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Taxi prices in Spain


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I am amazed by the high taxi prices in Spain.
In September my husband will join my friend and me in Sarria to walk the last 114kms to Santiago.
We have been quoted €105 from Santiago to Sarria.
I have also been quoted € hire a car for 8 days, collecting it in Santiago and dropping off in Pamplona.
Seems crazy, doesn't it?
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Taxi Prices

I don't think that the price you have been quoted is particularly high, at least by US standards. According to the trip is 116k and takes 2 hours each way. When you figure that the driver will put about 240k on his vehicle and spend at least 4.5 hours driving he can't be expected to do it for very much less.
Taxi prices

Looking at it that way you are quite right. (A Viamichelin search showed Lavacolla to Sarria taking 1hr40 )
I think it is the comparison that surprised me.
€105 from Santiago to Sarria by taxi
€9.20 by bus (€6.80 to Lugo and €2.40 to Sarria - but services are limited over weekends)
An 8 day car hire for €147.
...and ship it to Santiago for storage. You pick it up once in Santiago. Service offered by Casa Ivar (we use DHL for transportation).
For me the taxi rate seems reasonable as well, for me the rental sounds like a great deal.

If it is with EasyCar, they have some great deals. My parents rented a car in Santiago with them, and got a very low price (don't remember how much it was). They are owned by the same group that own EasyJet (Low cost airline), so I am assuming they have the same Low-Cost ideology with EasyCar.

Note that EasyCar does not have a single office in Santiago, they use the excess capacity of other car rental companies (I think they use the cars from Atesa Car Rental in Santiago). So when you book with EasyCar, you pick it up at a Atesa office (there is one by the train station in Santiago). We had only good things to say about EasyCar (and Atesa) when I helped my parents with their car.

Good luck Sil, would be great to have a coffee with you, your friend and your husband once you get here.

Un saludo,
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Taxi prices

I tried EasyCar but they can't give a rental quote yet - too early. gave me the price I've quoted. (I think it is for an Ibiza?)
Will take you up on the coffee invite Ivar!
yes, I would say it's less that taxis are expensive, more that public transport in Spain is ridiculously cheap. There have been complaints about that Santiago-Lugo service - using ancient buses, poor service, etc - but at that price you can't really expect much else.
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Car rental

Hi all

When would Easycar be prepared for quotes for rentals? There are six of us trying to get from Santiago to Porto after we complete the last stretch from Sarria to Santiago.

Also, what is the easiest way to get from Porto to Sarria by public transport?

Thanks so much!
The 2024 Camino guides will be coming out little by little. Here is a collection of the ones that are out so far.

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