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Thye bane of my 41 days on the via de la plata was pulling grass seeds out of my socks throughout the day. I don't know whether I will encounter this problem from Le Puy to SDC this july but just in case I have bought a small pair of ankle gaiters which will keep those pesky seeds out-also keeps socks dry. Cost was AUS$10.95-very small and light.
Am I likely to encounter this problem in july?
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omar504 said:
also keeps socks dry

from the price, it sounds like they are not breathable, in which case you might get exactly the opposite result: your socks get clammy from sweat. Gaiters are primarily for keeping snow out - not likely to be a problem in July ;-)
I brought a pair of gaiters during my July/August trek on the Camino Frances, and they were one of the first things I got rid of. Too hot, not very breathable, and too hard to put on/take off (I had a bargain pair though - perhaps a better quality set would've been more helpful).

I simply rolled my socks down and washed them at the end of each day. I didn't have much of a problem with seeds & such. Plus, it was one less bit of weight I had to haul around - and extra weight on one's feet is worse than extra weight on one's back. :arrow:
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Funny about that! I took a small pair from le puy to sdc and never used them yet I took them because on the vdlp I, and the bloke I walked with, were driven to distraction by seeds getting into every nook and cranny of our socks/boots.So yes on the CF they are not necessary.
A simple alternative I have used for years is elasticated tube bandage. Cut approx 9", pull it on over your socks (best if placed below ankle) then put your boots on. Once the boots are laced fold the bandage down over the boot top to form a seed proof seal.

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