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hair cut in santiago

Dawn of a new Day

Active Member
ok, so much for shoes, packs and all that planning. I LOVE getting my hair cut in other countries. I have always had a great cut.
so can anyone recommend a place in santiago, roughly how much does it cost. thanks and only 7 more sleeps, who is counting thou.
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There r at least a couple of places in the old section that I like, about 7 euros.

I'll never forget the place in my beloved Sanguesa (Camino Aragones), (the sculptures around the door of Sta Maria de Sanguesa (one fell down due to rains) r awesome, (there's a unique one of Judas Iscariot, 2), + the church of Santiago + the nuns' albergue + + +..., where this guy charged me 30 euros for cutting/fixing my hair/beard.

Granted, I was a mess...but 30e?

Since I don't handle euros normally, at times it is diff to figure out how much to pay for what, though I carry a conversion chart & they're easier to handle than pesetas.

I guess I was in a zombie-like state at the time from walking.

Anyways...el jefe appeared to me in a dream and told me: "idiota, u paid 2 much!" (they don't call him the "son of thunder" for nothin').

So, I went to the comisaria, reported the guy, filed a claim, visited him with a cop, everyone very nice, but did not get my money back.

Next time I will check the sign stating services + charges, which he was supposed to have acc to law, but didn't.


xm 8)

Dawn of a new Day

Active Member
minkey i guess i do that as part of the culture experience, and it is usually WAY CHEAPER than in Canada. When i finish the camino it will be time to have my hair cut so why not.
thanks xm for your story.


Welcome, dg...beware :lol: :!: Funny, going to bars used to be a prefered "cultural experience" with me, equivalent of ur liking to get ur haircut, when I traveled, and I didn't even drink :!: Best, xm
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Dawn of a new Day

Active Member
now xm are you confused , where does dg come from. there is a person on this that is dg wolverine., i am just dawn, hopefully you are not confusing us.
any way i LOVE EXCITEMENT in my life, going on a plane, (who is going to sit beside me?) a hair cut in another country, doesn't take much. i am a REAL ADVENTURER>


Forgive me, my child, once u go pass the age of 16... :lol:

Everypack fits so different. for my back my physio recommended staying away from packs that have the venting system (osprey, deuter).


Thanks Dawn,

xm 8)



Is this ur first Cam:?: If so, ur in for a trek of an adventure, do not fasten seatbelt :!:


xm 8)
Here's something really funny about this thread:
(1) Dawn posts about getting her hair cut on the day I go get mine cut!
(2) xm confuses us!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Anyway, I got my hair cut really short, Joan of Arc short, if you will. I figure less hair, less shampoo, less weight in the pack, etc.

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Dawn of a new Day

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I am told weight is suppose to be against the back not away and xm i walked the 885km last year on the camino frances. leaving sat. to hike the 825km Camino norte. the funny part, i get paid to walk re: canada post. go figure, however walking is magical, exciting and adventurous.


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Dawn of a new Day said:
ok, so much for shoes, packs and all that planning. I LOVE getting my hair cut in other countries.

I don't know a thing about Santiago haircuts, but I know exactly what you mean Dawn. Last year I was away from home for six months, and I had two haircuts, both in France. Both times my hair was a mess before the haircut. The French hairdressers took such care that I felt like a real Queen!
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New Member
ivar said:
As for prices, not sure for woman... and it depends what you want to do... but for men, the going price is about 9-10 euro for a cut. No wash or anything, just the cutting.

For thread completeness:

I should mention that there is a barbershop on a sidestreet (Rua del Villar??) very near the cathedral in Santiago and that one can get a shave for not much money. As I recall, there was only one barber working there; he did a very good job.


packs and haircuts? I found that the airflow packs tended to be a couple of pounds heavier than .. errmmm .. non airflow packs, also, that curve at the back seemed to throw the weight further away, whereas you really want it as part of you - just personal thoughts there ...

haircuts? I clip my own now so can go ages before I need to do it again .. funnily enough I had recently noticed that Paul, that strange man, in one of his letters in the New Testament, when he is mentioning (mentioning? well, going on and on and on) why women should cover their head and so on, mentions that his own hair is cut short, as a man's hair should be - and I thought that as he spent his years trying to model himself on Jesus whether this also meant that Jesus himself would have had short hair ... but then again - do we care? - though does alter future paintings ..

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