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  1. VNwalking

    Spanish food at home?

    For any lucky Forum members living in (or visiting) the Washington DC area, there's a stellar and affordable Spanish restaurant in Bethesda. Buen provecho!~
  2. Elle Bieling

    A New Beer for the Holy Year!

    How great, that Estrella Galicia, one of my favorite beers along the Camino, is now brewing "Estrella del Camino," made from natural ingredients from different Camino routes, in a celebratory tribute to Xacobeo, 2021-2022. Read the article here. I may have to go on a Camino, just to try this...
  3. S

    Michelin Starred restaurant near G65

    Hi, .. I read somewhere of a Michelin-starred restaurant (2 or 3 stars) in an inn not far off the Camino Le Puy but I cannot remember the name or location or where I read about it. Google not turning it up. Does anyone know? Traveling with my daughter after her high school graduation and thought...
  4. Introvert Fab

    Restaurant Tips Camino Frances

    Hello! I am about to walk my first Camino in August and would love to get restaurant recommendations from more experienced pilgrims. I don't really care about Michelin stars, but I am a foodie and would love to know about the Camino's hidden gems. Can't wait to hear about your experiences! Thank...
  5. SkyDancer

    Best Chocolate?

    Looking forward to experiencing a new variety of chocolate bliss. What’s your favourite chocolate on the Camino? 🍫 😊
  6. Traveller44

    restaurant recommendations

    Anyone have any restaurant recommendations for Saint Jean Pied du Port.
  7. Robo

    If you are Passing through Paris - Montparnasse

    If you are passing through Paris on your way to start the Camino Frances at St Jean, maybe you are staying a night in Paris or have a few hours to look around? A place I love to visit is a bit of a Paris 'icon'. It's a restaurant called Bouillon Chartier. Pat and I have been there a couple of...
  8. Anniesantiago

    Peanut Butter on the Camino Frances?

    I just had a client who is a vegetarian ask me if she could find peanut butter on the Camino Frances. You know... I don't know! I don't eat it and don't recall seeing it. I see notes from 2013 about finding it. Do you think it's still possible? Anyone?
  9. Traveller44


    Anyone have any restaurant recommendations in Roncevalles. Thinking when I make it here a nice meal and a bottle of wine might be in order
  10. nidarosa

    What to see and do, or eat, for a few hours in Madrid?

    Say someone has managed to book travel to and from Madrid T4 to head north and start a camino later in the year - depending on restrictions etc, obvs - and had a grand total of 6 hours between landing and getting on the ALSA bus ... and wanted to see a slice of Madrid when it's so tantalisingly...
  11. D

    Estrella Galicia to launch a limited edition "monastery" beer: "Sobrado dos Monxes"

    After studying yeasts in the monastery garden for two years (yeah, right...), Estrella is set to launch a limited production run of 20,000 Liters of an ale-style beer ('Sobrado dos Monxes') in tribute to the Monasterio de Santa María de Sobrado...
  12. David Tallan

    Chickpea stew and the Spanish Inquisition

    We (let's face it, I) often will refer people to Gitlitz and Davidson's The Pilgrimage to Santiago: The Complete Cultural Handbook but that wasn't the only book they wrote together. I came across this video through my Facebook feed today and it shares some Spanish history and a recipe from...
  13. jsalt

    Snack Bars made of Oats

    Hi, when I walked the C2C across England I could buy snack bars made of oats. Not sure of the correct name for them. I can’t buy them in my country, nor on the camino in Spain. They were really yummy and filling. I’d like to try and make my own, but I need help with a tried and tested recipe...
  14. witsendwv

    Easter Tarta Disaster Averted ????

    We renovated our kitchen several years ago, and since I do not bake often I am still getting used to the very hot French made oven that we purchased. About 10 minutes into the baking process I realized that it was not sugar caramelizing nicely that I was smelling. 😢 We quickly covered our Easter...
  15. pepi

    Recipes of food along the Camino

    The Spanish Forum ViveCamino has published some interesting recipes for typical dishes on their site, (in Spanish): Disfrute de su comida
  16. crhutch

    Do yo know UNTO?

    I’m wondering if anyone knows how to make UNTO? I’ve got a number of Galician recipes (to include Caldo Gallego) that call for unto. Unfortunately it’s not available in the USA. But since it’s cured pig fat I’m hoping someone may have made it and will share their process.
  17. Arn

    For non-drinkers...Until!

    I seldom drank alcohol in my teenage years and, to be honest, beer taste like soapy water. As will happen, as we mature and fall into bad company😉 tastes change. Now, I'm not suggesting my fellow pilgrims on Camino are “bad company” but a few have suggested, encouraged and, dare I say “dared” me...
  18. alexwalker

    What food did you ENJOY on your Camino(s)?

    In another thread here, started by @Arn , discusting food is being discussed. Interesting, and I have learned a little about what to definitely avoid! However, my Caminos have tought me a lot about Spanish food, and how nice it can be: So the question is: What did you particurlarly enjoy for...
  19. Martin 888

    Chuletitas de Cordero

    I've been wanting to find a way to re-create Chuletitas de Cordero, the ubiquitous and delicious lamb chop dish found across Northern Spain. My absolute favourite food along the Camino. I think I've finally cracked it so I thought I would share a few details here to hopefully inspire others to...
  20. Arn

    EW....that's disgusting!

    Now, before you go off into LaLa Land, this thread is about FOOD. When I was growing up many decades ago, I'll bet we can agree that there was a time your mother put something in front of you to eat and, if your response wasn't a simple NO, EW...that's disgusting is a close second. As we...