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Wifi access?


As mentioned elsewhere, I'm planning to take my new Palm Pilot on my camino this year. One of it's features is built in wireless networking. I don't want to spend too much time being technical (I enjoyed not being online for a week last year) but my wife is staying at home this year and I wouldn't mind the chance to exchange a few emails with her enroute.

Are there any places between O'Cebreiro and Santiago that I might get a wifi signal (either free or at a reasonable rate)? I'm guessing there will definitely be options in some of the bigger towns but I'd like to have an idea in advance so I don't waste too much time trying to find them.


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Hi again,

I don't think there is too much wifi coverage in the rural areas in Galicia due to the fact that broadband is not there yet. It is coming though, and some pueblos might have broadband, but maybe not any wifi zones.

To stay in touch, what about SMS? Then once you find an internet cafe, you could send e-mails.

In Santiago there are several wifi zones, and some cafes are advertising "Free wifi", so here you should be fine.

Buen camino,

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