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Is it crazy to bring a laptop? The only reason I would want to is to upload digital photographs, so that I do not run out of memory on my card and lose the ability to take digital photos. Are there available power outlets at albergues? What do you think/suggest?
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There are power outlets at the albergues, but if your only reason to bring a laptop is to download pictures and free up memory, an extra memory card is much lighter and more convenient.

Happy packing and buen camino!



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...I also know that many photo stores will burn them to a DVD for you... then you can mail them home from that town...

Just a thought... :)

Buen camino!


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You could also upload your photos to at an internet cafe. They provide 50 giga bites of free cloud storage or more for a fee.


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Three more options.

1. Get a photo harddisk.
2. Get a thumbdrive (16 Gig, yes you can find them now)
3. Get iPod SD adaptor (requires an iPod)

It really depends on what size you will be needing. In my last camino, I brought a 4 gig thumbdrive and manages to use a cybercafe to offload my photos from a 2 gig micro-sd card (with a small usb reader) to my 4 gig thumbdrive when I almost exhausted my sd-card capacity.

You need to do a little homework on what is more cost effective. Bear in mind that weight is a big issue on the camino, i.e. you don't want to carry more than what is necessary.

I've also seen another pilgrim uploading her photos to her iPod (with special cables). This is another option you can try.

I think she was using this device.
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Why not just bring an extra (or even two!) memory chips with you? Between that and Ivar's advice, I think you would be well-covered and not have to schlep extra weight-- let alone the worries of security, water damage etc.


I'm bringing a netbook -- just three pounds including the charger.

However, if the only use were for storing photos, I would just take more cards and use internet cafes to copy the photos to CDs. But I will also be using it for writing (my handwriting is so bad that I often can't read it), communications (I don't use a cellphone), storing some written material like a couple of Lonely Planet chapters (for northern Portugal and Galicia), and I plan to do some photo editing along the way.


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I predict you will hate that computer by the end of the trip! I am just guessing, though, based upon me shipping home a two pound sleeping bag for 20 Euro because the weather was warm.
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