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  1. Ellann

    Camino Ninja

    I have started to plan walking from Burgos to Sarria (yes on advice I have extended my Camino to include Burgos to Leon), and am a big fan of the Camino Ninja app. I am wondering if someone is managing and maintaining the app since the death of the wonderful man, Andy Jensen who invented it. I...
  2. K

    Phones and the Frances

    Can you please give me basic advice on using a phone on our CF trip in 2023? Background: I've traveled to various foreign (meaning outside of USA) countries quite a bit over the last couple decades (although not the last few years). But I've never once brought my phone with me on those trips...
  3. S

    Is that OK to use Google maps for Camino Frances?

    Hello, I have downloaded few camino apps and bought paid one too. But I just don't know how to use them. Is that OK to use Google maps? I noticed that the route suggested by Google maps is different from the Camino Frances maps that I downloaded to Google maps. But I don't know how to navigate...
  4. A

    Ear pod recommendations

    Hello, I have never used ear pods but thinking they would be useful for white noise apps, or for watching a video. I prefer to walk without music. I am reluctant to pay the high price for the Apple brand, ( although use an IPhone and IPad) and would worry less about loss. Any make or model...
  5. Thomas1962

    Organic Maps as a replacement for

    Many pilgrims use the app '' (with tracks added) to find their way on their camino's. For a few reasons there is another app which looks and works like, but has some extra advantages: Organic Maps. 'Organic Maps' is like a copy of It was split from and further...
  6. Rita Flower

    App that shows which accommodation is on WhatsApp

    Hi all Sorry I e tried to search this but can’t find. I remember seeing somewhere that one of the Camino apps shows which accomodation can be contacted via WhatsApp. Half way through VDLP and have used email and phone successfully but would appreciate a third option for making reservations...
  7. JustJack

    Looking for a small very light tripod for iphone

    Any suggestions for a good lightweight tripod for my iphone? Not a full-sized tripod that's 4 or 5 feel long, but just something small and light that I can set on the ground or some other surface, and use to take selfies of myself from behind. What I mean by that is I want to have a series of...
  8. Ronald Boivin

    Vodafone a nightmare

    On getting to Almería to do the Camino Mozarabe, I purchased a Vodafone SIM card for my iPhone 4. I was charged 40€ even though my receipt only showed 20€. Three days later, when my phone did not work properly, I realize got scammed out of 20€ cash by the clerk at Vodafone. Reported it to police...
  9. Sr Don Dinero

    Euros and Sim card near Madrid airport.

    Hello everyone, I will be going on my first Camino. It will be the popular Frances route and I will start in Leon on or close to Oct. 6. My question is: Is there a good bank or other place to exchange my dollars for Euros at a fair price near the Madrid airport? And I want to know where I...
  10. C

    Free mobile SIM

    Hi All I know that the subject of SIM cards has been widely discussed on here and much of the discussion seems to be about e-sims, vodafone and orange SIMs. I,ve heard that SIMs purchased in Spain offer better value than those purchased in France. My investigations suggest that Free mobile...
  11. Robo

    Euro Phone Charger with Dual Output

    Hi Folks, I've been trawling online for hours without success. Maybe someone can help? I'm looking for a phone charger for my Samsung s22 Ultra, but the european plug version. Ideally with dual power outlets. Why a Euro plug? It just saves carrying adapters for my Oz charger. Why 2 outputs...
  12. peregrina2000

    How to recharge my Vodafone pre-paid card

    I bought a Vodafone prepaid card for four weeks. I bought it in Spain on Sept. 7. I am now in Portugal and thought I would add another 4 weeks now since I’m in a city with a Vodafone store and I need to extend till October 15. It doesn’t really matter when I buy the additional 4 weeks since I...
  13. Wandalina

    Sim card due to phone troubles

    Hey lads arrived in Spain today from Ireland. Absolutely no phone service! No network can't fix it. Really need phone as im travelling alone. Considering buying Spanish sim card if that would work? Is it easy enough to do? Can i keep my existing number while using it? How much do they cost...
  14. BobY333

    Camino Ninja (RIP) - is there a way to keep it going?

    Hi all. I'm aware that Andy, the force behind the app, passed away a few months ago. I never had the chance to meet him or his famed beard, but I did communicate with him with some suggested tweaks to the app along my last Caminos in May. He was incredibly responsive, and seemed truly happy to...
  15. C

    Any idea how to use Wise Pilgrim - Portuguese app?

    (1) The opening screen has a bunch of overlapping text blocking out other text, as shown. (2) I downloaded and unpacked the Portuguese Route map but can't find it. (3) When I press "The Central" button on the main screen, it pulls up "The Coastal" instead. (4) I can't find customer support to...
  16. peregrina2000

    Live tracker on Wikiloc?

    I am using wikiloc to follow tracks and at the same time record my walk. A few days ago something popped up on my phone asking if I wanted to share live. Another feature I didn’t know about. Some of my family would like to be able see where I actually am when I’m walking but I need to figure it...
  17. C

    gpx track Muxia to Finisterre

    Hi all, anyone has or knows where to find gpx track from Muxia direction Fisterra? maybe not necessary as i read it's well waymarked both directions, thanks, Marc and Christel
  18. jillianbausch

    Holafly - phone data service

    Hi! I'm checking out my options for cell phone service. Since I can use What's App for calls & texts back to the US I think all I need is cellular data. I was looking at Holafly just for data. I am not sure how it works so I thought there may be others on the forum who have traveled on the...
  19. AJGuillaume

    FindPenguins: tracker or not?

    We'll be walking soon and we are going to use both Polarsteps and FindPenguins. We have used Polarsteps in the past with its tracker on. It uses very little battery, and it's nice to be able to see where we've walked. In addition, family members following us can see where we are between start...
  20. M

    Adding notes to route planning apps

    I went down the rabbit hole of the post about ancient churches in different camino routes, and thought it would be great to be able to add notes on my planned route so that I don't miss anything as I'm walking. Do any of the apps (Komoot, Gaia, etc) have this feature? Or will I have to keep...

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