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food & drink

  1. K

    Recommendations for “can’t miss” eating establishments?

    I see that there is a list of albergues for the Camino Frances. Is there also a list of great places to grab a bite to eat in each town along the way?
  2. DaveO

    Is there anywhere to get an evening meal in Azofra?

    I’ve seen mention of shops and cafes but are there any restaurants? I presume there must be given the number of beds in the municipal hostel…
  3. El Cascayal

    Morning ☕️ when there is none to be had

    Needing to gas up the tank before walking? What do you do when there is no café to be had? When you need your morning coffee and cannot carry extra weight? Just got these. Ultralight, coffee, sugar and cream. The color seems right. The aroma, what aroma?Tastes better than the vending machine...
  4. Consey78

    Albergue kitchens closed down

    I'm on my third camino and just arrived in Los Arcos on the CF. I'm really disappointed in the fact that most of the albergue kitchens have been closed down. The cooking hobs have been disconnected and only the microwave is available. Not even a kettle left to use. I understand it's probably an...
  5. C

    Tea on the go

    I really love a hot cup of tea so I was planning on taking a thermos bottle and some tea bags so I could have a nice cup during the break stops, surrounded by nature (it's my first Camino, maybe I am being too idealistic). So I started to do some test runs during my training walks. And now I...
  6. DaveO

    What time is breakfast?

    I’m planning some early starts and wondered what time breakfast was usually available in the albergues? Presume it varies a bit but is there a general rule? Don’t want to pay for it and get up early to find it’s not available…
  7. M

    Coeliac disease (strict gluten free diet)

    Hi all, I was hoping to gather some advice & helpful hints on traveling with coeliac disease (which means I need a strict gluten free diet). This will be my first time traveling since diagnosis, so I’m a little nervous about navigating it outside of Australia. I’ll be heading off on the Camino...
  8. LDennis

    Eating with others

    Greetings from Northern Virginia, My husband, Ron and I (Lesley) will begin our Comino on May 13 from Sarria. I would like to know if other Pilgrims meet up for lunch or dinner at each village they will stay the night. Our luggage will be transported from one lodging to the next so we will...
  9. Eve Alexandra

    Holy Week and food

    I noticed today that several grocery stores are closing at 3pm on Thursday and not opening again until Saturday morning (Holy Thursday and Good Friday). I got my rations for today and tomorrow morning but I’m more than a little concerned that nothing is going to be open when I get to my Albergue...
  10. BookGirl305

    Confused about food safety - food in pack

    I see a lot of references to "bring along a yogurt, cheese, chorizo, milk", etc in your pack." Buy the night before for breakfast" and the like, which I can see for a couple of hours but not buying and storing for 24 hours or more. In the US, all of those items require refrigeration for food...
  11. rappahannock_rev

    Pulpo in Melide

    On my next Frances I plan to arrive in Melide in plenty of time to have a leisurely mid-day meal of it's celebrated pulpo. Last time it was at the Ezequiel. Any pulpo enthusiasts got a better suggestion? The Garnacha, perhaps? (And I'll have Ascension Thursday free in SdeC where, I'm told...
  12. Damien Reynolds

    For coffee addicts that like to walk early

    So at home I don’t even drink coffee. I also rarely rise early… but on the Camino, well, it’s different. I look forward to the myriad of better suggestions surely/maybe to follow. So back in 2005 my mother introduced me to Cafe con Leche. It’s now a Camino staple for me. I look forward to...
  13. B

    Will restaurants offer pilgrim menu

    As this Camino is less travelled and the towns attract more seaside tourists then pilgrims, is it worth asking for pilgrim menus along this route?
  14. Damien Reynolds

    Bring mayonnaise

    So over the years the food has gotten better. I remember asking for ketchup and being served tomato soup. Nowadays ketchup is readily available for your fries, those come with every meal btw. Now if you walk into a random bar for lunch, and order a bocadillo (sandwich) it’s gonna be dry. I...
  15. Friend from Barquinha

    Vegetarians in Portugal--check out Migas

    As we start to see more peregrinos/as determinedly hiking along the caminho downhill from us, and as we spend some weeks here in rural Portugal, it occurs to me that definitely, eating as a vegetarian, for a traveller in rural Portuga,l is a challenge. This is a meat-friendly country. The...
  16. Paul-CH

    Via Tolosana Food and Drinks on the way?

    I will start April 3rd in Arles and go all the way to Puente la Reina. If I can stick to my plan it will take 46 days. I used Miam Miam Dodo and Gronze in order to check for Restaurants and Shops on the way. So on some days it will be lonesome and not much to buy. Any hints about if I should...
  17. jsalt

    SJPdP Budget Supper for Six Including Three Vegetarians

    I’ve done a search but can’t find anything, so please point me to a thread if there is one. We are 6 people, 3 of whom are vegetarians (no meat or chicken). Our gite does not provide supper, but we can cook our own there if we want to. Suggestions please! Is there any restaurant in St...
  18. mspath

    Try this drink in Valencia

    Going to Valencia? Try this for a pick me up.
  19. L

    Camino after weight loss surgery

    Hello all! I'm considering walking my first Camino this year, walking the French way in June. In November 2021 I had weight loss surgery and afterwards lost over 60 kilos. I have about 30 more to lose and still going! I'm not at all worried about whether I can physically do the Camino as I can...
  20. peregrina2000

    Pastel de nata

    Thanks to Aurelio for sending me this video. If you love pasteis de Nata you’ll enjoy this!