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hey, so i have from may 12th to may 23rd to...


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Hello all,
im a study abroad student in Valencia spain and im trying to do a part of the camino de santiago but i only have about 9 days to do so...i have looked up certain things about it but im just not getting anywhere with it. I was thinking about starting in leon but i am unsure about renting a bike or walking.i am also going solo. so basically i only have a few weeks left of school here and i need to figure things out pronto! any help would be great, and if anyones going to be on the camino during that time i would def meet up for some of it, well thanks and i hope to hear from you guys!
john p. hasta pronto
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Welcome John. Here's an alternative: check out the Camino Portugues + the Camino de Fisterra, great for ur time span. Best, xm 8)
xm said:
Welcome John. Here's an alternative: check out the Camino Portugues + the Camino de Fisterra, great for ur time span. Best, xm 8)

Thank you for the reply XM, i think im going to do the camino de portugues. its mapped out to be around 145 miles. with travel to porto and from santiago to madrid where my flgiht leaves to go back to the states, i think i will have around 9 days to do it. Have you done this camino, what do you recommend on how to get to porto from Valencia, and are there any books in english i could get before leaving on my trip, is there a place in porto where i can get a pilgrim pass...or direct me in the right way so i can get more information on this....Thank you!john p
Hello John P, congrats on ur decision to walk the Camino Portugues :!: It is one of the most beautiful Caminos, historically well-documented. I've done it on three ocassions, from Ponte de Lima and Tui, so that if u start in Porto, u'd have to get back to us and tell us all about it :!: Valencia :arrow: Porto= bus. I believe the readings + sites that Sil provided u with will give u much plenty of info. You should be able to obtain the credencial at the cathedral in Tui. The web site for AGACS (Asociacion Gallega de Amigos del Camino de Santiago) has a lot of Spanish language info on the C Portugues. U planning on walking to Fisterra, too? Best, xm 8)
Hike 30+ miles on California’s Santa Catalina Island as part of the Catalina Camino

wow guys thank you so much for all your help...i just bought the book off amazon and no just need to buy a pair of shoes and some tee shirts...hopefully i can get from porto to santiago in around 8 days...hey whatever im young i can do it...i will def be updating you guys along the way...this is pretty crazy i have to say! well thanks again
John, suggestions:

buy ur (trekking) shoes with care, they're most important. Also, make sure ur t-shirts are made out of synthetics, zero cotton, if at all poss.

...hey whatever im young i can do it...

:lol: Ah ...

i will def be updating you guys along the way...

Would definitely look forward to it, peregrino :!:

this is pretty crazy i have to say!

:lol: U ain't seen notin' yet :!:

Buen Camino,

xm 8)
hello again..

hello all again, ok so as ive been researching this camino more i really do not know if i can do the trip in 8 days of walking and not feel like im being rushed through each town. What are your guys experience with this, because most websites give stage lengths and its a 14 my question is it possible to walk this in only 8 or 9 days from Porto?? Thanks again, John
One of the great things about this adventure is that u can start it from wherever u want. You may want to consider Ponte de Lima as ur starting point, it counts towards obtaining the Compostela. Best, xm 8)
The one from Galicia (the round) and the one from Castilla & Leon. Individually numbered and made by the same people that make the ones you see on your walk.

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I’m 60 but, reasonably athletic. I did rupture my quadricep tendon over a year ago but, I got through all of the PT and walk several miles every day. My wife is 56 and we both are regulars at the...
Hi, my adult children and I would like to walk from Sarria to Santiago over the course of 10 days (or a different route if anyone has suggestions - we will average about 9 miles a day and have...

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