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Calendar OCTOBER 2022 start - Check in here!

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If you are planning to start a Camino in October 2022, you are invited to add a post to this thread – scroll down to the last post, and create a new post giving your expected start date, start location, and the route if it is not the Francés.

Moderators will edit this first post to update the list. We will delete new posts regularly, after the list is updated, to keep the thread compact and easier to update. Post again if you see mistakes or omissions. (If you want to change your date, please tell us the old date as well as the new one so we don't need to hunt for it!)

This thread is intended only for updating the list of planned starts, so further discussion of plans, preparations, ride shares, etc., should be done on other threads or private Conversation.

, which creates a quote. Do not try to edit the list on a quote. Instead, go to the bottom of the thread (where the box for "Post reply" appears before the photos) and add a new post with the information.

Don't add emojis to your posts, since moderators are using emojis to indicate that the post has been taken care of.

All the monthly threads are pinned to the top of the "Introduce yourself..." section of the forum here.

October 1 - @BiggBlue (Irun, Norte). @_zoro_ (SJPP). @CaminoPB (Porto). @Maureen Anne (Sarria). @CosyHiker (SJPP). @jrmulcare (Porto). @Kamwithapan (Porto). @tommycamino (SJPP). @AJB (SJPP).

October 2- @ezbeer (Biarritz - Norte). @dsharpe (Málaga). @jrmulcare (Porto). @Housedog (SJPP). @DavidR (SJPP). @aellen (Santiago-Finisterre). @Bumpa (Burgos). @deGADman (Lisbon).

October 3 - @SuefromVegas (Sarria). @Tobashden (SJPP). @Annette london (Sarria)

October 4 - @Mito (Astorga). @Pilgrim 122 (Rome to Santiago). @AussieAnna (Oviedo). @phildimashq (Salvador from Léon). @SloPhantom (Burgos). @Cornelis Goos (SJPP)

October 5 - @Jason Perez (SJPP). @Sbandias (Sarria). @jpezz (SJPP). @El Cascayal (Tui). @spikey (Ferrol on Ingles). @spikey (Ferrol). @PiryatJos (SJPP). @Stewart K. (Porto). @Cleigh (SJPP). @Louise D (Logroño). @CBM62 (León). @Lavdrum (Toulouse). @LongWalker2022 (SJPP). @Sheena Banfield (A Guarda, Coastal/Spiritual).

October 6 - @Sr Don Dinero (León). @SueDeeley (Sarria).

October 7 - @David Ghiorso (Ponferrada - Invierno). @Jackie305 (Lugo). @Calimocho (Burgos). @Lisi (Porto) @Wolf^..^ (SJPP). @craftbeercamino (SJPP). @kbstarks (Sarria).

October 8 - @michal.don (Bilbao - Norte). @Sunopo (Camino Catalán from Manresa). @Lurch (Estella). @Palmsandpuddles (Sarria). @Herbst (Logroño) @reiserjoe (SJPP). @Herbst (Logrono). @ctcbox (Vigo, Portugues).

October 9 - @TraceyandGreg (SJPDP) @reneeavril (SJPP). @Kathy F. (Porto). @stephenfromireland (Burgos).

October 10 - @Pilgrim Kaye (SJPP). @jenn1 (Le Puy).

October 11 - @Levi (SJPP). @peregrino_tom (Madrid).. @Chris Taggart (Pamplona). @AdeA (Barcelos, Portugues). @AdeA (Barcelos - Portuguese). @MjT (Porto, Coastal). @Nomadita (SJPP)

October 12 (Fiesta Nacional de España) - @DeansFamily (Ponferrada)

October 13 - @Damien Reynolds (SJPP). @Craigr67 (Almograve - Rota Vicentina).

October 14 -

October 15 - @camino_rooky (Córdoba - Mozárabe). @MethaV (Porto). @Peregrino27 (Tui)

October 16 - @Freewalker (Malaga). @WayneStewart (SJPP). @daleb (Porto - Central).

October 17 - @CRBartlett (Labruge, Portugues Coastal). @Maren (SJPP). @GregorMc (Ferrol)

October 18 - @The Austrian (SJPP) @Diane Borden (Porto)

October 19 - @jpatharris (SJPP)

October 20 - @aliciag56 (SJPP). @Diane Borden (Porto). @Deb_Bev (SJPP ). @spikey (Ferrol).

October 21 - @lt56ny (Somport, Aragonés). @Bob K (Phoenix) (Burgos). @Colette Z (Leon - Salvador).

October 22 - @Runner to walking Camino (Tui)

October 23 - @Jennifer B (Porto) @-DP- (SJPP)

October 24 -

October 25 -

October 26 - @Myra13 (Ponferrada).

October 27 - @OzAnnie (Almería).

October 28 - @Colette Z (Oviedo - Primitivo).

October 29 -

October 30

October 31
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