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We are in Azofra


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Today we walked from Naverette to Azofra, about 23 ks. Yesterday in Naverette we stayed in a very nice private hostel called El Cantor. When we got there there were three pilgrims already there. Two were in a private room and the other in the common area. When we saw who he was we almost died. We were going to share a room with the snorer from hell. We ran into this guy in Los Arcos in the Casa de Austria and he snored like an army. We could hardly sleep. Anyway we claimed our bunks and went out for a beer. When we came back we saw him all packed up ready to go so I asked him why he was leaving. Poor guy got a call that there were problems at home so he had to leave. I have to say I felt bad for him.....but I we had the place to ourselfs and NO SNORING! We ran into our two kiwi friends which was nice and we met an Australian and a Spaniard. Had a few drinks and then the Spaniard pulled out a joint. Not something weI do but what could we do, they were good company. So they got stoned and we just drank more wine!! Our walk to Azofra today was good. At first my body did not want to walk, or do anything else for that matter. But when we got to Ventosa and got our cups of cafe con leche and a sweet roll, things started to improve. Ran into our kiwi friends and a German lady that was really pushing herself, seemed really sore, but was very upbeat. We stopped in Najara had a couple beers and some sandwiches then pushed on. Got Azofra and wee are staying at the municipal alburgue, where they have these tiny rooms with two bunks to a room. It is a nice place but a bit rough. I just bought a bottle of wine from the local winery, a crianza for 5€ and it is good, but not great. Well need to sign off I only have a minute left.
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I sympathise with your relief at not having to share with the snorer. I have twice done 80 mile plus sections of the Camino and been tortured by the snoring of others. I don't sleep very well anyway and have found it particularly trying. Last time I stayed in pensions to avoid it and enjoyed things rather more because I had had some sleep.

Maybe I ought to feel ashamed of my bad thoughts towards the snorers, but one of them who was really bad, wore a blindfold and ear muffs. We (everybody else) couldn't even shush him during the night! He woke refreshed and we were all scowling next day with misery and exhaustion... :p

That new alberge at Azofra with the water feature in the courtyard is pretty good, I thought. Nice little two bedded rooms on the ground floor.


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I've never found earplugs that can completely muffle the sound of snoring. Anyone else?


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alipilgrim said:
I've never found earplugs that can completely muffle the sound of snoring. Anyone else?
Ipod with in- ear headphones with or without meditational music (not loud) worked perfect when I was using them. Ipods and music can irritate pilgrims in the neighbouring bunks though...

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When I wear earplugs, the entire albergue can go to bed and then get up and leave without waking me, while I sleep contentedly. I suppose it just depends on the individual.


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It depends how you put the ear plugs in. They need to expand inside the ear. It takes me several minutes of trial and error, before I'm sure that they are placed. Sometimes (nearly always) I have to take them out and try again. However, once correctly in place, I don't hear a thing. Once I was woken up in the morning because the light went on and protested, only to find that it was nearly 7.30 a.m. and 80% of the pilgrims had already left! Anne
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The best earplugs I found for myself are called Hearos. They are a soft blue... you squeeze them into a tiny ball, insert them, and they expand.

But I have never found ANYTHING that blocks out the snoring completely. The best thing here at home was to upload a free program called "Ambiance" on my IPhone and put in earbuds and listen to it while I sleep, but that wouldn't be good in an alburgue because you'd run down your battery and have no place to charge it. Plus I think it would be crazy to take an expensive IPhone on the Camino... too heavy and too tempting for a thief.

The BEST solution for me was to simply sleep outside in the yard in a very lightweight screen tent I took along. Best sleeps ever! Never had a problem getting permission.


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The best ear plugs by far (for me), for both sound reduction and comfort, have been wax earplugs. They are softened by the heat of your body and then mold to the inner ear. And they are not scratchy like the foam earplugs. I love em.

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