking a back seat while you wait for that perfect alignment to happen.
Because there is a lot of concern expressed on the Forum about bicycling Pilgrims on shared passages with pedestrian Pilgrims, here are some things to consider:

1. Assume the pedestrian pilgrims cannot hear you approaching. Bad hearing, conversation, self absorption, focusing on the scenery, traffic noise nearby.... there are a lot of reasons that don't include headphones and music. Given the nature of a Pilgrimage, it should be of no surprise that there is a lot of internal focus for the pedestrian pilgrim.

2. Give a loud enough warning, when you are far enough away, so as not to not startle pedestrian pilgrims. A startled pilgrim is an unpredictable pilgrim and could bolt right into the bicyclists path, causing injury to both. Additionally, it is quite unpleasant to be suddenly frightened.

3. As you approach a pedestrian pilgrim(s), slow down. This helps to minimize the large difference in weight and momentum, and makes everyone safer.

4. In general, except for those who somehow feel entitled differently, most rules of a shared pathway are based on what is written above and are simply normal commonsense to keep all pedestrians and bicyclists safe: Bicycles and Pedestrians yield to horses. Bicyclists yield to Pedestrians.

5. While it may seem advisable for a pedestrian walking along a pathway to be aware of bicyclists, and it is something one should try to do, pedestrian pilgrims are not responsible for your behavior on a bicycle. They cannot make a warning for the bicyclist, nor use the brakes, nor steer the wheel.

6. Pedestrian and Bicycle Pilgrims are on Camino for a shared goal. Each is there to gain some sort of fulfillment, and to experience the Camino spiritually or physically, or culturally, or religiously or all of the above. Loving, caring, and respecting one another requires accommodation of differences and nurturing an attitude of giving. Pedestrians can assist the bicyclist by standing aside when you know they are approaching, offering to help with mechanical breakdowns (if knowledgeable), and grabbing a piece of the bike -- with permission -- to help the bicycle peregrino make it up a steep slope or extra muddy path.

Bicycle Peregrinos can be of similar attitude by simply observing the points above.

God Bless Us All; And Let Us Love One Another.
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Portugese Sep/Oct 2017
VdlP, Muxia 2018
I am planning on cycling the Mesta with 3 friends. Not sure which would be the best bike to hire, Mountain Bike or Hybrid. I have a hybrid that I currently ride.
This was my plan a few years ago. I am so glad that I finally decided to walk the Meseta. Best decision by far. I realise this is not helpful for you but just wanted you to know.
A friend of mine cycled the meseta with 3 or 4 others and really enjoyed it. They did not use the walking track and rode hibrids / road bikes.
I do recall walking past cyclists on some hills as they pushed their bike over the rough terrain! In any case please use a bell to alert walkers.
Buen Camino and have a great experience. Good luck with your preparation.


Veteran Member
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please see signature
I am planning on cycling the Mesta
Kia ora (greetings, good health)

I sincerely wish I could get back my cycling skills and confidence lost too many years ago.

Having now walked the walkers trails I would say, equally sincerely, much of them are not suited to cycling.

If you visit and focus in on Burgos you will note cycling route EV3: this may suit your needs.

But please read, mark, learn and inwardly digest what @davebugg has written above.

Kia kaha (take care, be strong, get going)


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Cycle (2020)
We cycled Burgos to SdC in October 2019, all on the footpaths. Used mtb bikes. There were a few trickier patches but manageable if you are a relatively comfortable cyclist. Advice re walkers is good...use a bell, slow down, be considerate that they may not hear you, may react unpredictably and may be tired. We never had any problems by being polite and thoughtful. It was a life changing experience....going back to do the Portuguese route this Sept. Buen camino

Jerry B

New Member
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August 18 2015 frances,august 2016 camino madrid, august 2017 camino frances bike
I have walked as well as biked the meseta ...... a bell is a must as well as jumping in the river before you cross into leon......we biked in sept and did not have any problems but were very careful of walkers especially those with headphones .... most of that area is open and easy


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