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September Babies: Sept 12 is the day!

Any of you who are going to be on the Camino Frances, the date for taking the photos is Sept. 12. The suggested time is noon; however, I will leave it to your discretion, especially if you come across something really interesting earlier or later in the day. The theme is "A Day in the Life of the Camino Frances." If you are in SJPdP, a shot of pilgrims at the pilgrim office getting their credentials would be great!

Photos of people are always interesting, but if you don't want a photo of yourself posted on the Net & YouTube, a photo of an interesting site or scene will be fine. :) Maybe have someone take a pic of you from the back walking the Camino with a town in the distance? Be creative! The purpose of this project is to promote this forum. :)

Sil asked how many photos to submit. I'd like to say as many as you want, but YouTube limits the file size of uploads, so 3 to 4 per person.

Post here if you will be taking photos on this day so I can pm my contact information to you. :)

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With September close at hand & the September Babies preparing to depart, I'm kicking this back up to the top of the forum. :) I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's pics. Buen Camino!

Kelly from Texas, the one with the Aarn back pack
Kelly - sounds like the weather is going to be a bit wet and cold. I was going to leave my heavy flees and warm hat behind but I am repacking them now. I also am finding that when I reach Santiago in Oct there is some sort of national holiday (Oct 13-15) which will make it hard to find a place to stay. I think I read that Ivar may be opening a hostal about that time - hope so.
Let me know what you think of the weather situation. This will be my first time on the Camino. Bill
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Good call on the fleece & hat. No need to take anything heavier, like sweaters, as you can layer up the rest of you. :) Cooler weather I can handle. Rain, okay, but not so much that it turns the Camino into absolute slop!

Keep an eye on the weather in SJPdP. If they tell you to go to Roncesvalles via Valcarlos, do it. I stayed at the Casa Marcelino in May. The room was sparse, but clean & comfortable & the food was good. If you go over the top, be prepared for any kind of weather---in May my friends got rain, snow, hail, thunder, lightning all in the same day!

If the weather is really cold & nasty, check in at the refuge in Roncesvalles. They might open early, as they did in May, to get people out of the elements & prevent hypothermia.


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