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private pensiones/ 26.04 from Irun


New Member
At very beginning - hi to everyone!
Im starting my firsth Camino around 26.04 from Irun, have over 40 days to finish it up. I would like to know average price of pensiones and hotels(single room) because I realize myself that some alberque may be still closed at his time or sometimes distance between them is too long.
What kind of weather can expected in May ?
Anybody going to hit the road at the same time as me?
Any extra tips from people( Paulus , Pelegrina2000 ) who did Norte in May last year'?

Thanks in advance

All the best and Buen Camino

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Staff member
Hi, Michal,

I started several weeks after you did, but by then nearly all the albergues were open. The only one we saw that had not opened was a huge private albergue next to the monastery at Zenarruza (actually, I think the town's name is Bolibar). Sometimes the albergues open late -- the one in Gernika, for instance, only opened at 3 or 4 pm so we went to a pension -- but I think you'll find most open.

As far as prices of single accommodation, as you probably know, it's not often the case that a single room costs half the price of a double room. I was walking with a friend, and the range of prices we paid in private accommodations was from about 24 E for the two of us (for double room with shower in pension in El Peral and again in some godforsaken hamlet on the road a day's walk from Luarca) to a high of 60 or 70E for a hotel (Vetusta in Oviedo, Mar Del Sueve in Colunga). The rest were somewhere in between.

Not much I can tell you about the weather. For some reason we were extremely lucky -- people walking either a day or so ahead or behind us got tons of rain, as we learned in Santiago. We had one day of all rain and several others of occasional showers, but nothing like what others described. Maybe the lesson here is that if you feel like you're walking under a thunder cloud, stop a day or so and maybe you'll escape it.

Have you decided what you'll do in Villaviciosa -- go down to Oviedo and take the Primitivo or continue along the coast on the norte? That for us was a terribly hard decision. In the end, we stuck with the Norte (with a "loop" down to Oviedo and back up at Aviles), but I definitely want to walk the Primitivo. People who did said it was beautiful, and mostly off road and rural.

You're so lucky you won't be rushed. There are lots of places that just called out for an extra day of rest and relaxation. We spent an extra day in Llanes and Oviedo, but there were others competing for our attention! Buen camino to you, and I'm happy to try to answer any other questions. Laurie


New Member
Thanks a lot for really quick answer. I haven't decided what to do in Villaviciosa yet. I will take a decision during the way. What is yours suggestions guys? Which way is better, i mean more spectatular, easier/harder etc?
Im open for all advices about CN.

Have a good one



New Member
Hi Michals,

I am starting from Irun on 24 April and turning left at Villavicosa onto the Camino Primitivo to Santiago.

Hope to see you

Beun Camino


New Member
Hi Wilmer!
Im landing Barcelona at 24th. If i wont spend a night out there i probably start from Irun 25th. So there is a chance to get You on the way.

Greets and Buen Camino
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Staff member
Hi, Michals,
Since I havenºt walked the Camino <primitivo, <i canºt compare. But I can say that the Camino del Norte after Villaviciosa is really beautiful. Tapia is a beautiful albergue right on the coast, with coastal walks nearby that are unbelievable (for me, anyway, but I live in the Illinois cornfields!). The Miraz albergue and Baamonde albergue are top notch, great stays, and they are on the Norte after Villaviciosa. But if you "go with the flow", youºll probably find that most of the walkers go down to Oviedo and continue on the Primitivo. Either way, itºs a stunning walk and a wonderful camino. I donºt think either is tough, though there may be more elevation gain on the Primitivo. If I were you, I'd wait to see what the people you are friendly with are going to do. So basically you canºt go wrong! Laurie


New Member
Hi Laurie

Yes I have heard about this amazing alberque in Tapia. As you said i " go with the flow" so who knows.. I was passing thru ''yours'' cornfields in 2002 during my way from.... N.Y to L.A .!.. By Greyhound!!!, sorry but it was really boring piece of way in your beautiful country.



Active Member
We decided to go to Oviedo and follow the Primitivo in September 2007. It was beautiful. There are a few options after Lugo and you can actually hook up with the del Norte if you want to and then join the Frances at Arzua. But either way you will love the route. Buen Camino.

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