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Curious if anyone has had any experience with the snugpack sleeping bags. I'm considering buying one of the travelpak series (70 to 100 dollars). They pack really small and some of them are pretty light too. I'm wondering if they're worth the money and how well they keep you warm (for me, the perpetually cold person.) Do they wash easily and will they hold up?
Seems like a good buy to me, but I'm hesitant to buy something over the internet that I can't touch/feel first.
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It's a great buy. The only thing is that the cord to the bag it comes in didn't last that long. Well, not many things last forever, rightt? I substituted it for a synthetic toilette bag and it works great. best, xm 8)
I bought a snugpak and used it las year on the VDLP and found it excellent-no trouble with the bag either. I bought the travelpak over the internet-post apid to australia for about US$75 (here it retails for more than twice that). It's more compact than my other one but seems warm enough-I too hate the cold!
It scrunches down pretty small and is light-under 1kg. I thought it was a good buy
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The trouble with the bag didn't happen until after the third Camino I used it in. Like most everything, things have to be replaced here and there, with the passage of time. Best, xm
Hi, Lauren,

I have a snugpak 750 and it has served me well for four Caminos (soon to be 5). I do remember being really cold in Roncesvalles one night in late April, even with my fleece and rainpants (!) on, but I survived. I have occasionally layered a refugio blanket on top, but all in all, I think that for spring Caminos (earliest start April 24 or so from Roncesvalles, usually start in early May) it should be fine.

If you like to see and touch the item, though, you should check out REI or other big adventure stores, because they have similar products. My husband bought a bag similar to the snugpak there for under $100 and he's used it on several caminos as well.
I too have been thinking about a Snugpak, specifically the Chrysalis Autumn model, although it does weigh 1.4kg.
The bag is elasticated, so it stretches to accomodate your movements. Very clever, but I have yet to make a decision. Would pick it up in London en route, as they are significalty more expensive in Australia.
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I have just boarded an Iberia flight to Madrid, and so far have seen two people come on with collapsed poles attached to their backpacks. The topic that never dies……
I typically wash my clothes by hand with a bar of Lagarto soap. It’s non-chemical and is the soap I was introduced to back in Spain in the 70s. When you wash clothes by hand, you typically rub...
So, whatcha all buying? The sale and coupons are burning a hole in my pocket but I can’t decide what I want/need.
I’ll begin my Camino in July (Portuguese route), so it’s time to get shoes and break them in. I have seen posts about walking shoes and which ones people prefer, and I’ve read various articles...
Hi, I'm off to CDN tomorrow but this is in my mind. I got the baggage transfer from from Correos and I will going to walk from Irun to Llanes this time, so my plan is to carry a 22lts day pack and...
I have an iPhone 14 and got an eSIM one month contract with Orange when I arrived in Spain a month ago. Right away there were problems. It did most basic things, but I couldn’t use most WiFi...

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