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  1. C

    Santiago cathedral construction?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if work has been completed on the Santiago cathedral? I have seen YouTubes that show the scaffolding outside is down. Are pilgrim masses being held at the cathedral again? Plan to be in Santiago in April and looking forward to a mass there. Thanks.
  2. K

    How often does the botafumeiro really swing?

    I read that the botafumeiro swings only a few days a year, but can be requested to be swung other days. Is there a donation that is expected with the request? What I really want to know is should I plan my trip to accommodate a scheduled botafumeiro swing, or take my chances that it will swing...
  3. ivar

    New years mass LIVE from the cathedral in Santiago

  4. Bradypus

    Translation of the Apostle events in cathedral - live coverage

    TVG are streaming live coverage of this morning's cathedral service for the feast of the Translation of the Apostle's relics. Available on YouTube now.
  5. El Cascayal

    Portico de la Gloria

    While browsing the internet for Portico de la Gloria today, I found this incredible free app that allows a magnificent close up view of the Portico. Pre and post restauration information with the ability to zoom in and see it in great detail. It may be downloaded in English. Great for end of...
  6. S

    Puerta Santa Closing

    Does anybody know if/how the closing of Puerta Santa on 31 Dec 2022 will be televised live ?
  7. El Cascayal

    Año Santo & Torre del Reloj

    The Holy Year (2 years worth because of the pandemic extension) is coming to an end soon. The light in La Torre del Reloj will be put out. It has been lit day and night since the opening of the Año Santo. It is visible from many places in Santiago. Here is one of my favorites, at dusk taken...
  8. T

    Livestream of SdC Cathedral Mass?

    Are the masses, in particular Christmas Midnight mass, in the SdC Cathedral live-streamed?
  9. B

    Statues at the bottom of the staircase

    Does anybody know who the statues at the bottom of the staircase from the Praza de Obradoiro to the doors of the Cathedral represent? The one on the left seems to be shielding his eyes from the sun. The one on the right seems to be awkwardly striding forwards while holding a shield close to his...
  10. Peregrinopaul

    This botafumeiro business.

    I was about to post on a current thread by @Huffnmeyer, but he/she was asking a very specific question and I don't want to derail it. It intrigues me that frequently members on the forum decry the strong impulse that many pilgrims have to witness and to record the botafumeiro event on their...
  11. H


    We are currently about 3 to 4 days from Santiago. I know the botafumeiro is supposed to swing on Christ the King day (sunday) and I saw somewhere that in xaecobeo years it swings on Fridays but potentially only summer. We also had a large group tell us it is supposed to swing Saturday. I emailed...
  12. B

    I need help with a picture from the museum

    Hello. My name is Ben. My wife and I went on our Camino from September 6-September 12. We walked the coastal Portuguese starting in Baiona. Thank you for any help you can provide. We took these photos in a stairwell in the Cathedral Museum. I did not see any information about them. I...
  13. M

    Rooftop tours

    We are currently in Lalín on our way to Santiago. Are the rooftop tours still available? I read somewhere that perhaps the roof is being restored and tours are not available. We will be there this Saturday, September 16!
  14. T

    The Botafumeiro

    Just wondering if anyone knows when The Botafumeiro takes place in the Cathedral. We have just arrived into Santiago and would anyone know if it will take place at the evening pilgrim mass or the pilgrim mass tomorrow morning
  15. B


    Hello I know there are few Solemnities in a year when Botafumeiro operates (Christmas, Resurrection Sunday, Pentecost...). Does anybody know if it operates at every Mass on those days?
  16. witsendwv

    Confused about Cathedral Tickets

    I am confused as to which tickets to purchase so if someone has visited the Cathedral recently I would appreciate help. We want to visit the Torre and the Portico. I do not understand " Remember that you must purchase the same number of tickets at the Portico de la Gloria". Can anyone explain??? 🙃
  17. J

    Pilgrim Mass times at the Cathedral

    I looked at the website for the Cathedral, and saw posted times with the specific title of Pilgrim Mass at 0730, 0930, 1200 and 1730 daily. On my last two visits, I was only aware of a Pilgrim Mass at noon. Is this something new? If this is indeed a Pilgrim Mass, is the chance of seeing the...
  18. El Cascayal

    Santiago - Can you still hug him at the Cathedral?

    Anyone who has recently arrived in Santiago, is it now possible to climb up behind the altar in the cathedral & hug the saint? 🤗🤗
  19. M

    Buy compostela in Burgos

    Hello, We arrive sunday 21 of august in Burgos, to start our camino by bike. Where can we buy the compostela in Burgos?
  20. Anniesantiago

    Is it my imagination... or?

    Is it my imagination or is there not an announcement before the Pilgrim Masses at the Cathedral asking people NOT to take photos or videotape - which would include the swinging of the Botafumeiro?

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