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Reading to Southampton

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A pilgrim group in the eastern counties are hoping to open or is it reopen, a route from the site of St James's Monestry Northampton to Portsmouth via Oxford , Reading and Winchester, then to link with the route from Winchester to Mont St Michael and onward to Santiago via the existing routes. This route has some historical claim as the town of Northampton was in medieval times, one of the most impotant Royal towns ( site of Thomas A Beckets trial ) and has Roman roads from there to Oxford and the medieval motorway of the Thames to Reading, site of St James's hand. We would be happy to share our research and invite any to join us as we walk this route in the last week of July and the first week of August 2010.
Peterborough Pilgrims to Santiago.
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We have it in mind. I am trying to get information. I have sent an email to Alison and we'll
see what happens. There is also a possibility that we will walk a little beyond Reading to Marlow, as St Iagos hand is now there, Thence to the Monastry at Alton and Portsmouth.

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I just finished day 6 of CF in Estella, and am having my first major moment of doubt. Today was crazy hard for me. Puente la Reina to Estella, it was pretty hot, and in the last 5km or so, my...
I have just walked from Carrión to Cruz de Ferro, a fantastic walk. I’m writing to thank various pilgrims for their kindness when I had two separate bouts of back ailments. I should say that I...
One week to go!!!!! We will soon be on the camino! For my wallet/secret waist pack, I will be bringing: - Passport - International Driver's License - California Driver's License - 1-2 Credit...
This is for those of you who use a Schwab debit account on the Camino. Here at home in the US, I can use my debit card from a non-Schwab bank as I would a credit card for purchases like groceries...
Hi...asking for a friend! They are wanting to walk the camino and then spend a week at a beach. Requirements for the beach are that there is sand (not pebbles), shade (preferably umbrellas and...
Hello all, I just finished my third camino in early July and consider my whatsapp contacts precious. I made cherished friends and hope to stay in touch with many. This morning I checked my...

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