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Finishing my camino

rioja routard

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I have done Burgos to Ponferrada in July, planning on finishing the Camino from Ponferrada on 27 August to Santiago if my ex wife decides I can't see my daughters, who are 350 miles away! If she does let me see them then I will travel to Sarria on 4/5 September, need to get to Santiago for 9 September. How busy can I expect the last 100km in terms of accomodation and pilgrims on the way or does it tend to quieten down around this time? I tend to set off when I get kicked out of bed around 8 and walk to around 4 or 5 pm. Any recommendations for Hostals Albergues on the way?

Buen camino to everyone
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Hello James,
I have finished the camino last Sunday in the afternoon and it was amazing. Reading your posts I felt with you. It is hard not being able to get in contact with your daughters. But feeling sad all the time doesn't help them or you.
Keep on sharing this camino forum. Here are people which think for you and want to (and will) help you if possible on the road or responding to your posts. And walk the camino as you think to want to do it.
Once you will see your daughters and Santiago and it will be a wonderful feeling. In my mind I am with you.
All the best for you and your camino.
thanks for your good wishes


Thanks for your words and encouragement.

I'm not too sad anymore, and I'm no longer weak. The Camino has already given me spiritual healing.

Courage, strength and faith = lack of fear.

I agree there are some good kind people on this site, like minded people who are passionate about the beauty of the Camino, whether they have Christian faith or just strong spiritual beliefs. Everyone is united in the power of walking, of meeting others on the same road and discovering special things about themselves.

Looking forwards to once again taking that road.

You will get a palce always... providing you sget in there by 2 p.m. Tricastella is a bit hard as there is only one Xunta...
But there are many albergues that will put you up for a about six oer seven Euros..
Also, the one in oCerebreiro.. is bad.. Try and take the one before and walk on...
Sarria onwards many places.. as usual.. Palais de Rei etc.. In Santiago thee is a good seminary with plenty of beds..

Good luck
Buen Camino
I think the O'Cebreiro one is really stretched because a) it's at the top of a steep climb so many people who've walked from well before there decide it's a good resting point; b) it also provides a good starting point if you've got about 7-9 days for your camino; c) it is a fantastic place to wake up and start the day if you get clear skies and clouds in the valley below!

Further on, I get the impression that Palas de Rei isn't as well catered for as it should be. There's a really nice looking, new albergue on the way into town but I understand that, although it looks completed on the outside, it still hasn't been opened :(

My caveat is that I've only experienced the route as a camper (with a support vehicle carrying the tents) so, at most of the stops, I've seen the showers and toilets of the public albergues but haven't experienced sleeping in them.

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Anyone know if the municipal Albergue is open here? Every where else seems to be full for tomorrow 21 September.
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