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Starting the Camino Portugues on September 7 from Oporto

Technical backpack for day trips with backpack cover and internal compartment for the hydration bladder. Ideal daypack for excursions where we need a medium capacity backpack. The back with Air Flow System creates large air channels that will keep our back as cool as possible.

Keep in touch!

uruguayayo -

I'm not walking the P - route for another year, but would love to hear about your experience. Please let us know how it's going - or how it went. No detail is too little!


John P.
Hi John,
Will post a complete brief after I return to the US. For now, I can tell you that it is going great. We have just arrived in Barcelos. Today is our third day on the road and we have already experienced various acts of kindness from complete strangers. Only issue for me is that I brought too much junk in my pack, and I am in the process of slowly discarding since it is just too heavy. We are using John Brierley s guide and it is very helpful. The way is perfectly waymarked. Every time I am about to wonder which way next, there is a friendly yellow arrow signalling the way. Even in cases where bridges have collapsed, or the regular road is not usable. So, I am having a wonderful time and no blisters yet !!!
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uruguayayo -

Wonderful! I'll look forward to hearing from you -

My first camino (on the Frances) - I too brought too much - and foolishly carried it the whole way (on top of that - my "pack" it was a converted suitcase - with straps! - Yow - I have John Brierlley's book and I'm using it as a pre-planner - glad to hear it's helpful. From where you are (Barcelos) it looks like you're in for a monster day - unless you can figure out a place to break for the night.... good luck.

I think "no blisters" is half the battle!

Have a great journey -

John P.

I will start the camino portugese on the 7th of september also with a girlfriend! Are you going despite the damage of the forest fires?
Will no doubt run into eachother :)

Greetings Estrella

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