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  1. rabtacoma

    Botafumerio out of service

    I requested a Mass to be offered with the botafumerio from the Cathederal for May 27th. Here is the update from the Cathederal: “We are contacting you to inform you that unfortunately the botafumeiro service will not be re-established for the requested date.” So it looks like it will be under...
  2. C

    Entry to the Cathedral

    OK I am now the full bottle on the Botafumeiro thanks to all the replies but IF I make it to Santiago as I hope I really would like to climb those steps, enter through those huge doors and gaze upon the Portico of Glory as our heroes did in The Way, but it seems that route has now been closed...
  3. yogaflowjo

    Queues at the Cathedral?

    I have been lucky enough to walk into Santiago 5 times now, the first two times with my son when we actually got to see the Botafumiero swing (April 2014 and March 2015). We even managed to get a seat on a pew! However the last two visits my friend and I have been unable to get into the...
  4. C

    Will I get to see the Botafumiero?

    In The Way the Botafumiero was my highlight but I now read it only gets swung on special holy days. Is that true and I have plan my whole pilgrim trip around one of those days?
  5. Stuart arthur

    Meaning of Latin Words on Santiago Cathedral's Main Door?

    can someone tell me what are the words in Latin that are above the main door to the cathedral. It will contain the words alpha and omega And refers to the end is the beginning
  6. R

    Tomb of St. James

    Hello everyone. I’m doing some research on the tomb of St. James as displayed in the Supulcrum in the Cathedral de Santiago de Compostela and cannot find the info I’m searching for. There are I believe 7 or 8 figures engraved on the front of the tomb plus what appears to be a chalice (not sure...
  7. Bradypus

    Botafumeiro out of use for maintenance for unspecified period

    Something a Facebook friend has just posted. The Botafumeiro has been taken out of use for maintenance work for an unspecified period...
  8. Q


    Arrived in Santiago after a short Camino from Sarria. Was fortunate to be given a bench seat a Botafumeiro mass the next day. Sat front row in the transept and got a great video. See it here
  9. S

    Codex Calixtinus

    Can one see the copy (original?) of the Codex Calixtinus housed in the cathedral of Santiago? Wasn't it stolen a few years ago and found in a chicken coop?
  10. alexwalker

    Virtual tour of the Cathedral in Santiago

    Maximize/scroll in/out/sideways: https://www.elcorreogallego.es/santiago/2023/07/25/tour-catedral-de-santiago-descubre-secretos-basilica-compostelana-realidad-virtual-90254979.html
  11. David Tallan

    My Santiago de Compostela interlude

    This is posted here because it is more about Santiago than any particular route. Of course, mods are free to move it as appropriate and I wont be at all unhappy. Days 43 and 44: Lavacolla to Santiago (Primitivo Day 14) and rest day in Santiago about 10 km to Santiago and another 10 km in...
  12. S

    Urgent question - is the botafumeiro currently operating?

    I read that due to ongoing restoration work inside the cathedral, the Botafumeiro is not currently operating. Can anyone confirm whether this is currently the case? We plan to arrive to Santiago de Compostela tomorrow and would welcome clarification. Thank you!
  13. Peter Fransiscus

    Climb the Cathedral.

  14. E

    Looking for a great tour guide

    Hi all! This is a long shot. This WONDERFUL guide led me on a tour of the cathedral after I finished my Camino in October 2022. I was appreciative, but not sufficiently. I'm hoping that someone recognizes her (Maria, I think) or might know the company she works for. My own personal records are...
  15. El Cascayal

    Hug Santiago at last

    From the Cathedral website: A partir de las 10:30 h de este miércoles 14 de junio, el camarín del Apóstol Santiago quedará abierto, por lo que se podrá realizar de nuevo el rito del Abrazo al Apóstol Santiago. Los primeros en acceder serán los miembros del cabildo catedralicio. A continuación...
  16. travelwithgrace

    Tickets available: Rooftop tour & Glory Portico

    I hope this is allowed. I have 4 extra tickets to the Glory Portico (unguided) at 1045 on 11 June and 4 tickets to the rooftop tour at 2 p.m. on 11 June. I accidentally purchased twice and will sell them for my cost which is $10 per ticket or $80 total. I will arrive in Santiago the afternoon of...
  17. Bradypus

    Santiago cathedral - limited visiting times Saturday 3 June 2023

    The pilgrim office have published the reduced visiting hours for the cathedral on Saturday 3 June. This is to accommodate a special mass for the installation of the new archbishop. There will be no lunchtime pilgrim mass and entry to the special mass at 11am will be by invitation only.
  18. jennysa

    Roof tour of the Cathedral

    How far in advance should one book a roof tour?
  19. Bradypus

    "From harpies and griffins to eagles and lions: the medieval beasts of the Cathedral of Santiago"

    An article in El Correo Gallego about an new book on the animal imagery in the sculptural carvings of the cathedral in Santiago. https://www.elcorreogallego.es/santiago/camino-santiago/2023/03/16/harpias-grifos-aguias-leons-as-84757526.html
  20. C

    Is the construction of Santiago Cathedral finished? Are there any pilgrim masses being held?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if work has been completed on the Santiago cathedral? I have seen YouTubes that show the scaffolding outside is down. Are pilgrim masses being held at the cathedral again? Plan to be in Santiago in April and looking forward to a mass there. Thanks.

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