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  1. KiwiJohn


    Any recommendations regarding replacing electrolytes during and after a long day's hike? Thanks in advance. Buen Camino.
  2. Flauna

    Intermittent fasting on the Camino

    I'm interested to hear from those who have practised intermittent fasting on the Camino. Did you find a system that worked for you? What was your "eating window" and what were your challenges? How did you make it work for you? I'm trying to work out how to do this without negatively impacting...
  3. Roger0704

    Mozarabe, let's be friends..

    I decided to start my next Camino around 18 september 2023 from Almeria. At least to Merida ( if I can create more time , all the way !! ) few questions: Who is thinking about walking the Mozarabe around the same time? What do you recomend I really don't miss seeing! ( except the Alhambra) What...
  4. S

    translation for allergy to meat

    Hi I am severely allergic to meat and meat derivatives i.e. I will have an anaphylactic shock (I carry an epi-pen). I have a condition called 'alpha gal' caught from a tick bite (before anyone asks you can catch this in any country in the world with deer and sheep, there are 100,000's people...
  5. Consey78

    Who has enjoyed the pilgrims meal in Seminario Mayor San Martin Pinario?

    I'll be arriving in Santiago on probably the 22nd and was wondering what people thought about this meal. My understanding is that the pilgrims meal here is a bit of an institution and one that is often overlooked. Any opinions or information?
  6. A

    Vegetarian-friendly meals on the Camino Frances

    As a vegetarian, I was afraid it would be difficult to find meals on the Camino Frances. After walking 7 stages, I have been very impressed. Even some pilgrim menus have been altered for me. I never went hungry. And ate a wide variety of veggies and fruits. I wasn’t just filling myself up on...
  7. scruffy1

    Sad Day. A very Sad Day.

    A sad day, a very sad day. First days of May and our first heat wave is about to hit. Ran to the garden and picked the remaining leaves from my berza/couve/collard greens to make the last caldo verde/caldo gallego of the season. They don't like our arid heat. So here it went including the...
  8. EveE

    Nut & Gluten Allergies on the Camino

    Hi guys, I'm doing the Camino Frances in June 2023 and have anaphylaxis with nuts and coeliac disease (so I can't have gluten). How accommodating are the albergues at catering for allergies? I'm stressing because if I book through a company, they say they can organise food for me, but I'd...
  9. camster

    Meals in Roncesvalles, worth it?

    I'm about to book Roncesvalles and I have a choice of breakfasts, picnic and diner. Are they worth it? Are they served at fixed times? I ask because I intend to go to the pilgrims mass at night too. Is the diner a sort of communal meal at a big table? Also, is the breakfast served at a...
  10. O

    Joining a communal meal in an albergue without spending the night there?

    I am a solo, first time pilgrim currently on the camino frances. I can appreciate the benefits of a single room for sleeping and privacy. I hate eating alone, though, especially in a restaurant. I'd rather skip a meal altogether. Would it be weird or impossible if I would ask a nearby albergue...
  11. wynrich

    Restaurant leftovers

    My husband and I are currently walking the Ruta Cantabrica, on our way to the Camino Ingles. We had a typical generous menu for lunch with way more food than we could eat. We're staying in an Airbnb tonight that is not near any restaurant or grocery, so we knew we needed to bring food if we...
  12. T

    Where to Find Vegan Protein Powder in Porto

    Does anyone know if vegan protein powder is easy to find in Porto? I have looked online, but if someone has seen it in a specific store, that would be helpful so I'm not walking all over hoping it might be in-person. I try to have protein every meal, I'm just trying to plan my...
  13. nidarosa

    No hot dinners in Viana on Mondays

    Just randomly remembered when I came to Viana last - I prefer to stay there and have a short walk into glorious Logroño to really make the most of the tapas district - there were many, many disappointed and hungry pilgrims drifting around the streets looking for an open restaurant. There were...
  14. D

    Veggie options on Camino Inglés

    Hi! I'm David and I'll be walking the Camino Inglés in a few weeks time. I just wanted some feedback from vegetarians as to how easy/ hard it is to eat in cafes and restaurants whilst avoiding meat
  15. S

    Cider in Spanish basque country

    Does anyone know of any cidrerie around the Camino. They are quite a culinary adventure and I would love to have dinner in one
  16. TorontoGMan

    Cooking on the Camino

    Hi all! I just picked up a very lightweight 2 person pan set... I seem to understand that at times one may have the chance to save a Euro or two, while being able to serve those pilgrims nearby with a meal.... In Your Humble Opinion...(love that!), can a wannabe chef have fun with something like...
  17. howardd5

    Unique restaurants in Santiago

    I was going over a journal of my last Camino and was reminded about a really unique eatery just off the plaza called , The Black Cat , or el gato negra Everything was local including the in filtered wine . No very big but welcoming. I’ve been there twice and will go again. Anybody have their...
  18. J

    Early morning coffee

    I’m starting the CF in SJPP in a few weeks for the first time and generally like and plan to walk early in the morning e.g 530-6. I also can’t imagine walking for long without having had a coffee. Is coffee generally available at most hotels, pensions, albergues that early?
  19. HipRopelle

    Memorable Meals

    Hi, my family is hiking the entire Camino Frances this May and June. We are all very excited. If you subscribe to the New York Times, there is this guest essay that was written just a few days ago by Andrew McCarthy and he writes very eloquently about what walking the Camino has meant for him...
  20. HipRopelle

    Has anyone eaten at Arrea! ?

    Hi all, I'm thinking about making a dinner reservation at Arrea! which is about a 15 minute taxi ride outside of Los Arcos. Has anyone been there for lunch or dinner? I'd love to hear some feedback on the experience. Best, Jeffrey

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