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I'am not perfect, but I'm always myself!!!
Hi, fellow Camino addicts ;)

Since it's my vocation to do (and watch) movies I came across some of them that were made by Galician authors or that are depicting life in Galicia. Beautiful!!!
They are part of film festival Kino Otok/Isola Cinema in the coastal town of Izola (Slovenia) in section named Galicia (ahm, what else...:)). The festival started yesterday and will be going on for 4 days. I'll post links for each film from festival's site:
- Coast of Death: http://www.isolacinema.org/en/programme/films/coast-of-death#.U5DmT3aejWI
- Historic Centre: http://www.isolacinema.org/en/programme/films/historic-centre#.U4JYtvmSwrU
- Hassan's Way: http://www.isolacinema.org/en/programme/films/hassan-s-way#.U5Dm4XaejWI
- The Border: http://www.isolacinema.org/en/programme/films/the-border#.U5DnB3aejWI
- Arraianos: http://www.isolacinema.org/en/programme/films/arraianos#.U5DnInaejWI
- You Are All Captains: http://www.isolacinema.org/en/programme/films/you-all-are-captains#.U5DnbXaejWI
- Eclipse: http://www.isolacinema.org/en/programme/films/eclipse#.U5DniXaejWI

Enjoy if you can come across some of them!



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Hi, KinkyOne,

I would love to hear your reviews of these movies. We have a place in town that is very helpful in getting out of the way movies.

The only movie I can remember seeing that was about Galicia was a very beautiful, tender. and tragic Spanish film called The Tongue of the Butterfly. Fernando Fernan Gonzalez (RIP), a fabulous Spanish actor, played the role of a teacher as the Civil War unraveled Spain. I highly recommend this movie.

Buen camino, Laurie
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September - November 2013, Pamplona to Muxia (& beyond!)
Hi KinkyOne,
Thanks for including links to these films...if only I could transport myself to Slovenia for a few days! Will they be available online later?
Please add links to your reviews if possible, would love to read more about these films.. they sound like gems, for Camino AND film addicts alike ;)


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I'am not perfect, but I'm always myself!!!
@peregrina2000 & @Healing Pilgrim
Oh, so sorry to see your posts only today... In case of these films I was only a spectator and didn't write any reviews. Also couldn't find time to see all of them so I guess I can't help you more on that but I'm sure there's more info on internet (at least IMDb or similar). Maybe I'll try to dig something more in August after returning from Spain. I'm almost sure that members of Galician or Spanish pilgrim associations could help on that.


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