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  1. trecile

    New Wise Pilgrim feature

    Michael @wisepilgrim had mentioned a new feature that he was developing for Wise Pilgrim, and it looks like it is now in operation. You can check the app and see in real time how many beds are left in an albergue. I imagine that there are a limited number of albergues participating in this...
  2. senora1

    Am I the only one perplexed by WhatsApp?

    I’m leaving soon for CP and again attempted to use what’s app without success. I was trying to call a hotel in Spain, it just rings but nothing else. A few years ago I tried using in within Spain to reach my albergue, instead I got someone in South America! I would like an inexpensive way to...
  3. S

    Difficult to read yellow route on Buen Camino app

    Hello everyone, I am planning to do the Portuguese Camino Coastal route next month and have been using the Android Buen Camino app for advice and suggestions etc. I like it very much but came across one issue, when looking at the map of the route my coastal trek appears as a rather faint...
  4. J

    SIM cards and e-sim advice

    Hi Please excuse me wading into a topic canvassed numerous times ... but ... recommendations for providers of e-sim or SIM cards for the Camino would be most appreciated from a not very tech minded pilgrim. My iPhone 12 Pro is e-sim compatible but haven't a clue which e-sim or sim to go for ...
  5. C

    A Camino Planner

    Hi all, While walking the Camino last year, I spent a lot of time thinking about how to optimise the stages. We'd started with a guidebook and then switched to the Buen Camino app but I was thinking about how to globally optimise the stages, stretching and compressing things here and there to...
  6. peregrina2000

    What’s the difference between my two chargers?

    I have two chargers with a Spanish plug, both have USB connections. I only need one, and for fun I weighed them. The Apple charger weighs 26 g. The Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 weighs 56 g and is bigger. I have no idea what explains the difference in weight, and it’s not a big deal, but I am...
  7. M

    Apps on the Camino & Random Tech Help!

    Hello - I tried searching old posts to avoid asking the same question twice - got some answers and have some new ones! As I prepare to undertake my first camino (Route Frances) starting in mid-May), I'm trying to get the apps I need and comfortable with them before I go. Because I'm currently in...
  8. C clearly

    Metro-style map of the Caminos

    Here is an interesting map of (most of) the Caminos de Santiago, done in the style of a metro map. https://coolhispania.blogspot.com/2024/01/mapa-metro.html
  9. JillGat

    US International Phone plan or Spanish SIM card while on the Camino?

    Call me dense, but I always get confused using a Spanish SIM card while on the Camino. And I always deplete it sooner than I expect and I have to find a place to fill it up again. I just saw this on the Verizon site. I just want data, as I can use Whatsapp for calls. Texts are free. Why...
  10. Kiwi-family

    Have you used Aíralo?

    Usually I buy an Orange SIMcard when I arrive in Spain and that has always served me well. However this time I am considering getting an eSIM before I leave. It seems Aíralo is the best value. Does anyone have any experience with them and do you know of any drawbacks? Obviously I could not text...
  11. wynrich

    How to call a US cell number from the US (when the phone is in Spain)

    I was wanting to let my family here in the US know how to reach me while I am in Spain. Our T-Mobile phone numbers should work there. Do you know ... if someone is calling me, do they just call my number as they would if I were in the United States with the phone? I.e., just dial the number...
  12. lvf

    Question about adding Alert Cops

    We just arrived in Madrid, and are heading to Leon to finish our Camino that we started last year. We have the Alert Cops app on both of our phones, and we’ve answered the questions to get it set up, but when we get to a code that they’re supposed to send to our phones it stops there. We’re from...
  13. C

    GPS apps — Find Penguins

    I walked my dog tonight and turned on map My Walk, GPS Tracks, Relive and Find Penguins. The first theee accurately tracked me. FindPenguins only logged start, finish and one other point and joined them to make a triangle. Was this my fault or Find Penguins’ error? I love FIndPenguins for...
  14. D

    Cell phone reception Camino Frances

    I will be starting my walk in May 2024. I will have my iphone with t-mobile service, which works fine in most of Europe. My question is for those of you who have been on this route, and had your smartphones on while walking. Did you find that you had cell phone reception most of the way or was...
  15. trecile

    Vodaphone Travel eSim

    While perusing Instagram, an ad for Vodaphone Travel eSim popped up in my feed. The site is clear on how to buy, download, and install the Vodaphone travel eSim. You can buy and install the eSim at home, then activate it once you arrive in Europe. It's a data only eSim, so you won't get a...
  16. S

    Wise Pilgrim Guides: Primitivo

    Can someone please describe the difference between the Wise Pilgrim print edition, the kindle edition, and the app for the Camino Primitivo? I mean up-to-date info, ease of use, etc. If I got the kindle edition I would be reading it on my phone, so maybe I should get the print edition (how light...
  17. HeatherJourney

    Recommended phone apps (iOS)

    Hi All! First time pilgrim here, planning the Portuguese route in July with my daughter. For experienced pilgrims, which phone apps did you find most helpful/useful for navigation, finding lodging, safety, communication, etc.? (Or any suggestions, really.) I just downloaded Gronze, I have...
  18. MarkS

    How to book my own lodging - what sites to use

    Hopefully a simple question here. We are going to start the Camino Frances early May. If we choose to book our lodgings ourselves, just a few days in advance, rather than go with a travel service that wants to book the entire way from SJPdP to Santiago, what online site do I use to make my...
  19. J

    Gronze Maps app in the Apple Store

    From today the Gronze Maps app is available for iOS: For Android: Install Gronze Maps (Google Play) For iOS: Install Gronze Maps (Apple Store) For other devices there is a web version of the application (PWA) Gronze Maps is a navigator app, for exclusive use for "on the road", and that works...
  20. 702Jenn

    Vodafone - Setting for crossing from Portugal to Spain

    I searched but wasn't able to find an answer. This past summer I bought a 2 week Vodafone card at OPO for 20€. It worked great in Portugal but stopped working when I crossed into Spain. Does the OPO Vodafone store sell a SIM that works in both Portugal and Spain?

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