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My Camino pictures

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which camera?

Hi Jerome,
I really think your pictures are terrific, enjoyed looking through them all! Could you let us know what camera you used? I like the fact some of them were panoramic - was this the same camera as the other photos? cheers, Jane :D
Hi Jerome,

What fantastic pics! I'd also like to know what camera you used.

Only 81 days to go before my Camino... :D

Thanks for the inspiring pics.

Nice work
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Great photos Jerome. I felt quite 'at home' really with all those sheep.... but I have to tell you the only real hHobbit houses are in Kiwiland :wink:
Thanks for the compliments, everyone! I like to take pictures and therefore always try to frame them in interesting ways.

The cam I used was a Casio Exilim EX-S600. It has 5 megapixels and it's very slim and lightweight. It costs around 200 euros. And I know this because I had to buy a new one in Logrono because my first one got wet in a thunderstorm a few days before :(

The panoramic pictures are actually 3 or 4 individual shots combined later on using some software (Photoshop CS2 but there are others, even free ones who let you do this). The best way to shoot them (without a tripod) is to just stand firmly somewhere and then shoot overlapping pictures of the scenery by just slightly turning your upper body each time. So that they're also all more or less from the same 'horizontal line' (if you know what I mean ...) otherwise you have to crop the image a lot and the ratio between width and height gets even greater.

Kiwi: I so would have to visit New Zealand in the near future!!! :)
thanks for that Jerome. You did a good job on the stitiching for your panoramic views - usually I can tell so you had me fooled into thinking you had some fantastic camera! :D
For others who might read this post, I have bought a Panasonic DCM-LX2 which give you the option to shoot either 4:3, 3:2 or 16:9 (panoramic/wide angle vieew) at the flick of the switch. Takes great photos, shoots in RAW if that's an option you want and also has a Leica Lens.
I was just wondering Jerome if that's what you had used too :D
thanks for letting us all know your camera brand though!!
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those are great pictures. we got back from the Camino last week and it was fun to see that we had taken some of the same pictures as you did!
The first edition came out in 2003 and has become the go-to-guide for many pilgrims over the years. It is shipping with a Pilgrim Passport (Credential) from the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela.
Hi Jerome,

Simply fantastic pictures, professional work!
As we can see the date the pictures were taken, we noticed you were walking just half a day or a day ahead.

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Thanks again everybody! :)

Jupp: A day or so. Too bad we didn't meet then. But it's amazing how you meet totally different people if you're just one day behind ...

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Between Villafranca Montes de Oca and San Juan de Ortega there was a great resting place with benches, totem poles andvarious wooden art. A place of good vibes. It is now completely demolished...
Left Saint Jean this morning at 7am. Got to Roncesvalles just before 1:30. Weather was clear and beautiful! I didn't pre book, and was able to get a bed. I did hear they were all full by 4pm...

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