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Time of past OR future Camino
12/02/2023 Lisbon to Santiago
And so here my walk is coming to a close.

I looked at the dates to wiggle out the next days to make it to Santiago but I am calling this Camino here.

This walk is so brilliant. Rain and sickness and sore feet included.

Today I met another pilgrim and had the most wonderful walk and talk and laugh. There is part of me that aches for it to not be over, to keep walking through countrysides and cities. And while I think I prefer the country I'll take walking in either.

I leave Portugal in a week but I don't want to stop rambling over hills and through water (Yes through! The path was flooded outside of Ponte de Lima!) and across cobblestones (yes! My feet hurt but I'll miss the endless variations of rocks).

I know THIS walk just continues into the next in my life and while this specific series of moments on this specific way is coming to end they all just flow together to create a life... And still I find the weight of grief mixed in with all the buoyancy of joy and love (despite or perhaps because of the rain and fog and hurts and sickness).

What a wild and magnificent life. I don't want to miss it. And I know the ending of this just makes room for the next but there is something heartbreaking about endings nonetheless.
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