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Hello all, I am looking for some expert advice. I will be traveling solo and female. I am not totally sure where exactly to start though my tentative plan is to fly into Milan and start somewhere near there. I don't need to make it all the way to Rome on foot. What are your recommendations? I really just want to cover some land, see some sights, and eat delicious food for fairly inexpensive. I did part of the Camino del Norte back in 2019. I walked for about a week and I am thinking probably the same amount of time for this. Are there certain stretches that I can't miss?

I am mostly nervous about lodging locations. Is this fairly easy to figure out once you get there or would this be something I should plan ahead of time?

Thank you in advance for your recommendations!
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Milan is a major rail junction and it'd fairly easy to take a train to a range of points on the VF. So a week could cover the Aosta valley or train to Fidenza and head over the mountains from there.

As for accomodation and a quick overview might be good to look at Gronze-

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Last night I stayed in Champlitte at a small, independent hotel named "Hotel du Don Jon". It is the only hotel there and is on the VF route. This morning I had breakfast with the owner, Celine...
Got off to a dark and early start in Gy, knowing today's temperature was going into the 80's and I didn't want to be walking all day in the hot sun. Walked a majority of the day through the hilly...
Another early morning/dark start out of Besancon. Within a mile I was climbing two foot wide dirt trails in the forest. The entire day was spent in and out of the forest and up and down hills...
Intentionally got up late knowing I only had a short 11 miles to do to Dampierre sur Salon and indulged in a good breakfast and lots of coffee ☕️. I got on the road and went through a number of...
Got a bit of a later start than I wanted to, but the second cup of coffee ☕️ was a necessity this morning. Began the day walking through a very shaded deep ravine along a fast flowing river...

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