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General questions about the Piemont Way

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Hello all!

I have recently been researching the Piemont Way, which I will walk next June from Lourdes to St Jean, and the information is scattered throughout the web and various Camino forums (with most official information being in French, which I do not understand).

So it would be very helpful to my planning process if anyone who has walked this route could please answer the following questions clearly and precisely (and in English.... :D )

1. Where in Lourdes can a pilgrim obtain the credential? (as this is my starting point)
2. Along the Piemont Route, are sellos, or stamps, offered for the credential-holding pilgrim? If so, where can these be found?
3. Must a pilgrim reserve ahead of time for albergues on this route? If so, what are the names, addresses, and phone numbers of these call-ahead albergues?
4. Is there a guidebook for this route in English? If not, are there at least websites with the stages of this route in English?
5. Is it a good idea to walk the Piemont Way knowing no French, yet fluent Spanish? Do the people in this area generally speak English/Spanish?

I am aware many of these questions are ignorant or obvious, so please forgive me for asking them! :mrgreen: :oops: Thanks for your responses!


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in english ;)

1. I was told that the credencial can be obtained in La Cité de st Pierre, avenue Rhodain up above the sanctuary where it's also possible to sleep. they have an info office opposite the sanctuary entrance. but I'm sure that if you ask Jean-Louis in gite La Ruche (which caters especially for santiago pilgrims) he will tell you where or perhaps even procure one.

2. I collected stamps where I slept. from Lourdes to Arudy where I left VPP I had no problems. all gites/albergue had one.

3. yes, some gites require a phone ahead, usually because they are really small (2-4 beds) or that the priest knows someone is coming: at least asson, bruges, arudy. for the part lourdes - arudy you can find all info here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u...ation VOIE PIEMONT PYRENEEN + VOIE OSSEAU.pdf (update march 2012).

4. I don't think there is an english guidebook (yet). but the way is well waymarked with yellow arrows and shells on blue background so there should be no orientation difficulties.

5. well, since I spoke french, I don't really know. but, generally, at least in tourist offices people understand english. and youger people also.


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Hello, like a true pilgrimage addict I am already researching the next walk, before I have even been on this year's walk on the Via Regia.
I plan to walk the Route de Piemont in June/July of 2015. At this stage I am debating whether I should start from Narbonne Plage or Montpellier.
Any thoughts? Have many people walked this route? Is the extra bit from Montpellier worth it or is it busy, noisy, trafficky? Would really appreciate your comments. Thanks very much, Gitti


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Thank you very much for this link, I will follow the blog with interest! Gitti


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The walk from Narbonne-plage to Narbonne went through "le plateau de la Clape" - very hot, arid, Mediterranean landscape. It was quite an adventure because no way marking, no water and the feeling of great loneliness ...
I found it a beautiful, or "wild" start but not the most beautiful part of that way.

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