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Solar Storm Aurora Photos on the Camino?

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There is a series of photos of the aurora borealis observed in Galicia during the recent geomagnetic storm in La Voz de Galicia. However, this is what the camera saw. I wonder what one could actually see with the naked eye. I know from people who were lucky to observe it at unusually southern latitudes that there was a huge difference between direct observation and photo.

Also, I think that it was mainly observable at these latitudes, i.e. from the south of England to Austria, from around midnight onwards when pilgrims are asleep (based on what I hear from family members and friends who could see something. I was not so lucky).

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As I watched the aurora Friday night (west coast Canada) I was thinking how wonderful it would be to see it along the camino. Wondering if anyone currently walking or living along the camino saw it and took photos Friday night?

This photo, not on the camino but from my window :)
We could be neigbours @Theatregal . Beautiful view from my back deck on Friday night, too. Sadly, we drove miles for a better (flatter horizon) view on Saturday, only to watch a beautiful clear sky, including the passing by of the International Space Station, with my son. All good. I'd have thought it might be great on La Meseta, given it's big-sky country, but it looks as though it just didn't get that far south.
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