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Pamplona .... tomorrow evening...


New Member
I wil start the cammino tomorrow !!!! I am prepared but nervous too ..... I will arrive in Pamplona tomorrow evening .... Will the refugios be closed in Pamplona ?? do i need to book hotel ??? Is it safe for a lady to walk on her own in the evening ?? Will i be able to find a guide and maps in the morning ???

thank you all !!
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The shelter of Pamplona is open until the 10 p.m., I believe that will not have problem to sleep in the new shelter. -
Also there is another shelter that is called shelter of Paderbon.-
Buen Camino from Pamplona
I'm sure you can sleep in the albergue your first night.

And of course it's completely safe for any lady to have a walk in Pamplona, during the evening and at every time. The old part of the city is really nice.

Curiosly, the new albergue in Pamplona was designed and builded by a pilgrim architect.

Buen Camino

Javier Martin
Madrid, Spain.
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