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Hotel in Léon

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Next month I will do the last part of the camino to Santiago. I have booked a plane to Valladolid and will take the alsa bus to Léon, where I will arrive later in the evening.

Does anybody knows a good place to sleep for my first night in Léon: hotel, hostels, refugio,... ?
All ideas are welcome.



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Kristof, (ouwe frikandel)

I think my wife and I are making the same trip as you.....Brussel-Valladolid (Ryanair) ......Valladolid-Leon by train or bus and than starting to walk to the west!!

1. Try Pension Sandoval in Leon. I reserved a double room (2 persons) for 29 Euro a night breakfast included. I will stay there 3 - 4 th May so I can't give you my personal experience yet.
You can find good info at: http://pensionsandoval.no-ip.org/index.html
You can mail them and Theresa answers you in very good English via mail and that email is also your reservation.

2.Did you consider taking the train from Valladolid to Léon ? Departure at 17.01 and arrives at Leon at 18.45 hr. Costs are (only?) € 9,75.

Buen Camino!


New Member
Hi Paulus,

Indeed, we are approximately doing the same trip. The only thing is, we will start in Astorga (bus in the morning the day after the flight) because we only have about 12 walking days.

I have not yet considered the train, but maybe I should do so!
It is a lot cheaper than the bus, and has about the same timetable.
I have some other questions:
- how will you get from the airport to the train station: taxi, bus, ... ?
- do you have to make a reservation for the train in advance?



Calle Ancha is the cool pedestian street which runs next to the Cathedral.
I have stayed at Hotel Paris, 100m from the Cathedral.
Listed price for a single is about 50, a double is about 60, however ...
There is a discount for paying cash, no written 'factura'.

Hotel Paris
Calle Ancha 18
24003 LEÓN (León)
Phone: 987 238 600
Fax: 987 271 572
Web: http://www.hotelparisleon.com
Email: hotel@hotelparisleon.com

William Marques

Staff member
San Marcos

Perhaps this is the right place to stay in Leon perhaps it is not but the Parador San Marcos is a historic monument and part of the history of the Camino. Maybe one last night of luxury before hitting the trail and the refugios is not a sin. Having stayed there myself I certainly hope so and even if you don't stay there look around it, it's on the camino on the way out of town.
Buen Camino
Re: San Marcos

William Marques said:
the Parador San Marcos is a historic monument and part of the history of the Camino. Maybe one last night of luxury before hitting the trail and the refugios is not a sin. Having stayed there myself I certainly hope so and even if you don't stay there look around it, it's on the camino on the way out of town.
would agree with you, William. As you say, it's on the way out of town, and the main problem with it is it's a long way from the cathedral and the rest of the city centre

Why is stopping in a hotel sinful?

PS San Marcos is celebrating 40 years as a hotel this year. They were offering special rates earlier in the year, but they seem to have stopped that now - tourist season must have started ;-)


I just checked the 2005 rates for the Parador de León, and it's about 175 per evening in the Peregrino season. Just a wee bit out of my range, but it's such a glorious edifice, and striking well lit at night. Not near the Catedral by a long shot, but it IS on your way out of town. I've stopped by the bar for an evening vaso de vino, after all ... Con pan y vino se anda el Camino ...

Parador de León *****
Plaza de San Marcos 7
24001 LEÓN (León)
Phone +34 987 237 300
Fax +34 987 233 458
Email leon@parador.es
you get it cheaper if you're on your own. Like Reyes Catolicos, it's not cheap by Spanish standards (and the price doesn't include VAT), but then it is one of the finest hotels anywhere. Compare with what you pay for a characterless chain hotel in somewhere like London.
http://www.paradores-spain.com/spain/pleon.html is the page in English.
They refurbished it last year - always a good excuse for putting the prices up.

William Marques

Staff member
San Marcos

Despite what some people say it is possible to turn up or ring a day ahead and book a room at the San Marcos or the Reyes Catolicos. I can't say it will work every time but so far so good for me. Food wise I found the San Marcos worth eating in the Reyes Catolicos not. As Peter says when you compare the cost to exorbitant British hotel prices it does not seem so bad.


Exchange rates

Both the Reyes Católicos and San Marcos are touted as Five Star Deluxe. No other Paradors bear that moniker. I suppose you could compare the price to a hotel in London to justify the expense. The other factor to consider is the exchange rate. You guys the UK have a very strong Pound to Euro exchange rate, this morning £ 1.00 buys € 1.47. On the left side of the pond, $1.00 buys a mere € .77. You have a decided advantage in buying power with a strong Pound versus a weak Dollar. It will seem less expensive to you, but more expensive to me, simply from a standpoint of national origin.
the point was that in international terms these prices are not high for that class of hotel. I just did a random search for a room in downtown New York City for a random date in May. It came up with several that were substantially more than San Marcos - luxury hotels, no doubt, but of no historic or architectural interest whatsoever.

Best thing to do, Grant, is find someone to send you to Leon on company expenses :lol:


Per Diem, San Marcos, and the Holy Grail


I fear my days of expensing out hotel stays are in the past. I am retired, and my chief currency is now time, instead of money. It used to be the other way around, fluid in money, and no time. Ah well, c’est la vie. If you hear of an enterprise that would be amenable to sending me to León on expense, please let me know. I’d love it. There’s a job I’ll take in a New York minute. :D

Best Regards,


New Member
Hostal San Martin, Leon

I stayed there just 2 weeks ago - they were not full then, but as the season progresses, you might book in advance (http://www.turismocastillayleon.com/)
It is literally 5 min from the Cathedral, nice and quiet, but within walking to the Barrio Humidor (is that what its called?) 30E for double w bathroom and great breakfast for E1.70


New Member
thank you ! I stand corrected.... must be the drinks there that contributed to memory loss ! Quite a "happening" place... it was bustling when we left AFTER we had dinner at one of the local cafes there


New Member
Thank you all for the suggestions.
I have tried to send some e-mails to Pension Sandoval, but I don't get any replies. Maybe it's because I don't speak Spanish and I wrote them in English. I don't know.

Anyways, I'm looking for a not-too-expensive alternative (50-70 euro).

During my search I came across Hotel Temple Riosol. It's very close to the bus & train stations (this is important to me), it's 3 stars, only 50 euro per night for a double room, and I can book it via the internet.
Does anyone here have some experience with it?

William Marques

Staff member
First Night

I know it is nice to book ahead but as soon as you take you first step on the camino you will not know where you will be sleeping the next night. As all you will be carrying is a small backpack I hope, it will not be difficult to wander around Leon to find a hotel/hostal you like the look of. Remember they stay open a lot later in Spain than Northern Europe or America.
If you want to book the hotel do so but don't worry if you arrive in Leon without a booking. If you're not too late the refugio may still be open.

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