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  1. ginniek

    Santiago (Almond) Cake

    In case you want to recreate this cake, here is an easy (and gluten-free) recipe, from a fairly well-known food maven. She's American but has lived and worked in Spain for a number of years. https://spanishsabores.com/tarta-de-santiago-recipe-spanish-almond-cake/#recipe
  2. G

    Good Eats!

    Like many of you, one of the things that I miss most after returning home from a Camino is the Spanish food! The online publication Spanish Sabores posted an article with 50 tapas recipes. Enjoy and Buen provecjo! https://spanishsabores.com/spanish-tapas-recipes/
  3. grdemedeiros

    Vegetarian restaurant?

    Hiya, we're looking for a vegetarian restaurant in Santiago De Compostela that's open on Mondays. Please and thank you.
  4. C

    Tinned fish talk!

    Hello pilgrims! I love tinned fish. I am excited about having better quality and more options in Portugal and Spain! Do people buy it at the grocery or can you have it in cafes? If you are a tinned fish fan, any recommendations?
  5. Frankybaby66

    Food on less traveled Caminos

    Hi all, probably a question with many different answers, but here goes. I've done several Caminos, but always ones that feature a cafe every now and then ( think Frances, Portuguese, Ingles etc) I'm thinking of stretching myself to do one without similar infrastructure - either part of. Via de...
  6. J

    Gluten Free options - Sarria to Santiago

    Do supermarkets in the towns between Sarria and Santiago generally sell gluten free bread etc?
  7. Anniesantiago

    Pork in Spain

    I wasn’t sure where to post this so mods feel free to move it. This year I’ve had more than one person in my group complain because the pork they ordered was “raw” and they have sent it back to be cooked to well done. This is a leftover in the United States from our parents’ and grandparents’...
  8. SoozKH

    Sundays and public holidays

    Just wondering if shops and restaurants are open on Sundays and public holidays (eg upcoming Ascension and Pentecost(Whit Sunday)? we will be walking the last 100km from Sarria but over the weekends and Pentecost, and curious if we need to stock up on food and snacks if shops would be closed.
  9. Anniesantiago

    Best Salad in Pamplona

    Can anyone tell me where their best and favorite salad is in Pamplona?
  10. peregrina2000

    The king’s breadmaker

    Today when I was having some embutidos snd bread since I arrived too late for lunch in any restaurant, I commented to the bartender that the bread was really good and wondered if it was from the king’s bread maker. He told me — “claro, estás comiendo como una reina.” He directed me to the...
  11. Filippo05ff

    LIVE from the Camino Kitchens in the Albergues in the Camino de Invierno

    Hello everyone! Me and my girlfriend are now in Reliegos, and more or less in a week we will start the Camino de Inverno. We try to cook for us every time we can, so we were wondering if the albergues in the inverno are usable. Does somebody have any suggestion about?
  12. ChrisMayou

    Food on Sundays

    Are supermercados or other grocery stores open on Sundays on del Norte? Are restaurants open? Specifically, I will likely find myself in these towns on Sundays: Castro-Urdiales, Comillas, Muros de Nalon, Abadin (As Paredes), and Santiago. Thanks!
  13. Antonius Vaessen

    Cafe con leche different this year?

    I am just back from a few weeks on the Via the la Plata. Since 2015 I have been nearly every year in Spain walking caminoroutes I loved the café con leches. This year I did not like them as much, most of the times they were much strenger than I remembered and liked. Is this just me who...
  14. S

    Small juicer, vegetarians and heating element?

    I realize every ounce matters when carrying backpack and not shipping luggage ahead. However, I know that the Spaniards are big into meat and potatoes, and not so much produce. I am thinking of bringing a very light-weight chargeable juicer and also a mug-size heating element for making juice...
  15. psalmone1

    What about “té con leche”?😀

    Everyone talks about the wonderful café con leche, but what if tea is more to your liking? Can you even get tea along the Camino (Frances)? I don’t drink coffee but my morning cup of tea is essential. 😬
  16. JustJack

    Ordering beer in Spain

    On last year's CF I enjoyed many cold beers. It was the thing I most anticipated at the end of a long hot day. And I thought I was ordering correctly, requesting "una cerveza". Sometimes I'd request "grande". I always got what I ordered, and the bartender seemed to understand just fine. I was...
  17. M

    Food on the Primitivo

    Hi all! I am starting El Camino Primitivo from Oviedo in 3 days. I will try to follow the normal stages and will attempt to do the Hospital route, if the weather permits it. During my research, there are some stages where I cannot seem to find a market/supermarket to stock on food in Google...
  18. R

    Eating along the way

    So, I hope to get a lot of feedback here. Walking from Tui to Santiago in about 6 weeks. What can I expect to spend on food and wine along the way. I’m a very open minded eater, a retired chef, and prefer simple foods, and wines. Not a huge eater! Starting my days at local hostels with provided...
  19. A

    Re: My First Camino

    Good evening, everyone: I'll be walking the Camino de Frances from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in June 2024 - it's been a long-held dream of mine for some time and I cannot wait. That said, I would greatly appreciate some advice on the following topics: 1. Food - I have a passion for...
  20. JustJack

    A shout out to el pimiento de Padrón

    I remember seeing this dish in a travel video a few years before I walked the CF. It looked delicious, and I finally started to find them at bars and restaurants a couple weeks into my walk. Those specific peppers are difficult to find here in Vancouver (although I did find them once at a...

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