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In this time of "Staying at Home" I wanted to share this film review of Phil's Camino - It is very inspiring!

Due to the treatments for his Stage 4 cancer, Phil Volker can only dream of walking the 500 mile long spiritual pilgrimage known as Spain's Camino de Santiago. But when told that he only has months to live, Volker opts to not allow circumstances to define him and does the next best thing. He builds a Camino in the forest behind his house on Vashon Island, WA so that he can walk the 500 miles without ever leaving the continent. Eventually, his health improves, and he realizes what is most important in life.

The film captures Volker's personal story as he measures his daily steps. Through the ritualistic act of walking, he learns to embrace all the facets of healing -- physical, emotional, and spiritual. Viewing his cancer as a catalyst to a life of rich moments in the tension of suffering and gratitude, his remarkable journey illustrates one of hope, acceptance, and freedom -- providing food for thought for those facing a health crisis as well as those just living life.

Upon receiving a clean scan and being granted permission to miss one chemo treatment, Volker aims to use the following 28 days to go and walk the Camino de Santiago. Along the way he realizes his true pilgrimage is the one he travels within.

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I have heard of this very touching story before...I must try to see if I can watch it.


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I've also read very good things about it. Going to try to watch it as well.


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Here is a link to the short version - which is the original, award-winning film - a 28-minute DVD, that is available for purchase. I have not been able to locate a method for purchasing the full version, called "Phil's Camino: So Far So Good."
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The producer/director is one of the six people profiled in the documentary "Six Ways to Santiago". Her name is Annie O'Neil. I had the opportunity to meet her at a screening a couple of years ago. It is a wonderful movie. Annie has also written a book titled "Everyday Camino" which is a 40 days of spiritual reflections that have evolved from Phil's Camino. She has a private Lenten devotional FB group, which I am in, where people post their responses to the day's reflection.

For those who are interested, there is an interesting academic article about how Phil's camino is a contemporary expression of the Catholic practice of "virtual" pilgrimages. An example of these virtual trips is the Stations of the Cross, which are found in Catholic and many Anglican churches worldwide, that replicated the physical journey Christ took from his sentencing by Pontius Pilate to his crucifixion. The article, written by Kate Barush, who has walked the Camino Ignacio and is active in developing and documenting the revival of pilgrimage in Britain, is available on Academia.edu. I have a copy as a PDF as well so if you would like to read it and don't have access to Academia.edu, PM me and I will send you the article. It is very interesting and perhaps it and "Phil's Camino" will inspire some of us to keep walking during this time of deep uncertainty.
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I will try to watch the short version of the film this evening x


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Phil has a blog, which Makes good reading in these times...

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