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Floods in Navarra


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Time of past OR future Camino
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beware, river Arga has increased its flow rate by 10, be careful before you go into the Camino, there seem to be flash floods these days!
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Time of past OR future Camino
beware, river Arga has increased its flow rate by 10, be careful before you go into the Camino, there seem to be flash floods these days!
Let me add my warning to this. Last year I got caught up in the springtime floods. What was normally a slight stream just before Espinal turned into a torrent. Guess who fell in :). I am laughing now but it was not funny at the time. Later at Punta la Reina the river was almost touching the top of the arches of the bridge. Just out of town where it turns right and runs alongside the camino, it had burst its banks and the trail was about a metre under water. Listen to the locals when they give advice. I did and took the road. Two French guys did not and one would have been swept away if the other had not managed to grab hold and pull him out. Be very careful and pay heed to local advice

Jill R.

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Time of past OR future Camino
First Camino starting from SJPP on or around June 12, 2016!
Are there many pilgrims walking in Navarra this time of year?
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I understand the envy! Tough day though, reported 35km winds. It was hard on the boys, especially the beanstalk 11 y.o. We had to abandon Alto De Perdon at the little village before as he was looking very weak in the high winds. A lovely man offered us a lift to Peunta la Reina. Turns out he is an architect who restores old churches. Fascinating man. He dropped us at the hexagonal church and we walked the last 6km. Blowing a gale here now. 45 deg Celsius in Australia today. Talk about crazy weather both here and there!

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So glad you got the chance to visit our Lady of Eunate. Quite a treasure of a church. Don't know if you're into fresh orange juice, but in Taberna along the Main Street you hit just after the albergue, they do fresh orange juice, wonderful in summer. Not so sure how wonderful it might be in winter though! You were saved a wicked descent, but you probably know that as I see you walked the CF in 2018. I can smell the bread and it is almost ready, so bye for now. So nice to share your camino!

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