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the way movie

  1. JennyH94

    The enduring legacy of the movie ‘The Way’ (and a new book by Jen Hutchison)

    How many Forum members have watched the movie, ‘The Way’ at least once? … More than we’ll ever know. How many Forum members have visited some of the locations featured in the movie? … More than we’ll ever know. And how many Forum members who have met, or know of a pilgrim, inspired by Tom in...
  2. JudyWanaWander

    How to stream the movie "The Way" in the US

    Hello - I see the post regarding "the way" movie are old. I have searched and searched and haven't been able to figure out how to stream the movie. I have found it listed on a couple of providers but the movie is "unavailable" or it directs you to a different movie with the same name. Does...
  3. B

    Locations used in "The Way"

    JennyH94 asked for some help in finding locations used in the film "The Way", starring Martin Sheen and directed by his son, Emilio Estevez. I put some answers on her post, but I thought it might help her and other "tragics" if I provided a list of all the locations I have been told or found by...
  4. B

    While you're not doing anything else ... help identify this church!

    If you're not too busy, I'd like to ask you to take a look at the church where Joost rings the bell near the end of the film "The Way". It is the last location I would like to identify, having identified all the others that I want to identify. If you know where it is, please put me out of my...
  5. Vacajoe

    Alternate versions of “The Way”

    I just watched a buddy’s copy of THE WAY and was shocked to see two very noticeable differences from my version. His was a Chinese DVD (maybe pirated) with Spanish titling while mine was simply the generic US version. The biggest difference was the reappearance of Daniel at the very end...
  6. Peregrinopaul

    Disparaging "The Way"

    I’m biased. I loved it despite it’s faults. And it really annoys me when people dismiss it with the throw-away line “Hollywood Movie” with every derogatory implication that goes with it. Just today I read that the modern popularity of the Camino derives from "Coelho, MacLain, Hollywood". I take...
  7. KenStrange

    It's Your Camino: One Couple's 500-mile Pilgrimage Across Spain English language version

    A "Must Read" says the Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning actor, Martin Sheen, who produced and starred in his own Camino journey "The Way." Inspired by the film “The Way” and told with grace and humor, a husband and wife who share a common vision and a deep quest for meaning, embark on a...
  8. peterbells

    Camino Pilgrim Statues - Monumento ao Peregrino

    As the 2019 Camino season is starting to get busier I thought I would do this as a bit of awareness in case it helps. As individuals, films affect us in different ways. There was a scene in The Way where they are seen walking through a field to the pilgrim statues just outside Santiago. I...
  9. Kevin Whitten

    My "The Way "- the movie story!

    I have been itching to tell this story so here it is! In April, 2015 I was approaching Leon on the Camino Francis for the 3rd time. As it turned out, I was with my brother in law but he was a day behind me, so I decided to spend an extra day in Leon in order for him to catch up. I had heard a...
  10. B

    Locations used in "The Way"

    JennyH94 asked for some help in finding locations used in the film "The Way", starring Martin Sheen and directed by his son, Emilio Estevez. I put some answers on her post, but I thought it might help her and other "tragics" if I provided a list of all the locations I have been told or found by...
  11. Caminofácil

    "The Way": shooting locations map

    Hi all: I've been meaning to post this for a few weeks, but as usual, real life gets in the way... Anyway: there have been in this forum a few threads listing the places where "The Way" was shot, and I thought that it would be a good idea to compile the information in them in a single place...
  12. WanderingChristian

    "The Way"

    Hello All, I was watching "The Way" for the umpteenth time the other night. I've honestly lost track of how many times I've watched this lovely film. A thought came to me regarding the characters- their individual stories, both before and after they walked along The Way.I was going to start...
  13. Gareth Griffith

    Martin Sheen needs a GPS!

    Watching Martin Sheen in the film "The Way" he has a night in Roncesvalles and then moves on to within a few kilometres of Pamplona where he gives up on his fat friend who continues on to Pamplona on his own. He overnights and sets of the following morning, phoning home on his mobile to tell his...
  14. The Way - Movie Trailer (2011) HD - YouTube

    The Way - Movie Trailer (2011) HD - YouTube

    Martin Sheen plays Tom, an American doctor who comes to St. Jean Pied de Port, France to collect the remains of his adult son, killed in the Pyrenees in a st...
  15. Rambler

    Basque albergue from the movie the Way

    Quick question: The albergue in the movie the Way where the main character has the outdoor dinner and meets the Canadian girl; what is the name of it? I understood that it was an actual refugio that is run by Americans. I could not find the answer to this anywhere on the forum. Thanks. Rambler
  16. gamblerqza

    Sequel to the movie "The Way"?

    Hello guys, I found an article about shooting of a sequel of "The Way" with Martin Sheen. Does anyone heard is it true or it's just a rumour? It will be interesting who will be their route this time... I tried to found out more info about it online, but with no success. I will be appreciate if...
  17. ivar

    "The Way" opens in France, September 25th

  18. S

    Fabulous hotel in movie "The Way"

    Does anyone know the name of the fabulous hotel in the movie? Location? Etc??? Thank you, Susan
  19. J

    The Film "the way" release in Australia?

    hello all, just wondered if anyone in Aus know when the film "the way" will be release in Australia. i'm heading off from St Jean pdp pn Tuesday 6th September and i would love to see this film before i go. Any ideas about how to see this film? thanks, julie from sydney
  20. JohnnieWalker

    Movie "The Way" has been released on DVD

    and is available here:

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