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Hotel in Bayonne


Hello everyone, I arrive in Bayonne too late to catch the last train to SJPP. I was thinking of grabbing a cab, but realize I will probably be exhausted after over 24 hrs of travelling, and should probably just get a room. Is there a hotel within walking distance of the train station in Bayonne?

Whew! just over three weeks to go, and a big part of me is excited, another part very nervous, and a part that thinks I must be nuts! :shock:

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Is there a hotel within walking distance of the train station in Bayonne?

Yes there are.

And if you have time, check out the old section of town, specially the cathedral.

Buen Camino :arrow:

xm 8)
Plenty of nice hotels in Bayonne. Check booking.com (through my site :wink: at http://www.quicomulysse.com)

Coming from BC it is a good thing for you to take it easy the first 2 or 3 days. I made the whole trip to StJPdeP in one shot but I had to stop halfway to Roncesvales to catch up on sleep. After that I was quite OK.

Buen Camino.
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I am laughing because I just realized that I asked people who are used to walking 500 miles for something within walking distance :lol:

What I really meant is within a block or so of the train station.

I do expect to be really tired after coming from BC and am taking a couple of days to rest...

Ulysse, I went on your site and am embarrased to admit that even though I am Canadian, I don't speak french.

Yep, close to the train station, and...most likely there will be English language speakers at the hotel's desk.

Have fun :!: :!: :!:

Buen Camino :arrow:

xm 8)
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If it helps as an alternative -
I am using the Etap hotel just over the river bridge close to the station. Above link gives access to on line booking. 42 euro per night including breakfast.
It's cancellable up to 18.00 hrs on day of arrival without charge. Link to bookings below.

Not sure when you are travelling but there is a later train in the summer which leaves at 21.06hrs getting in at 22.18. I assume you are working off current schedules where last train is 18.13 ? Best bet to find when that later train starts would probably be SJPP tourist office.

Best wishes
Thanks to everyone who has answered, this is great!

I will stay in Bayonne even if there is a train around 21Hr, for some reason I want to arrive in SJPP after a good night's sleep. It just feels like the most appropriate way to start the camino.

Hope to see some of you on the trail!

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You know, as much as I'd like to stay the night in SJPdP, I might go ahead & bunk down in Bayonne, since I won't be able to catch an earlier train. I did email L'Esprit du Chemin, but have not received a response from them. Does anyone have a good email contact for them? If I don't hear from them, then I'll stay in Bayonne, & take the first train out the next morning.

Hi dg, here's a suggestion: take a later train and do some sightseeing in Bayonne. You may want to leave ur backpack at the station. The old town + the cathedral and adjacent area are very interesting. Then, take the train to SJ and arrive there in time to check into the albergue, and visit the place, it's very picturesque/historic. Buen Camino :arrow: xm 8)
The 2024 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
That's what Dawn has told me, xm. Since I won't be getting there until 7:30 pm, I was thinking it would be better to stay over in Bayonne, since I arrive there at 3pm, then take the early morning train to SJPdP, wander around, act like a tourist, then start off for Orisson or Valcarlos, depending on the weather. :)


You will be doing exactly what I have decided to do. I have a reservation at Orisson and I have heard they are filling up fast.
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Yes, I have an email response from the albergue at Orisson to call the day before I arrive to confirm my stay with them. If they've given my slot to someone else, I suppose I could make it to Roncesvalles. :shock:

DG: I have a reservation at Orrison as well, with the same intructions to confirm the day before. They won't give your spot away unless you don't show up. Make sure that when you register at the Pilgrim Office in SJPP, that you ask them to call Orrison for you to confirm that you are coming.

have a great camino!
Maybe I'm a bit slow or what but I can't understand one thing:

You will arrive in Bayonne by airplane, so that would be the airport.

Check Google Earth to see where the airport is located - that actually cries out loud for a quick taxi ride from here over to SJPdP.

At least that's what I will do. Accommodation in SJPdP will be prebooked for me.

On the other hand: I fly in to Bayonne from Bale/Switzerland via Lyon and with no jetlag. Is that the reason behind this all? Getting to SJPdP rested and fit? If yes, I personally would rather rest and prepare in SJPdP (it's a very nice little picturesque town, been there before) then in Biarritz/Bayonne - too many people around. And the idea about having to stay to relax in A - a hotel B - in France C - opposite a railway station really doesn't appeal to me.

Hm. Sorry, folks. Me just being the good ol' nitpickin' Howie...
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Howie, a taxi would be a nice option, but how much would it be? It's an hour & change by train, & because of the time my flight is arriving, I have to wait until the 6:00 train to get to SJ. I think a taxi would be out of my price range. So that puts my arrival in SJ about 7:30-8pm, a little too late for being a looky-loo & the albergues may have filled up by then. :(

...7:30-8pm, a little too late for being a looky-loo & the albergues may have filled up by then.

That's a good time to arrive and do ur "looky-loo." I've arrived at the SJ albergue as late as 11:30 PM and they found a way/place to accomodate me.


xm 8)
Sorry dg, I always forget the financial aspect.

Well, I'm not Mr Bill Gates with his trölf zillion bucks but a journey from NZ to Europe costs us such a tremendous amount of money that in this context the price of a taxi fare can be negelected.
The 2024 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.
Perhaps I'll make it to SJ in one day after all.

dg: :lol: Now I'm the one that may be going nuts :!: Hey, not to worry. Plan, but remember to have fun, feel good about it all, you sound totally normal. I was worse than u prior to my first camino. These days I believe that one can do all the planning in the world and then in the end it'll all get twisted around in the Caminos...Just think, you are about to embark on a most greatest adventure, peregrina.


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