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Privacy on the Camino


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Frances from SJPdP 2007, TBD 2017
OK, at the risk of coming off like a prude, do the showers in the auberges really have no doors? Does everyone shower and change in full view?
Maybe this is not such a big deal to some but I would have a hard time getting used to that. I read somewhere that it's a good idea to bring a sarong to wrap around you for changing. (And suction hooks for hanging your clothes/things with you shower.)
Again, sorry to be worrying about such little things! (This is my nature, and part of the reason for doing the camino!)
I am curious what others experienced with this.

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Hi LaurenE,

I asked the same question before I went. :) I think people from the US may be a little bit more concerned with this. I did find two places where there weren't any shower curtains but it wasn't a problem because I just took a quick shower when no one was around. As for changing in front of other people, I was always able to change in the shower or bathroom but after a while you notice that no one is paying the least bit of attention to you. Europeans are more relaxed about those things and I found myself becoming more relaxed also.
I did take a sarong and did use it a couple of times. I don't know that I would bother taking one again. I also bought suction hooks but they didn't work very well so I left them at home.

Hi Lauren

Between Roncesvalles and Leon I did not come across any showers without doors or curtains, although some cubicles are quite tiny with little room for clothes and dressing. Viana was the only place where I couldn't take anything into the shower cubicle with me, but it was easy to put my hand round the curtain and grab things.

I think suction hooks are great. I take two large plastic bags into the shower cubicle, one with clean clothes, and the other for dirty clothes as I undress. And hang these up high with the suction cups. Haven't failed me yet and all clothes are kept dry.

Last year I took two microfibre towels, a medium and small one. This year I'll take a sarong for my body and small microfibre towel for hair.

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Trudy's idea about suction hooks is great. Also, I'd like to add that not only do you take used and unused clothes into the shower, you also have to bring your valuables with you (money belt, camera(?), etc). In some places it can be a challenge to make the suction cup stick to the wall.

In my entire camino last year, the only place where there were literally no doors in the shower stalls was in Hostal Jakue in Puente la Reina. Most other bathroom stalls will have real doors, or only have a shower curtain or frosted glass doors but that's a lot better than having nothing.

I think it's a bigger issue if the toilet doors don't have locks at all, like in Triacastela and Bercianos del Real Camino.

Thanks for all the replies. I feel better knowing that showers w/o doors are the exception and not the rule.
Trudy, I think I will bring suction cups and several plastic bags, that seems like a very good idea. I have a medium sized sports towel but I don't think I'll take a sarong since my pack is small (35 liters) and allready getting quite full.
mark: I agree with the toilet doors!!! And I wish they were all sound-proof as well ... ;)

As for the showers and changing clothes stuff, Europeans indeed seem to be more relaxed about it. Especially also older Europeans. Our mixed saunas are full of them! ;) I think they've got the (imho correct) opinion of: I don't care what other people might think about me (or my body).

This said, I'm all for some privacy for everyone in general! :)

lauren: These plastics bags sound like a great idea! I have to get those too.
Ideal pocket guides for during and after your Camino. Each weighs just 40g (1.4 oz).
I tell u, every so many days, I NEED to stay 1-2 days at a hotel or pension somewhere along the Caminos. Privacy for one, another one is for a better sleep, then there's resting, watching Spanish TV, reading, sightseeing, etc.

The only problem is that it makes me feel that am "short-circuiting" my Camino experience in separating myself from a most important pilgrim fellowship, as well as losing folks I may have bonded with, since they would keep on walking.

Separate from this btw, and I wonder who else may have experienced this, I usually spend a mo. and a half - two, walking. Most people have less time. That having been said, it's usually been godd-byes a million times. Bummer.

A reflection of life? Hmm...


xm 8)
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xm: I've actually planned that as well form time to time ... and if only for a bath and a nice night without snoring! ;)
xm: Yes, I'm reflecting on the fellowships and goodbye's as well ... On the one hand I like to meet new people, on the other hand I don't want other people to expect something from me (like 'We're walking buddies now until Santiago, right?') ... this has to come naturally.

And goodbye's are always sad ...

I've got 6 weeks, so I guess there will be plenty of everything! :)
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xm mentioned hotels and pensions, don't forget private albergues, some charage say 6 euros vs. 3, but have generally better facilities and some even have tubs.
A big towel works as a wrap too.
Just enjoy your Camino and know that you will be led to the right place.

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