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Poste Restante in Santiago de Compostela


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Hi everyone,

Just a note on the Poste Restante option for pilgrims at the Santiago post office. For those of that do not know, it is possible to mail ahead to Santiago some of your stuff and then pick this up once in Santiago at the post office.

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...but what happens if you are not able to pick up your package in Santiago? Maybe you arrive on a Sunday and your plane is Monday morning...

I talked to the post office yesterday about such a case and this is what they told me. If you send them the money, they will ship your package to you. How this is done is as follows:

1) Call the post office +34 981 581 252, ask for the person in charge of the office (I don't think they speak English). Explain your situation and that you would like to know how much money it will cost to ship your package from Santiago to your home.

2) Send this money to the post office (Western Union is an option).

3) Call back to say that you have sent the money and that they can now send you your package.

... it is a bit of a process, but at least it is possible to get your stuff back.

Un saludo,
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Thanks for this information.
My question is, are thye open on a Saturday, and if so, until what time?
(Due to arrive on a Saturday in September).

Thanks, Simon

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